Kylie Jenner is spotted shopping at TARGET!! Everyone is shocked and Wondering why a billionaire is shopping at target?

Kylie Jenner was seeing shopping at target after the privet jet backlash!

Kylie Jenner was seeing shopping at target after privet jet backlash!!
Kylie Jenner was seeing shopping at target after privet jet backlash!! source-google

Kylie Jenner at TARGET, everyone was shocked!! Billionaire Kylie was seen shopping at target amid the private jet backlash!!

Kylie Jenner was seen with her 4-year-old daughter Stormi Webster shopping at target on Monday. She was in the headlines for her private jet usage. Kylie was using her private jet pretty excessively. She was using her jet for just 12 mins flight, just 40 minutes driving distance approx.

Not just her daughter she took her nieces as well for shopping at target, 4-year-old Chicago, and True. Kylie added some Tik Tok videos of them at Target and some users are calling it a stunt of pretending like a “Middle class”. It is majorly to cover up the insensitive activity and show off using her jet even for the shortest distance.

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Recently, Kylie added a Tik Tok adding 3 cousins, Stormi, Chicago, and True in the shopping cart at Target.

“Where are we going girls?” Kylie asked, the girls replied in one voice “Target!”, The girls clearly very excited about their trip. Kylie recorded the girls moving through a section of bowls, asking the girls if they wanted to get anything to which the girls replied “NOOOO”, and Kylie behaved like a shocked “What” extended in a long voice.

@kyliejennersurprise target trip with my girls♬ original sound – Kylie Jenner

She captioned the Tik Tok with “Surprise Target Trip with my girls”.  The girls were very excited to check on the toy section. Definitely, it is sure that they might have taken some from the store.

However, the fans responded with positive as well as negative perspectives. Some fans actually praised Kylie for being a good mother and for good parenting. Generally, fans accused Kylie of covering up her recent jet activity.

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Some fans accused her of saying, the CEO of Kylie cosmetics was “playing a normal life simulator” by going to a normal departmental store. Some also said that she was just trying to appeal to us peasants through this out-of-order activity.

Kylie literally took a 12-minute flight on her private jet to Camarillo, California. After that, her fans are very angry about polluting the environment and the overuse of sources.

Kylie Jenner was seen with 4-year-old daughter Stormi Webster shopping at target on Monday.
Kylie Jenner was seen with her 4-year-old daughter Stormi Webster shopping at target on Monday.

However, Kylie has never responded to any backlash yet around her private jet usage but her fans are very disappointed with her. The fans accused her of “Global warming” and they were more furious when the couple posed in front of their matching jets in a recent photoshoot with her boyfriend Travis Scott.


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The social media users slam Kylie for using her private jet for the short trip. Also, she said that they should never be given permission for this insensible trip.

It was in May when Kylie and her mother Kris Jenner were very disappointed when they went to a supermarket. Kris made a confession that the reason they stopped going to the grocery,

 “People that were in the grocery store were sneaking pictures, and suddenly paparazzi would show up.”

It is true, they have a very large fan following due to which it is impossible for them to go on a normal trip as a normal person. Their fans will follow them everywhere.

However, Kylie is posting some normal content on social media to recapture the attention of her fans who are backlashing her.

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