Kevin Stacey pleads not guilty in a London court to sex offence charges made against him by three men!

The “House of Cards” star “strenuously denies” the accusation made against him on Thursday in a London court!

Kevin Stacey
Kevin Stacey appeared in the U.K. court source: Nepalnews

Kevin Spacey shows his appearance in a London court on Thursday where he is accused of sex offenses dating back almost 20 years. There is now a total of five sex accusations against Kevin.

The actor with five Charges including Sex charges

Kevin Spacey is an American actor and producer. However, he appeared in a London court on Thursday, July 14 because of the sex charges against him.

Previously, he had four sex charges against him but again another one was added over and became five.

Though, Spacey was granted bail by London Court after hearing all the sides. When he was asked about whether the allegations against him were either true or not.

He “strenuously denies” the fifth sex charges and his lawyer requested to grant him bail.

Kevin Stacey
Kevin Spacey was charged with four new counts of sexual misconduct against three men
source: New York Post

On the other hand, Kevin was in a blue suit during the 30-minute preliminary hearing. Likewise, the judge gave him time until the next hearing and he was granted bail until the next year. Further, Spacey’s lawyer Patrick Gibbs stated,

“Mr. Spacey strenuously denies any and all criminality in this case.”

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All the prior offense!

The “House of Cards” star is accused of five charges where four counts of sexual assault by touching. And, the allegations that Kevin forced a man to have oral sex. The sex charges against Kevin were made as though he was engaged in penetrative sexual activity without consent.

Meanwhile, he was also charged with four new counts of sexual misconduct against three men on May 26 by prosecutors in the UK.

The incidents began in London between March 2005 and August 2008. In addition, another allegation was added in western England in April 2013.

Talking about the recent incident, Kevin Spacey denied the allegations made against him. Likewise, he also stated that he will go to the UK to “prove my innocence.”

 However, according to sources, the victims are now between 30 to 40 years old in London and Gloucestershire, England.

Kevin Stacey
The “House of Stars” denied the allegations made against him source: Gaatimes

Furthermore, in the year 2017, Anthony Rapp claimed that, when he was 14, Kevin climbed on top of him in a bed. Additionally, Kevin said that many inappropriate behaviors were made against him. Moreover, he was also asked questions by British police in the year 2019 about the sexual assault made by several men. Danny Rogers, editor in chief of PRWeek UK said in June,

“It sounds like Kevin Spacey feels that there’s still a possibility of rehabilitating himself in this country. So, I think the strategy is to come over here, face the music, and see if he can salvage his career.”

Not only this, but he also added,

“He must feel the damage is being done to ‘Brand Kevin Spacey’ after all the allegations over the past five, or 10 years. So, if the damage has been done, there’s still some headway to be made by fighting new allegations.”

Though it is not sure whether the allegations against Kevin are true or not. Though according to him he denied the accusation in court on Thursday.

Written by Keshaa Perry

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