Lamar Odom spotted searching for a house at his ex-girlfriend Khloe Kardashian’s gated community!!

Lamar Odom searching for house in the periphery of his ex-Khloe’s community.

Lamar Odom searching for house in the periferi of his ex-Khloe's community
Lamar Odom searching for house in the periferi of his ex-Khloe's community source-google

Lamar Odom was spotted hunting for a house in the periphery of his ex Khloe Kardashian’s gated community!!

Are the two exes going to be neighbors!! The former Laker player was looking out for a new house in Los Angeles. He was roaming around the area in Hidden Hills, which is the same neighborhood his wife currently lives in. Looks like now Khloe Kardashian will frequently check on her ex Lamar!!

He was wearing a cool outfit for the day. He was wearing a black printed t-shirt with army jeans and orange sneakers. Lamar was looking out for the properties with property dealer Tyson Flynn with all his managers Gina Rodriguez and Anthony Kotzev, Tavorris Bell, and his trainer as well, Arden Banks. Lamar wanted to know the opinions of everyone who works closely with him.

The 42-years-old NBA player made a statement saying that his ex Khloe should have “Hollered” to him instead of Tristan Thompson for another baby they are having as a surrogate. This statement came after the news broke in that Tristan cheated on her while she was having a baby!! Looks like Khloe’s ex is following the path of Kanye West. He looks like still has some affection for Khloe.

Maybe this property visit is an over-exaggeration and estimation of the situation and he may not care about Khloe for anything. But then it would follow the same footprints as Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband Kanye West who brought the property in the same area for an estimated $29 Million. After all, it won’t be bad to see all the Kardashian sisters around their exes nearby as neighbors.

Lamar was seen on Monday visiting this beautiful property in the area and it is estimated to be around $7 Million. 
Lamar was seen on Monday visiting this beautiful property in the area and it is estimated to be around $7 Million. 

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However, the motive for Kanye to buy the property in the Hidden Hills neighborhood was to stay close to her kids. He shares 4 kids with Kim Kardashian (North, Psalm, Saint, and Chicago). With an excuse for his kids, he also wanted to get closer to his ex-wife Kim. After buying the house it was expected to be reconstructed but there were no changes made to the house.

Whereas on the other side, Odom gave a hint on the show “Celebrity Big Brother”, that he would love to get a chance with the Kardashian. It seems like he cares for Kardashian after having to handle her surrogate baby as a single mother.

“When I married Khloé, there were so many things that I did wrong when it came to that relationship. If I could take it back, of course, I would take it back,” he said 


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He also recalled the mistakes he did in his relationship with Khloe and stated that he would take them back if possible. He seems to regret his past doings and wants to fresh start with Khloe (Talking from the hints given).

Khloe and Odom got married in 2009 just after dating for a month. Then after 7 years of being married, in 2016 they decided to split their ways. Khloe tried a lot in this relationship, she tried hard to get him out of the drug addiction. Khloe helped him during a serious time when he was caught in some brothel in Nevada. Odam was high on drugs just one year ago prior to her divorce.

There were headlines made about many cheating gossips and Odam battling with drug abuse as well. So the decision was good to part ways from each other.


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