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Let’s take a look at some of the most attractive female golfers!

Their gorgeous appearance is enough to explain why she is among the world’s hottest female golfers.

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Golfers are people who enjoy playing golf. Some individuals enjoy golf, while others find it to be quite boring.

Whether you enjoy it or it puts you to sleep, there’s no denying that the game becomes much more fascinating when there’s some good eye candy swinging the clubs.

If you’re seeking the sexiest female golfers, though, you’ve come to the right place. These female golfers are known for their remarkable attractiveness and gorgeous bodies in addition to their excellent abilities.

These are today’s most attractive female golfers.

1. Paige Spiranac

Paige, who was born on March 26, 1993, has been described as a sexy, sporty, intelligent, and nerdy Golfer.

She is not only a budding golf star but also a media personality and an online influencer.

Paige has other causes, such as becoming an ambassador for The Cybersmile Foundation, which promotes anti-bullying.

She deserves placed first on our list of the 50 hottest female athletes. You won’t be disappointed if you look at her Instagram.

Similarly, She plays golf occasionally, but not professionally since 2016. She now mostly works as a social media golfer and commentator, as well as modeling, which she excels at.

She keeps it under wraps well, but she is also taken.

2. Blair  O’Neil

Blair O’Neil is a professional golfer, model, and Golf Channel host who, among other things, won the golf reality show “Big Break: Dominican Republic.”

Guys, she is unfortunately married.

 3. Cheyanne Woods

Cheyanne Woods is Tiger Woods’ niece, hence golf is in her blood. She has won the Volvik RACV Ladies Masters and more than 30 amateur tournaments before turning pro.

Ping pong, hiking, and traveling are some of her hobbies outside of golf. She would be a sports broadcaster if she wasn’t a professional golfer.

 4. Lucy Robson

Lucy Robson, a British golfer, is up next. She is classified as an “Instagram model who golfs.” She is quite attractive, but she does not play golf professionally.

She was voted Treasure Coast Player of the Year in 2012 and 2013, and she attended the University of South Florida and Cal Poly to play golf in college.

Since then, she hasn’t done much but post on Instagram, but with her large following, she could easily show up at a celebrity golf event, which I’m sure the guys would like.

5. Beatriz Recari Eransus

Beatriz is a Spanish professional golfer who competes on both the LPGA Tour and the Ladies European Tour.

She has won three LPGA tournaments and one Ladies European Tour tournament so far.

6. Michelle Wie

Michelle is an LPGA Tour player from the United States. She was also the youngest female golfer to qualify for an LPGA Tour tournament, and she holds numerous more titles in the category of “Youngest Female Golfer.”

She has won one major and various other tournaments throughout the years, and she has been criticized for competing in men’s competitions, which she has not done since 2008.

Michelle is married to Jerry West’s son and has a baby girl due in June 2020.

7. Lexi Thompson

Lexi Thompson, an LPGA Tour golfer from the United States, is our next guest.

Furthermore, Lexi was the youngest person to ever qualify for the US Women’s Open, at the age of 12. She turned professional at the age of 15 and won the LPGA Tournament at the age of 16.

She’s had a tremendous career since then, winning one major and nearly a dozen more events.

8. Lily Muni He

Lily is an LPGA Tour player from China.

She has won the Prasco Charity Championship and the LPGA Q-Series in her professional career. She has also received Nike and WeChat endorsements.

9. Maria Verchanova

Maria is a Russian golfer who is the first Russian to join the Ladies European Tour full-time.

She also established a course record with a 62 at the Rio Olympics. She has also done a lot of modeling over her career.

10. Sophie Horn

Sophie appears to be more of a model than a golfer, to the point where we almost didn’t include her on the list.

She was more involved in golf in 2012, but she hasn’t done any golf or modeling since then. It appears that this is the only site where you can locate her.

Enjoy her while you can, because she doesn’t appear to be active and will most likely be the first to disappear when we update this list.

