BTS Kim Nam-Joon won the title of the “most handsome man” over Hollywood’s superman, Henry Cavill! Is this true or just a rumor?

Even though RM’s winning news is spreading all over but TC Candler website says it is fake!

Kim Nam-Joon
Kim Nam-Joon became the most handsome man over Henry Cavill source: Koimoi

Kim Nam-Joon also known as RM of BTS, won the title of the most handsome man over Hollywood’s Superman, Henry Cavill according to the sources. Though, the competition was based on looks which must be chosen by the people.

Kim Nam-Joon and Henry Cavill are nominated for the most handsome man in the world. However, the news may not be true. Recently, these two are the hot topic people talk about. According to the sources, it is found that the BTS leader, RM won the title over Hollywood’s popular actor, Henry Cavill.

Talking about RM, he is the lead character in the BTS band. And, he gave many hit songs such as Butter, Life Goes On, and many more. Likewise, Henry’s first movie is Laguna back in the year 2001. Following this, he is also known for his swoon-worthy looks.

According to some social media posts, it is seen that BTS leader, Kim Naam-Joon has successfully become the most handsome man in the world.

However, actors, Henry Cavill and Robert Pattinson became second and third runners up respectively.

As the sources also mentioned that the competition was conducted by the TC Candler website. Additionally, the fans of RM congratulated him via Twitter and expressed their happiness,

Similarly, other ARMY also tweeted,


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Has Kim Naam-Joon really won the title?

Although, the sources and the social media posts say that RM won the most handsome man title. But, the original website i.e. TC Candler website denied the news and claim that this is fake.

After researching the sources got to know that the TC Candler website isn’t conducting any competition now.

They are only choosing 100 Most Beautiful faces and 100 Most handsome faces from an annual survey.


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Similarly, the survey would take place only during December every year. TC Candler also announced to everyone that the ongoing rumor is not true. And, it also stated that the competition is not been held yet.

Though RM and Henry Cavill are nominated for the competition which will be conducted in December and after that only the result will be published.

After hearing this news, Henry’s fans seem to be happy where ARMY are quite worried.

Written by Keshaa Perry

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