Kim Kardashian’s personal trainer speaks about her rapid Met Gala weight loss: ‘Wasn’t like a starving yourself’

The reality star lost 7kg to fit in Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress from 1962

Kim kardashian x Don-A-Matrix
Kim kardashian x personal trainer Don-A-Matrix source: technotrenz

The reality TV star Kim Kardashian faced alot of  criticism for delivering a harmful message about dieting by loosing 7.3kg weight in just three weeks.

Kim Kardashian to fit into a dress which was worn by Marilyn Monroe at Met Gala 2022. In Support her trainer Don A Matrix came out saying that “She was not starving herself”

Kim’s personal trainer Don A Matrix claims and maintains the reality star lost 16 pounds in three weeks in a “healthy way.”

Kim kardashian faced alot of criticism for influencing youngsters in a wrong direction, where as an influencer she should have make her viewers to believe to be comfortable in their own skin. A wrong message from an influencer and a reality star was not digested by the critics.

Don A Matrrix had to say that:

“I think one of the misconceptions is — she works really hard. I was there through the process and it wasn’t like a starving yourself type of thing,” Don-A-Matrix reported.

“She’s been on a real balanced diet and at times she wouldn’t eat as much, but then the second thing was she went to the gym and put the work in.”

He also added that:

“It’s possible to lose 20 pounds in a healthy way,” without providing specific timeline.

Don-A-Matrix  also has worked with Khloé Kardashian over the years, he also maintained that the Skims founder was “sometimes” working out “twice a day.”

Don A Matrix, personal trainer of kim Kardashian source:bigstarsite

Kim Kardashian came under fire for admitting she followed a very “strict” diet for three weeks in order to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress for the Met Gala.

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Kim Kardashian wearing iconic Marilyn Monroe dress world-today-news

KUWK star borrowed Marilyn Monroe’s 1962 “Happy Birthday” dress for this year Met Gala 2022. During her red carpet moment, the reality star admitted to losing weight to wear the gown.

It didn’t fit! So, I looked at them and I said: ‘Give me, like, three weeks,’” Kardashian stated.

She also adding that she had lost 16 pounds in only the span of a month.

“It was such a challenge, it was like a role. I was determined, I was determined to fit in it.”

A part of Monroe’s dress is also that she had to be sewn into the figure-hugging gown. Therefore, couldn’t wear undergarments beneath it.

It was so tight, that she had trouble walking during her 1962 performance. Kardashian encountered similar difficulties on the red carpet where she was seen carefully shuffling up the stairs, with help from her boyfriend Pete Davidson.

Kim received an indirect comment from lili reinhart as well, lili had to say:

“To walk on a red carpet and do an interview where you say how starving you are… because you haven’t eaten carbs in the last month…all to fit in a f–king dress?” “Riverdale” Lili Reinhart posted a story on her Instagram. “So wrong. So f–ked on 100s of levels.”

Lili didn’t directly mention the name of Kim kardashian but her post on instagram directed towards the weight loss journey of Kim K. WHICH IS TRUE!!!!


Kim Kardashian and lili Reinhart

The actress, who did not mention Kim Kardashian by name but gave a controversial comment also added that it is “disgusting” for celebrities to admit to “starving” themselves considering how many people look up to them.

“To openly admit to starving yourself for the sake of the Met Gala. When you know very well that millions of young men and women are looking up to you and listening to your every word,” . She continued “The ignorance is other-worldly disgusting.”

LiLi Reinhart tweet after many headlines

When the comment about Kim made many headlines, the Hustlers star made her clarification regarding her commet.

She made it clear, that her statement is regarding the toxic diet culture rather than attacking specific anybody or Kim specificially.

Sigh. I do not say the things that I say because I want to be relevant or get attention,” revirdale star tweeted on Wednesday. “I speak up because I don’t see enough people with large platforms calling out toxic behavior in our industry. Some people will never understand where I’m coming from and that’s okay ☯️🙏🏻.”

Well Kim Kardashian hasn’t responded towards any of the controversy of her weight loss and all the negative comments but she posted an instagram story saying: Be teachable, be open, you are not always right.



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