Lala Kent replicate Alleged Cheating Scandal picture of Ex Fiance Randall

Lala Kent trolled her ex Randall Emmett during a recent trip to Nashville

lala kent and boyfriendrandall emmett source-realityblurb

Lala Kent Recreates The Photo That Busted Her Ex-Fiance Randall’s Alleged Cheating.

Lala Kent,  the “Vanderpump Rules” star imitated the photo of her ex Randall cheating on her with two women in Nashville.

She posted her own version of the snap on Instagram. She was walking on the same street where a fan caught the producer with two women in 2021.

Lala kent imitating ex boyfriend's picture
Lala kent imitating her ex-boyfriend’s picture source- google

Kent did not mention the original in the caption of her post. that also included a picture of her making a sign of peace, but her followers quickly picked up on her recreation.


Another fan commented “In the second picture I am deceased!!!!!! ?,”

lala Kent
Lala Kent on the of the street- google

This post in the above picture was apparently like a bomb to the couple. The same post and reposts led the couple to break their relationship.

This happened after seven months after an image of the producer walking with two women outside a hotel came out.

The reality star shared the same sort of image in the same location crossing the street same as Randall did on Wednesday.

Kent did not say anything about the picture, but her 1.7 million Instagram followers were dead over the snap. Well her fans called it a very ‘SAVAGE MOVE’ and also called her brave.

The star traveled across the country to perform live shows for her “Give Them Lala” podcast. Then, she decided to take the look-alike snap of her ex-boyfriend Randall cheating on her which went viral on social media.

Kent dumped Emmett!

Following all the allegations of Emmett, Kent cleanse all her social media pages of Randall and liked a post that accused Randall of cheating on her. She took an Instagram video and shared that she was moving into Beverly Hills.

After the Nashville photos of Randall surfaced all over the internet. She accused her ex of a “lot of betrayal.”

“Yes, there was a lot of betrayal,” she claimed in the episode of “Give Them Lala,” she also added, “What he was doing behind the scenes was not the same as the life he was portraying when we were around each other.”

“So, it’s hard for me to come from a place of, like, mourning a loss when there was no loss because it wasn’t ever real.”

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The producer of ‘Irishman’ didn’t speak a word about their breakup. He seemed to choose to remain silent on his alleged infidelity but he did admit all the mistakes he did in their relationship.

He had to say,

“I’ve made mistakes, she’s made mistakes, but I’m never going to bring that to light because that’s just not right,” 

“For me, I just don’t feel it’s appropriate. I can’t tell her what to do. She’s a strong woman, and I just hope that in time that kind of all mellows out.”

Sweet pic of Lala Kent and Randall's daughter Ocean
Sweet pic of Lala Kent and Randall’s daughter Ocean source-usmagazine

The couple initially met in 2015, and they began a relationship not long after their acquaintance.

Randall Emmett proposed bravolebrity in 2018 in the month of September. They were in Mexico at the time and already were in three years of relationship.

The couple then planned to tie the knot in 2020 in the month of April but the days postponed their nuptials due to the coronavirus pandemic and they went on to announce that they were expecting a child.

Kent shared a picture of Ocean on Instagram for the first time after giving birth in March.

Just a few weeks before parting their way, she reported “she was ready to go with a second baby with Randall.” She even spoke about the desire to expand the family.

In October Lala shared some wedding dresses she was supposed to wear in April 2020 as well. Lala said she was inspired by some photos when she had a beautiful conversation with her stylist.

“I wanted to share my wedding dress that I was going to wear in April 2020, this dress was designed by Alexandra Renee Scott”

Before this Randall was married to Ambyr Childers, with whom he shared two children as well. Randall shares a daughter Ocean with Kent. Kent and Randall in turn take care of and parent their 1 yr old cute Ocean.

They generally now communicate about Ocean, to which Kent recently admitted that she wants to move to zero contact with her child for Emmett.

She doesn’t want further to talk to the person and seems to take legal authority over their daughter herself.





Written by Seth Blair

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