Larsa Pippen gets real about, Marcus Jordan, OnlyFans, and everything in between as well as her haters

Larsa Pippen is back on the new season of “RHOM” with a new tagline “Hate All You Want, ‘Cause If I Were You, I’d Hate Me Too.”

Larsa Pippen talks openly about every headlines she made upto date!
Larsa Pippen talks openly about every headlines she made upto date! source-google

Larsa Pippen talked openly about her relationship, OnlyFan account, and her new role in “Real House Of Miami”

Larsa Pippen is well-famous to be in the headlines! She is known as the ex-wife of NBA legend Scottie Pippen and also the cast of The Real Housewives of Miami. She has recently made headlines about her catfight with Lisa. Her father stopped her from using OnlyFans and her alleged relationship with Marcus Jordan.

Marcus Jordan was her ex-husband’s teammate so she was alleged with the rumors. Moreover, even when she joined the content subscription site OnlyFans, she made headlines. Also, she is always the topic of discussion so now she decided to talk about it all.

Larsa is also the person who doesn’t mind her haters at all. In fact, she faces them all. Recently the reality star gave a feisty statement to all the people who are jealous of her and hate her. She made a new tagline saying, “Hate All You Want, ‘Cause If I Were You, I’d Hate Me Too.”

Larsa has already started creating drama in the first episode. On Thursday night the show was forecasted on Peacock. She was alleging her castmate Lisa Hochstein rented out her Star Island Mansion to earn money to pay for her mortgage.

Actually, the catfight started when Larsa hosted a housewarming party at her penthouse. The theme and label of the party was the “New Beginnings” bash.

The word Lisa said was just like a boomerang as they got her back said Larsa. Lisa made some mean remarks about her new building and then Larsa went to that extent.


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She researched every detail and rumor about Lisa and her home and her financial situation and created a scene on the show.

“What Lisa said about my building, it hit a nerve,” The 48-year-old Larsa mentioned to the media. “It was just hurtful because I would never in a million years judge a woman who’s earning her own living and working hard. I feel like it’s not fair.

Larsa had a fair review of what Lisa said and also she would never bring a woman who makes her own living. Larsa gave a detailed description of her life and struggles. She said that she had to earn everything she received till now. When she got married to Scottie she had to handle his life with his kids.

 In this chapter of my life, I’m working so hard to be an entrepreneur with all my brands. I want to prove to everyone that, hey, I’m not just a housewife. I wasn’t just married to a basketball player. There’s way more to me.”

And while having all this small chitchat with Lisa, they both are good friends in the real life. She said, “At the end of the day, Lisa and I love each other,”. Larsa is more emotional towards Lisa after her traumatizing divorce from Boob God.

“I know how hard it is when you have lived this lifestyle and have young kids and suddenly you have to figure out your life. It’s a scary place to wake up one day and realize your life is never going to be the same,” Larsa said.

She also mentioned helping Lisa to handle things with her kids. She also realise how messy it gets when you go through divorce and to think about what kids got through is crazier. Also, she recalled her tough time with Scottie whom she married in 1997.

They got their divorce in 2015 and again reunited in 2017. Again the couple got divorced in 2018 and then got divorced in 2021. Now the couple got the half share of their younger kids and have a good relationship.

Larsa spotted with marcus Jordan!
Larsa was spotted with Marcus Jordan! source-google

Moreover, now Larsa is in a “single and ready to mingle” state.

She is all over the news for being in a relationship with Marcus Jordan, who is the son of Michael Jordan. To which she clarified saying that they are just friends and nothing else. Also started blaming the media saying that every time she is out with somebody they make a big deal out of it.

“We’ve been friends for the last couple of years and I’m in a place right now where I’m finally open to dating. So, yeah, I’m just dating right now and focusing on my businesses, my family, and having fun.”

“People want to label your relationship when they don’t know what it is. But I don’t really care what other people think.”

She doesn’t care about anybody’s opinion except for her father’s.

Her father asked her to stop posting videos on OnlyFans.

She mentioned that her father is unaware of OnlyFans. He heard some rumors about it and she stopped her from using it. After this, she has not posted many videos as her father’s words are her main priority.

‘But I love OnlyFans. It’s an amazing platform. I think it’s great that you can have a real relationship with your fans and your followers.”

Larsa gave detailed justifications for all her rumors. Moreover, if you want to be updated with further details, keep checking the Gossipy news!






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