Liam Payne shares how one direction broke up in Logan Paul Podcast

Liam Payne shares how he doesn’t agree with any of formor 1D mate Zayn Malik.

Liam Payne
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Liam Payne shares with Logan Paul how he ‘Doesn’t Agree With Any’ of Former 1D Mate Zayn Malik’s Actions and how one direction broke up.

Liam Payne recently appeared in the impulsive podcast of Logan Paul this week. Payne spilled some very serious tea on just one member of the One Direction.  He absolutely couldn’t stand beside the former one-direction bandmate Zayn Malik.

Also, how he couldn’t stand the former group’s best friend Justin Bieber. The singer just poured his heart out and opened up a lot of pieces of stuff. The pieces also included revealing what he said was the true one-direction story.

It all started with Payne’s rejection of the X-factor two years before the group was formed on the show. Payne portrayed his sadness after being thrown out of the main 24 out of 2008. He later added how he and his mum had dinner with show co-maker Simon Cowell after that.

Simon the famously astringent judge let Liam know that he had the ability yet expected to get back to school and develop prior to having his genuine chance at popularity.

“We got kicked off, all of us, and then me and Niall Horan were about to get the train in Houston and this woman came running behind us and was like, ‘Yo, please come back, the judges want to speak to you,” he said. “And they’d already done this to me once, so I was like, ‘What the… are you gonna mess with my emotions some more? I’m already crazy enough thank you very much.’”


Lian Payne and one direction
Lian Payne and one direction

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Payne said that the show’s producers had a big hand picking out the member of the band. Also, they had a big role in piecing together a girl band. Payne also revealed that the reason one direction was made was that Simon promised him that in 2 years he will make it work for Liam.

“So he kind of started with my face and worked around the rest… I was the honorary member of One Direction and he told me that story himself at his house.”

In fact, Payne said that the X-factor team made the right choices by picking the other members. It was because he wasn’t a rowdy guy. He seemed a bit surprised at how other bandmates were so wild.

 “In particular a couple of them [were rowdy], yeah… Louis  was wild and he wanted to be wild and that’s his spirit and also he’s my best mate now, but in the band, we hated each other.”

One Direction
One Direction during their 10 year anniversary celebration. source: Teenvogue

The hate was that real deep?

Liam made it crystal clear before joining that he was not the one to be messed with. He also described the argument early with a bandmate (though he didn’t mention the name) who threw him up a wall.

He responded with “‘If you don’t remove those hands there’s a high likelihood you’ll never use them again.’”  and the other unnamed direction removed them quickly.

He also discussed the time his brother Jake and Zayn malik had a blow-off when Jake jokingly referred to him as ‘Wayne Malik‘.

Payne said that started a conflict of words that transformed into strain at whatever point 1D and Bieber would show up at entertainment ceremonies together.

With the young men in his trailer getting a piece boisterous at one specific entertainment expo. Payne chose to stop what is happening and go express welcome to Justin and they had a decent talk.

“He’d grown as a person and it was sitting with him and having that conversation and I was like, ‘Dude, I’ve always felt for you.’ I said, ‘Number one, I’ve done all the things you’ve done and I’ve never been caught for any of them.’”

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