King Charles III has officially proclaimed UK’s Monarch after the death of Queen Elizabeth II !

After Queen Elizabeth’s death, King Charles III signed the oath where he was proclaimed Britain’s new monarch!

King Charles III was officially proclaimed the new monarch of Britain!!
King Charles III was officially proclaimed the new monarch of Britain!! source-google

King Charles III was officially proclaimed reigning UK Monarch two days after the death of Queen Elizabeth II!

On Thursday, following Queen Elizabeth’s death, the Accession Counsel made its official proclamation of the 73-year-old King Charles. The event happened in the State Apartments of St.James Palace in London at 10 am. The historic event was live on television.


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The new king King Charles III declared the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II in his personal address. King says that the entire nation is mourning her loss and he sympathizes with everyone for whatever we all have been through. Moreover, he mentioned that the whole family is receiving great consolation for the irreparable loss.

“I know how deeply you and the entire nation and I think I may say the whole world sympathizes with me in the irreparable loss we have all suffered,” King Charles III said.

“It is the greatest consolation to me to know of the sympathy expressed by so many to my sister and my brothers and as such overwhelming affection and support should be extended to our whole family in our loss. To all of us as a family.”

He mentioned his mother’s reign and how deeply she devoted herself. He added that everyone is grieving but they are grateful for the faithful life. King also added about his responsibilities and duties of this great inheritance.

“My mother’s reign was unequaled in its duration, its dedication, and its devotion. Even as we grieve we give thanks for this most faithful life. I am deeply aware of this great inheritance and of the duties and heavy responsibilities of sovereignty which have now passed to me.”

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The 73-year-old King mentioned his wife Camilla as well. He praised her as he sat on the throne in his address. He took an oath saying he takes the responsibility and he will try to set an example to seek peace, harmony, and prosperity for the Kingdom

“For this purpose, I know that I shall be upheld by the affection and loyalty of the peoples whose sovereign I have been called upon to be, and in the discharge of these duties, I will be guided by the council of their elected parliaments.”

King Charles further said that it encourages him of the constant support he is receiving from his wife. He also added that he will take this opportunity and continue to surrender his hereditary revenues.

 “I take this opportunity to confirm my willingness and intention to continue the tradition of surrendering the hereditary revenues, including the crown estate to the government for the benefit of all in return for the sovereign grant which supports my official duties as head of state and head of the nation.

Then the King also said that he is carrying out a heavy task and he is seeking help from the almighty god. In the first half of the assembly, the Privy Council announced the proclamation without the presence of Prince Charles.


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On Sunday morning Prince Charles now the new king will be a part of the proclamation from the famous balcony at St. James Place.

In recognition of the title of the new King Charles, the flags will be flown for 24 hours during the weekend. Once the proclamation is over then the flag will be held for the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Queen took her last breath in the Balmoral Castle in Scotland. She died on Thursday at the age of 96 after ruling for historic 70 years.




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