Kim Kardashian was chastised in a Beyond Meat commercial for taking zero bites from her burger.

In her new Beyond Meat ad, Kim Kardashian is being chastised for taking zero nibbles of food and appearing to “fake” chewing.

Kim Kardashian
In a Beyond Meat commercial, Kim Kardashian was criticized for taking 0 bites of food. Source: Google

When you’re advertising food, it seems like giving the folks in the adverts a nibble or two could be a good idea.

Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, took a different route in her new Beyond Meat campaign.

The 41-year-old reality queen, cosmetics tycoon, and fashion designer contributed her talents to a new ad campaign for the plant-based meat substitute brand, and the ad received a lot of attention.

However, a large portion of it was critical of Kim Kardashian’s appearance of never tasting any of the food.

“I believe in Beyond Meat’s cause so strongly that I’ve stepped in to help with my greatest gift — my taste,” the reality star, 41, said in a 30-second video released Tuesday on Instagram by the vegan brand.

A chef placed several dishes including the plant-based meat substitute in front of Kardashian as she delivered her lines straight to the camera in a kitchen for the commercial.

The first item on the menu was a half-cut vegan burger, which the Skims creator put up to her face while moving her closed mouth in a chewing gesture. The sandwich remained intact, as numerous social media users pointed out.

“She didn’t even take a bite out of the burger,” one spectator observed, while another observed, “The hamburger wasn’t chewed.”

Kim Kardashian stabbed a plant-based meatball with a fork and brought it up to her face before squeezing lime over tacos.

“This plant-based meat is not only unbelievably tasty, but it’s also better for you and better for the environment,” she remarked, continuing to chew in the same manner.


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The reality diva then fist-pumped the chef while picking up bratwurst with her fork.

Making the switch to a plant-based diet is “a small modification that makes a huge effect,” according to Kardashian. “There’s never been a better time to go beyond than now, now that I’m Beyond Meat’s Chief Taste Consultant.”

“You didn’t show her eating it… “Did she eat it?” one critic wondered one of many who claimed the commercial made them want to avoid buying the goods.

“You’re not eating it, so I’m not purchasing it.”

As many people said things like, “Fake eating…,” the jokes were endless. “You didn’t even eat the food,” “This is beyond meat, so good you don’t have to eat it,” and “This is beyond meat, so good you don’t have to eat it.”

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Others applauded Kim Kardashian for using her position to promote a plant-based diet.

“To my wonderful vegan fam, especially my fellow ethical vegans,” one vegan activist wrote, “please think critically and grasp the impact this alliance will have in terms of tremendous influence.” “Any way you look at it, having @kimkardashian urging her 300 million+ followers to eat plant-based is simply a win for animals and the environment.”

“None of us, and I mean none of us, have the type of global reach and access to that many people on none of our social media platforms like she does,” they continued. “Even if all of our followers were combined, we wouldn’t have the same reach as she does. So, in many ways, this is a W.”

At Beyond Meat, Kim has been promoted to Chief Taste Consultant.

Kim Kardashian’s selection as Beyond Meat’s new “Chief Taste Consultant” was met with disapproval from certain followers.


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In a new ad (below) released on Tuesday, May 24, the reality star announced her partnership with the plant-based food brand .But observant viewers mocked her for not tasting the product she was advertising!

“She ain’t eating nothing in video or I’m tripping,” one critic remarked on her Instagram post of the video. While another said, “But you didn’t put anything in your mouth…are you eating this?” hahaha.”

“I don’t think you ate any of that mass hunger,” one user wrote, referring to Kim’s recent admission of utilizing an extreme diet to get into her Met Gala outfit.

In the video, Kim is given a range of dishes prepared with Beyond Meat products.

“I believe so strongly in Beyond Meat’s objective that I’ve stepped in to provide a hand with my most valuable commodity — my taste,” the celebrity explains.


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After plant-based burgers, meatballs, tacos, and nuggets are paraded out, Kim is shown eating with her mouth full in cut after cut of the clip.

However, there is no footage of her devouring Beyond Meat. However, Kim couldn’t help but shout, “So wonderful!” and fist pumps the chef.


While the critics continued to slam the non-existent bites in the comments area, Kim gained support from those who were glad to see such a well-known celebrity promoting meat alternatives.

“I get it,” one fan wrote on Instagram, “this is a method to reach a lot of new people because she has such a tremendous influence.”

Another added, “Grateful for everyone and everything that advances plant-based cuisine.”

Kim’s charisma looks to be exactly what Beyond Meat was looking for when they added her to their celebrity ambassadors list, which also includes Shay Mitchell, Kevin Hart, and Snoop Dogg.


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Kim will emphasize the brand’s tasty, nutritional, and sustainable product selection with her unique recipes and engaging creative material, according to a statement on the company’s website.

“As my fans know, I keep Beyond Meat’s products stocked in my fridge and freezer. And I’m pleased to be featured in the commercial as its Chief Taste Consultant to encourage people to adopt Beyond Meat in their diets,” Kim said in a statement co-signed by Beyond Meat.

Whether you like it or not, the relationship looks to have all the necessary elements, as the ad has already received over one million likes on Kim’s Instagram!

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Written by Jeni Watson

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