Kit Connor slams the trollers and ‘Heartstopper’ fans for forcing him to address his sexuality publicly!

“I’m bisexual. congrats for forcing an 18 year old to out himself, ” says Connor on Monday via Twitter

Kit Connor
Kit Connor slams Heartbreaker fans for trolling him upon sexuality source: Page Six

Kit Connor was forced to address his sexuality by “Heartstopper” fans. They wanted him to come out as bisexual without knowing his actuality.

Kit Connor slams Heartstopper fans for claiming things that he is not comfortable about. People shouldn’t be concerned about other people’s sexuality and gender. Previously, because of fake relationship rumors, he deleted his social media accounts for craving peace. Heartstopper is the comedian series that was released on April 22, 2022.

In the series, Kit plays the role of young Charlie who falls in one with his gender, Nick. They first became friends and then became over without them knowing. So, people loved their chemistry in the series and also demanded seasons.

Due to this, people assumed Kit Connor is bisexual judging him on the basis of the series. On Monday, October 31 Connor tweeted on his Twitter account by saying,

“Back for a minute. i’m bi. congrats for forcing an 18 year old to out himself. i think some of you missed the point of the show. bye.”

The tweet came after two months of Kit’s break from social media platforms. In addition to that, Connor got so much love and respect from several people on social media. They stated that they love him as he is. Furthermore, he also talked about Heartsopper’s morals to the younger generation.

He stated that the series gives strength to the younger ones who are actually dealing with it every day. He mentioned that the young fans of the series can increase their ability to see themselves on the screen.

Well, bisexual people aren’t respected as much as others and they don’t get proper love and care. So, because of this, people do not confront their sexuality out there. Also, Kit stated,

“One of the biggest motivations is the lack of representation for bisexual characters, especially male bisexual characters. There really aren’t that many [on screen], though I know Sex Education has a major male bisexual character. But you know, this show is very much focused around that.”

Moreover, he also added,

“Like, one of the biggest storylines is Nick exploring his sexuality. I suppose one of the challenges of a show like this is it’s never a ‘one size fits all’ kind of thing.”


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Meanwhile, Kit Connor also continued saying,

“We really have tried our best to be as inclusive and representative as possible. but at the same time, everyone’s experience in life is different. We very much tried our best to portray that and create a safe space for the queer community in particular.”

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“Heartstopper” is written by Alice Oseman who also shows his support for Kit Connor via Twitter. The series became very popular among young ones especially because it represents the LGBT Community. Similarly, it gained popularity and came in the top 10 watched series on Netflix in just two days. Furthermore, Alice said,

“I truly don’t understand how people can watch Heartstopper and then gleefully spend their time speculating about sexualities and judging based on stereotypes. I hope all those people are embarrassed as F—K. Kit you are amazing 💖.”

On the other hand, Kizzy Edgel who plays the role of Darcy Olsson commented,

I love u kit im sorry this has been so disgustingly rough on you. been treated so unfairly.”

Several trolls were made against Kit Cooper for playing the role of bisexual in the series. Some people still do not have knowledge about the LGBT community. His fans of him slam the trolls made by people who actually judged Kit for his sexuality. Also, the sources claimed,

“I hope those people will feel embarrassed for the rest of their lives because they so deserve it. kit is one of the sweetest people to ever exist and deserves the whole world and most certainly not this.”

Meanwhile, another fan of Kit asked the trollers about the intent of trolling him ad his sexuality. The user also mentioned that no one has the right to question and force them to publicly say their sexuality. Further, the fan added,

“I really hope everyone who accused him of ‘queerbaiting’ just bc he didn’t explicitly state his sexuality and forced him to out himself is embarassed rn.”


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While on the other hand, Connor doesn’t want to publicly announce his sexuality and it is none of his concern too. In an interview, the star also stated that he has no plans on publicly come out. He said,

“I mean, for me, I just feel like I’m perfectly confident and comfortable in my sexuality, but I don’t feel the need to really, you know, I’m not too big on labels and things like that.”

In May, Kit Connor explained,

“I’m not massive about that, and I don’t feel like I need to label myself, especially not publicly. It feels a bit strange to make assumptions about a person’s sexuality just based on hearing their voice or seeing their appearance. I feel like that’s a very interesting, slightly problematic sort of assumption to make.”

However, the trollers should increase their mentality about these sensitive things. They need to understand some people are not comfortable publicly telling their sexuality and gender. Everyone has a right to what they want.

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Written by Keshaa Perry

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