Kylie Jenner flaunts her “Bride of Frankenstein” costume for epic Halloweekend!

Kylie is in Halloween spirit too early this year, debuts bride of Frankenstein for Halloween 2022!

Kylie Jenner becomes Bride of Frankenstein for Halloween 2022!!
Kylie Jenner becomes Bride of Frankenstein for Halloween 2022!! source-google

Kylie Jenner debuted her Halloween costume as “Bride of Frankenstein” in a theatrical photoshoot!

Kylie Jenner has a unique way to portray her fashion and this Halloween gets extra spooktacular! She debuted her monster-inspired Halloween costume early this year. The “Kylie cosmetics” owner posted an Instagram post on Friday revealing her “Bride of Frankenstein” look which was captioned “HAPPY HALLOWEEKEND“.

The founder of a beauty brand put impeccable effort into the dress and the stage for the photo shoot. She wore a mummy dress and iconic hair with a white streak inspired by the 1935 horror movie.

To match the creature in the horror film, she even had a line of stitch marks on her chin which gave a reality in the shoot.

Kylie made an extraordinary effort to finish the look by posing on the table with very bad lighting from the movie. The photo shoot was a replica of the classic movie where Boris Karloff was the monster and Elsa Lanchester was his friend.

Everyone in the comment section of Kylie was awestruck with the snaps. Khloe Kardashian commented saying “Ohh damn!!!” while Heather Sanders also commented saying “KYLOWEEN We are ready for it !!! 😍🔥.”. While some fans said “Sickening queen 🔥🔥😍😍🌈✨”.

Not just that she also posted a slideshow of pictures with the caption “🧟‍♀️🤍”. Kylie flaunted her exact look to the lady friend of Frankenstein monster. She showcased multiple pictures of her haunting attire in her Instagram profile. She also added some pictures where she is missing her trousers.

Kylie is very enthusiastic about her looks every year on Halloween!

She designs one of the scariest themes every time and becomes terribly spooky. Moreover, in 2014 also she carried herself with the scary persona of a blushing bride–Brode Of Chucky.

In 2016 she inspired her to look at Christina Aguilera’s costume from her song “Dirrty”. Furthermore, in 2018 she transformed herself into a “storm”.

Some of her iconic looks were Playboy bunny and Fanta Girl as well. Then she was very much praised for her looks and embodiment of Marilyn Monroe. She has always created an outstanding look with confidence which looks more amazing.


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“Bride Of Frankenstein”  is a science fiction horror film that was released in 1935. It is a classic horror movie inspired by the novel by Mary Shelley, “The Modern Prometheus ” which was released in 1818.

Moreover, the plot of the movie revolves around Henry Frankenstein who attempts to abandon his plans to create a life. Sooner or late realizes that his old mentor Dr. Pretorius with the monster was giving him threats into constructing another friend for the monster.


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As horrible as it gets, Kylie has revived all the scary components from the movie. Not just Kylie but the whole Kardashian and Jenner clan was in Halloween spirit. Kim Kardashian also posted her kids’ wear via Twitter on the same day.

Her four children wore costumes inspired by Aaliyah, Sade, Snoop and Eazy E. North West looked fabulous while wearing clothes similar to Aaliyah while 4-year-old Chicago channeled inner spirit with Sade.

On the other hand, Saint West dressed as Snoop Dog and Psalm West wore a dress inspired by rapper Eazy E. The two children whom she shares with Kanye West paid tribute to the musicians.






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