Beyonce was accused of stealing Kelis song while Kevin Aviance is happy she sampled him in her new album “Renaissance”!!

“The song is an anthem for a LGBTQ+ generation,” the underground drag queen and musician stated with the insider!

Kevin Aviance
Kevin Aviance thanked Beyonce for using her song in her album source:

Kevin Aviance is grateful to Beyonce for bringing his song to the new generation. He is happy and feels lucky that Beyonce chose his song, “Cunty” to be featured on her new album ‘Renaissance’.

Kevin Aviance, an American drag queen is a club or dance musician. Similarly, Beyonce is an American singer who recently released her new album, ‘Renaissance’ with 16 tracks. on July 29. Likewise, Kevin announces that he is happy and lucky as Beyonce chose his song to be featured in her new track.

His song, “Cunty” is now heard by the new generation as Beyonce featured this one in her 15th track, “Pure/Honey”. However, in the beginning, Aviance was unknown about this. Additionally, he stated,

“It just happened, and, no, I didn’t know anything about it. Someone sent me the track listing at 1 o’clock in the morning and I saw my name on it, and I couldn’t believe it.” 

Also, Kevin expresses his gratefulness towards Beyonce and says,

“It made me gag, the representation of it, the vocal performance … it’s amazing.” 


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On the other hand, Kevin also explained the story behind “Cunty”. He says that the song is an anthem for the LGBTQ+ generation. Likewise, he stated,

“The song is an anthem for a generation. I remember working at the nightclubs and everything was so phenomenal, and as I was traveling all over the world, I felt cunty. It’s not a negative word, it’s like an anointing from God.  It’s like a mantra meaning ‘I feel fabulous, I feel incredible, I am the one.'”

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Though Kevin’s new song, “I’m Back” was released last month, he always loves “Cunty” more as he thinks it changed his life. Expressing his love for this song he says,

“You know ‘Cunty’ never let me down, it’s always been, like, some sort of wonderful. Those five letters have brought an incredible life with them. I want to thank Beyoncé so much, it’s such an honor. I mean, she gets it.”

Also, he explained recently that he never really stopped being him in any way. He has always done what he loves most. Further, he also stated.

“I never really stopped and I kept going as much as I could. Like I’m back DJing right now and … I just have mostly been writing and always doing stuff, working with other artists, so I never really stopped doing my Kevin Aviance thing.”


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Aviance also claimed that when he met Beyonce for the first time he knew that she is magical. When her solo debut album, “Dangerously In Love” promotion was held, Kevin met her and her mom. In addition to that, he stated,

 “When she started her first tour, she performed at The Roxy. I immediately thought she was a genius. She was so beautiful.”

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Kelis accuses Beyonce of ‘theft’. Know More

Kelis is pissed off with Beyonce as she sampled Kelis’ song, “Get Along With You”. Although, Kevin Aviance doesn’t have a problem with it Kelis have. Kelis accused Beyonce of thieving her song for her new album, “Renaissance”.

Similarly, Kellis posted a video on her Instagram explaining the whole scenario and her feelings. She is not happy about Beyonce using her song. And, she captioned her post by saying,

“I said what I said , cause it’s the truth . You don’t have to like it or agree . Facts are facts . If you’re a sheep keep it movin this convo will be over your head . I didn’t ask for this , but I’m not afraid of it either.”


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According to Kelis, It’s not a collab it’s theft” and she called the sample “ridiculous.” Kevin also indirectly told Kelis that she is wrong. Additionally, he said,

“Some people are upset about that, but I don’t have a problem with it. When you’re in a place where you share things …. that’s what art is. It influences people and influences space, it happens. So people get upset about it and I get it, but it’s not that deep.  As long as you take care of the business part sooner or later.”

However, Aviance didn’t talk more about Beyonce and Kelis as he quickly stopped the question by saying,

“I’m not allowed to talk about any of that. It’s just the way it is.”


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Beyonce’s new album “Renaissance” is an album of a total of 16 songs which is released on July 29!

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