Kim Kardashian is currently being trolled after dressing her kids as “grown ups” on Halloween. Know the details!

“They have no idea who they’re supposed to be. Let kids be who they want man lol” one user tweeted about Kim K

Kim Kardashian
Kim K is being trolled for dressing her kids like adult on Halloween source: The News International

Kim Kardashian is getting trolled for dressing her kids as music icons this Halloween. Well, people are bashing Kim because kids don’t look happy in the pictures.

Kim Kardashian dressed her kids as she wanted this Halloween. Though, nobody asked her four kids what they wanted to dress like. Kim shares four kids, North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm with her ex-husband, Kanye West.

North is the oldest one and is 9 years old, Saint is 6 years, Chicago is 4 years, and Psalm is the youngest, 3 years old. They are still kids to have an iconic dress on Halloween.

Similarly, Kim Kardashian dressed North as Aaliyah, Saint as Snoop Dogg, Chicago as Sade, and Psalm as Eazy-E. They are the music icons that she chose this Halloween. She shared a post on Twitter and many people put their opinion in the comment section.

On October 28, 2022, Kim shared a picture of her kids with the caption, “THE ICONS – AALIYAH, SADE, SNOOP, EAZY E”.

After seeing the post, some were really impressed by Kim’s work and praised her. Meanwhile, some people said ids looked so sad and they didn’t like their outfits. They also said that the children wanted to dress like cartoon characters instead of music icons.

Likewise, one follower wrote,

“They wanted to be Fortnite characters Kimberly”

Meanwhile. another one stated,

“They have no idea who they’re supposed to be. Let kids be who they want man lol”

The third one bashed Kim by saying,

“Being a celebrity’s kid is nuts they probably just wanted to be batman or some shit but now they are dressed like people they couldn’t care less about”

Furthermore, one of the commentators stated,

“She using her kids to get the blacks to stick to her side”

After seeing those comments and tweets we can clearly know how disappointed are people with Kim K.

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Kim Kardashian on the other hand is also praised by some of the. Some followers really liked her work and said, “Damn they nailed it”. In addition to that, another one retweeted by saying, “They ate this up”.

Among the four kids, people really loved Chicago’s costume and the way she portrayed Sade. They mentioned that she is literally killing Sade even though she does not have any idea who she is. One of the users cropped Chicago’s picture and posted it on Twitter with a caption,

“Right? She has no idea who Sade is but she killed it.”

Kim Kardashian posted her kid’s Halloween dressed pictures after enjoying Halloween with her kids at Night of the Jack in California. The total number of people who went through Los Angeles’ Nights were Saint, Penelope, Reign Disick, and Dream. Kim and the kids enjoyed the light show and also the decorations which includes carved pumpkins and scarecrows.


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Moreover, Kim shared a picture with her son, Saint where they dressed all black. Despite this, Kim Kardashian recently her 42nd birthday in Los Angeles amid Kanye West’s controversy. On the other hand, Kim has also shown support for Jewish people.


Written by Keshaa Perry

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