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Darnell Mooney
American Football Player Source: Google

American football player Darnell Mooney has accomplished a lot in life, but Larry Mooney is no longer here to witness it. Darnell misses his father a lot even though it has been nearly eight years since his passing, especially when working outside.

Larry Mooney| Early Life & Education

On June 2, 1972, Larry Mooney, the deceased father of NFL star Darnell Mooney, was born in Chicago, Illinois.

He and his siblings were brought up in Chicago. He also attended Foreman High School after finishing middle school at a community academy close by.

Similarly, Larry enrolled at the Illinois-based ITT Technical Institute after graduating from high school and went on to acquire a degree in information security there.

Before his tragic passing, he worked as a computer specialist for numerous companies in Columbus, Ohio, and Chicago.

Moreover, he worked as a computer specialist for many businesses in cities including Columbus, Ohio, and Chicago before his untimely death.


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Larry Mooney’s Relationships | Wife & Kids

For a very long time, Valerie Hutchins and Larry Mooney were married. She attended Ohio State University and was from Lima, Ohio.

Unfortunately, little is known about how the couple originally met and got to know one another.

Talking about Valerie, since she was a small child, Hutchins has enjoyed football and is now happy that her son Darnell plays basketball professionally.

Also, She was a football player herself and asserted that she would have played professionally if girls had been allowed to play in her era.


The oldest kid, De’ Licia Hutchins, was legally granted her mother’s last name, which may indicate that Larry was her stepfather. Similarly, De’ Licia has a recent marriage, three children, and a family.

Also, Darnell and Denzel, are identical twins. Thanks to Hutchins, they were born on October 29, 1997, in Gadsden, Alabama.

As young athletes, the boys battled against one another, and Denzel was born a bit before Darnell.

Despite Valerie’s best efforts, only one of her kids was able to achieve the highest level of football achievement.

Larry Mooney| Illness & Death

Larry Mooney had been healthy his entire life. His family members do not remember taking care of him for any chronic ailments before his experience with white blood cancer in the early 2010s.

Moreover, after rupturing his spleen at work, he went to see them, and the doctor diagnosed him with leukemia.

Although the Mooney family went through a horrible occurrence, they were able to maintain their composure because Looney first showed no signs of severe disease.

The family, however, was relieved when the physicians suggested that a bone marrow transplant could be able to save his life. Denzel, one of his twin boys, gave it to him, but it was ineffective in saving him.

Darnell Mooney
Darnell and his family Source: Google

About Darnell Mooney

Darnell Mooney is a football player from the United States who is currently playing for the Chicago Bears in the NFL.

Similarly, Darnell, one of the twin children of Larry Mooney and Valerie Hutchins, grew up in Gadsden and attended Gadsden City High School.

Moreover, After getting his high school diploma, he attended Tulane University in Louisiana, where he played college football for the Tulane Green Wave. Furthermore, during his final four seasons of collegiate football, Mooney scored 19 touchdowns.

After graduating from college, he declared for the 2020 NFL Draft, and the Bears selected him with the 173rd overall pick in the fifth round.

Similarly, he participated in 16 games during his rookie season, scoring four touchdowns.

During his second season, Mooney appeared in 17 games for the Chicago Bears, finishing the year with 81 receptions and four touchdowns.


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Larry Mooney| Relationship With His Children

Mooney and his three young children had always shared a particular relationship. His oldest child, De’ Licia, loved him dearly for everything he accomplished and sacrificed for his family.

She also frequently posts about him on her social media accounts, particularly on occasions like Father’s Day, his birthday, and the day that marks his passing.

Similarly, Darnell can still remember his father taking him to Chicago City to check out its large eateries, colorful lights, and skyscrapers.

Also, Denzel and Darnell used to hang around and play baseball with Larry on the weekends while he was at home.

Darnell Mooney
Darnell with his brother and sister Source: Google

Net Worth and Salary

Although little is known about Larry’s economic status, there is information about his son Darnell Mooney. He is estimated to earn $14,820,278 annually in the year 2022.

The 25-year-old old’s worth is thought to be over $1,500,000. The wide receiver’s on-field performance will directly affect how much money he makes and how well-known he becomes to football fans, even if his career is still in its early stages and he still has a ways to go.

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Who plays for the Chicago Bears in jersey number 11?

The Chicago Bears’ Darnell Mooney sports jersey number 11.

What height is Darnell?

About 1.80 meters (5 feet 11 inches) tall is Darnell Mooney.

What number of sacks did Teven Jenkins permit?

According to @TruMediaSports, Teven Jenkins didn’t allow a sack or a pressure over 26 pass-blocking snaps.

Why doesn’t Teven Jenkins participate?

Teven Jenkins, according to the Bears, has a shoulder problem.

Quick Facts

Full Name Larry Mooney
Nick Name Not Available
Birthdate June 2, 1972
Year of Death July 3, 2014
Birthplace Chicago, United States
Permanent Residence Gadsden, Alabama
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Education • Foreman High School (Chicago, Illinois)• ITT Technical Institute (Illinois, United States)
Wife’s Name Valerie Hutchins
Children Three (Sons-Darnell and Denzel, Daughter-De’ Licia Hutchins)
Height  Not Available
Weight Not Available
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Profession Computer Technician
Popular as Darnell Mooney’s Father
Marital Status Married
Ethnicity African American
Net Worth Not Available
Social Media of Darnell Mooney InstagramTwitter
Merch of Darnell Mooney Signed Helmet
Last Update October 2022


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