11. Melissa Reid

Melissa Reid is a member of the Ladies European Tour and hails from England. In 2008, she became a pro and was crowned Rookie of the Year on the Ladies European Tour.

Fun fact: At the 2019 Hope Founders Cup in Arizona, she was upstaged on live television by a bobcat prancing over the green.

12. Belen Mozo

Belen is a Spanish golfer who competes on both the LPGA and Lady’s European Tours.

She won the British Ladies Amateur Championship in 2006 and went on to play at the University of Southern California before turning pro and joining the LPGA in 2011.

13. Sharmila Nicollet

Sharmila is an Indian pro golfer who speaks Indo-French. At 6’1′′, I’m inclined to wager she’s the tallest golfer on the list.

She is, unsurprisingly, one of India’s most photographed golfers, male or female. Sharmila enjoys fitness and working out, which is a bonus.

14. Nikki Garrett

Nikki is an Australian professional golfer who made the Ladies European Tour in 2006, winning the Ryder Cup Wales Rookie of the Year award.

15. Jessica Korda

Jessica is another LPGA tour golfer from the United States. She’s won five LPGA tournaments so far.

Jessica is the daughter of Petr Korda and Regina Rajchrtová, both professional tennis players. Nelly Korda, her sister, is also a member of the LPGA Tour. Those are some extremely dangerous genes.

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16. Demi Runas

Demi Runas of the United States is next on our list of the sexiest female golfers.

In addition, Demi began her LPGA career in 2014 after attending the University of California, Davis, where she was named the Big West Conference Player of the Year.

Yoga, baking, and working out are some of her favorite pastimes.

17. Valeria Ochoa

Valarie is an LPGA golfer who appeared on the golf reality show Big Break VII. She also teaches golf at South Florida’s Diplomat Golf Club.

18. Kathleen Ekey

Kathleen was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and is another American on the list. She turned pro in 2009 and is now a member of the LPGA Tour. She is also married, so sorry fellas.

19. Natalia Ghilzon

Natalia Ghilzon is next on our list of the sexiest female golfers. Here, Natalia is without a doubt one of the coolest gals on the planet.

Why? She is a pro golfer who enjoys working out, loves dogs, and drinks. She is essentially every man’s ideal woman, as well as a serious beauty.

20. Veronica Felibert

Next up is Veronica Felibert, a Venezuelan who went professional in 2012.

Her finest year so far was 2014, when she won the Credit Union Classic and finished in the Top 10 on six occasions. She likes to run, cook, and spend time with her family.

21. Courtney Harter

Courtney Harter is an LPGA Symetra Tour golfer from Clearwater, Florida, who has also competed on the Ladies European Tour.

22. Paula Creamer

Paula is an American golfer who has won 12 tournaments, including ten on the LPGA Tour.

She has multiple endorsements and is easily one of the most accomplished golfers on the list. She has previously been among the top ten highest-paid female athletes. Paula’s life is going well.

23. Sydnee Michaels

Since 2012, Sydnee has competed on the LPGA Tour. In 2011, she was also given the Future Rookie of the Year Award. Her career has been somewhat quiet since then, yet she remains attractive.

24. Natalie Gulbis

Moreover, Natalie Gulbis is an LPGA Tour golfer. Natalie grew up in California playing golf and won her first competition when she was just seven years old.

At the age of 14, she competed in her first LPGA tournament and was a member of the high school boy’s golf team.

She has not only been playing golf, but she has also released her calendar, appeared on reality television shows, and was included in the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

25. Carly Booth

Carly Booth, a Scottish professional golfer, is first on our list. She qualified for the Ladies European Tour at the age of 17 and became the youngest Scot to do so.

She won the Tipsports Czech Ladies Open in 2019. Booth used to be allowed to practice on a course built by her father at the family farm specifically for her and her brother, professional golfer Wallace. It’s safe to say she bleeds golf.

Written by Jeni Watson

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