What a false rumor! Leonardo DiCaprio and Victoria Lamas are not dating! Check this article to know the reason!

Leonardo DiCaprio and Victoria Lamas dating rumors are proven false, they are not dating each other despite seeing them on dinner dates.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Victoria Lamas are not dating!!
Leonardo DiCaprio and Victoria Lamas are not dating!! source-google

Despite all the dating rumors, we get to know that Leonardo DiCaprio and Victoria Lamas are not dating.

Even after going on dinner outings, a source mentioned that Leonardo DiCaprio and Victoria Lamas are not in a romance. On Tuesday night, with the rumors swirling around, the rumored couple was having dinner together.

The thing got a little suspicious when both actors come out of the restaurant they were dining at different times but later they get into the same car. They were spotted together at Hollywood’s The Bird Streets Club.

“Both were seated (not next to each other) at a big group dinner,” a Hollywood insider told us. “They were also joined by a number of other people in the car.“

The rumored couple was not in any romance yet but looks like they were enjoying each other’s company a lot. Leonardo was all smiles and laughing alongside Victoria leaving the restaurant.

Leonardo and Victoria was leaving on the same car but they came out of the restaurant on the different time phrase!
Leonardo and Victoria were leaving in the same car but they came out of the restaurant at a different time phrase! source google

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Both of them were wearing casual clothing. Leonardo appeared in a black jacket and his hat with light-wash jeans. On the other side, Victoria was wearing a scoop-neck crop top with a black leather blazer and black pants.

Victoria Lamas is the daughter of Lorenzo Lamas who was an actor in “Falcon Crest”. His date with Leonardo comes after rumors of him dating the supermodel Gigi Hadid for some months.  The rumors quite extended, but now our oscar-winning actor is seen with someone else.

The alleged couple Leonardo and Gigi comes in September from the New York Fashion Week. They were trying to hide the relationship from that moment.

“Leo was with his guy friends and Gigi was with her model friends and they were all hanging out at a table,” says the source

Leonardo DiCaprio is widening his dating age range, he and Gigi Hadid were spending time getting to know each other!!
Leonardo DiCaprio is widening his dating age range, he and Gigi Hadid were spending time getting to know each other! source-google

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It was only last month that the same incident happened with Gigi Hadid also. They were leaving the same restaurant after attending the Halloween party in Brooklyn. A source at the time mentioned that the rumored couple was getting to know each other and were taking things slow.

 they were “getting to know each other” and not in a rush but “taking it slow … They’ve mostly (been) hanging out with groups and solo a handful of times.”


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However, it seems like the budding romance couldn’t flourish due to the playboy behavior of our superstar. He ends the relationship after they hit a quarter-century age. Leonardo must have dated most of the girls from the industry.

Moreover, he has the record, as he left his longtime girlfriend, Camilla Morrone when she turned 25 years. Now looks like he will end things with Victoria if something is cooking after she turns 25.

Stay tuned for more updates and confirmation from team gossipy!

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