Kim Kardashian shows up without makeup in TikTok clip while promoting her ‘SKNN product’. Find out more!!

“My first TikTok without North. I’m feeling myself!” wrote Kim Kardashian in the caption

Kim Kardashian
Kim posted a clip of her morning routine promoting her product source: Page Six

Kim Kardashian posted a TikTk video on Saturday showing up her makeup-free look. She explains her morning routine and says she was feeling herself while doing it.

Kim Kardashian is fond of TikTok nowadays. She usually made videos with her 9-year-old daughter, North which she shares with Kanye West. But, on Saturday Kim posted a new video where she showed up single enjoying her morning routine. So, Kim began her video by applying one of her ‘Sknn by Kim’ products on her face.

The product seems to be the line’s oil drops Vita C glow based on her dewy complexion. Similarly, she was wearing a cute white top tank along with low-rise jeans in the clip. Likewise, in the middle of the video, Kim also had a Nespresso coffee which she made in her home machine. The audio of the TikTok clip says,

“Good morning everybody! Did you know if you replace your morning cup of coffee with a nice, hot cup of green tea you could lose up to 87% of the f—king little joy you have left in this life?”

Kardashian did a lypsing in the clip which is loved by people and she got positive comments. Also, she captioned the post by saying,

“My first TikTok without North. I’m feeling myself!”

@kimkardashianMy first tik tok without North. I’m feeling myself!♬ original sound – StudioFitnessDiva

The video has got 900.2k likes as of now and almost 4480 comments. Many people were shocked to see Kim without makeup and they loved her look.  Some of them felt like her nose had gotten slightly thinner and her eyebrows more round. In June, Kim K gave credit to her ex-husband, Kanye West. She was thankful for helping her to develop the SKKN brand packaging. At that time, she also posted an Instagram story writing,

“Of course, my creative process wouldn’t have been complete—and I always give credit where credit is due—without Kanye or Ye. He brought his team and introduced me to Willo [Perron, a designer] and came up with the new name.”


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In addition, she said,

“That was actually his idea. And the packaging shapes were his and even the fonts he did, just like SKIMS. You guys should have seen the first set of packaging. When I tell you Kanye walked in the room and was like, ‘This is not it,’ and he was right. Packaging is definitely his thing.”

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Wanna Know More?

Kim Kardashian’s comment section is full of love and appreciation towards her natural face. Furthermore, one user wrote,

“It’s the fresh spray tan confidence! Kim being real is the best Kim ever!”

And, the third one gushed about the coffee saying,

“Kim has a Nespresso so I’m getting a Nespresso. Nespresso is a necessity for me at this point.”

Not only this, but another TikTok user also stated,

“She’s in her TikTok era and we’re here for it ??⚡️”

As we already know, Kim Kardashian is quietly active in TikTok now. Last time, she with her daughter, North posted a video that impressed people seeing a mother-daughter duo.

After the video, people commented that she looked 11 years old. Recently, her new nickname was “the unintentional queen of TikTok”. This is because Kardashian took participation in the ‘chav’ makeup trend.

@kimkardashian♬ original sound – Kim Kardashian

Later, Kim revealed that was her punishment given by her eldest daughter, North. Seeing this, one Twitter user wrote,

“This is the last thing I thought Kim Kardashian would do on TikTok”


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Meanwhile, Kim replied to this by saying,

“Me too! The bribes and bet losing I have going on with North is unreal!”

Moreover, Kim Kardashian also bought Princess Diana’s diamond cross pendant last week from Sotheby’s auction. Due to this, she faces backlash, and people slammed her for buying dresses and items from people who are not in this world. However, Kim loves to collect things from the women who are once her inspiration.

Written by Keshaa Perry

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