Lindsey Duke

A well-known model from the United States and ex-girlfriend of NFL Player Blake Bortles

Lindsey Duke
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In the United States, Lindsey Duke is a popular model. She is well-known for her current relationship with National Football League player Blake Bortles of the Los Angeles Rams. Lindsey and Blake are no longer together.

About Lindsey Duke |  Family

Lindsey Duke was born in Mainland, Florida, on November 13, 1991. She is an American citizen and a member of the white minority group.

Duke’s parents split while she was young, and her father Craig remarried a lady named Sultana.


Oviedo High School was where Duke finished her prep work. After graduating from high school, she pursued her education at the University of Central Florida.

After graduating from Oviedo High School, she enrolled at the University of Central Florida in her hometown.

When compared to other colleges in the United States, the school is known for having the largest number of students enrolled on campus.

It began as an engineering and technology college, but it has now expanded to include other degrees.

Lindsey Duke has focused on developing and growing her modeling career since graduating with a bachelor’s degree.

She could easily acquire modeling gigs due to her amazing beauty and enticing features. Her art has been published on the cover of Axis Magazine, a respected publication.

Professional Life and Career

Bortles and she broke up midway through his rookie NFL season. Duke and model Katherine Webb both made headlines because of their NFL connections.

She and Bortles started dating when they were both students at Oviedo High School, and they both went to UCF.

In pursuit of a career, she entered the modeling business while still in university and has since risen to become one of the greatest. She will, hopefully, become affluent and well-known in the future.

Relationship Status

Lindsey is a self-assured, single young woman. She does, however, have a boyfriend, with whom she is frequently seen on various occasions.

She appears to be in a good relationship with a wonderful romance in this picture.

Lindsey Duke, on the other hand, maintains her personal and love life discreetly. Keep coming back because we’ll be updating this page with more information about the relationship regularly.

Take a look at Lindsey Duke’s previous relationships, including marriages, girlfriends, and hookups. Lindsey Duke is well-known for keeping her marital status and divorce papers a secret.

Dating is a stage in a person’s life when they are actively seeking romantic relationships with other people. Assume two famous people who aren’t married are spotted together in public.

They are sometimes referred to as “dating” in this situation because they have been seen together in public.

It’s unclear whether they’re just friends, pursuing a more intimate friendship, or involved in a love engagement.

Duke has yet to be struck. The model is not married, but she has been in several romances throughout her career.

Lin began dating her football star ex-boyfriend, Blake Bortles when they were both in high school. To be closer to him, she enrolled at Central Florida University.

She went to the NFL Scouting Combine in 2014 with him.

It’s a week-long event when invited college football players are evaluated physically and mentally in front of NFL club managers, scouts, and coaches in preparation for the NFL Draft.

Lindsay started dating Blake even before the Jacksonville Jaguars drafted him. However, midway through his rookie season, the NFL rookie ended their romance.

History of Dating

After that, Lindsey Duke dated Robby Hayes and Jef Holms, but both of their relationships were brief.

She is rumored to be dating Ben Higgins, a reality television star best known for his appearance on the Bachelor show.

After Higgins divorced his fiancee, Lauren Bushnell, Lindsey began dating him.

They started dating in 2017 and appear to be happy together now.

Lindsey and Higgins show no signs of breaking up anytime soon, but they do show support for one another as they pursue their careers while growing as a pair.

Current Relationship

Lindsey Duke hasn’t yet married. Her pal Ben Higgins, a reality star, is said to still be dating her, according to speculations.

According to credible reports, the couple started dating in 2017 and are still together.

Furthermore, the stunning lady is Blake Bortles’ ex-girlfriend. Since high school, Duke and Blake have been together romantically.

Lindsey became well-known once her relationship with Blake began, and during Blake’s NFL draft, she was searched millions of times.

Duke and her partner dated for a long time before breaking up in 2014, but the reason for their breakup is still unknown.

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Rumors of Scandals

Duke has been a part of several rumors and scandals throughout the years. She’s been dating Ben Higgins since 2017, according to some sources.

Ben Higgins, a real personality, was born in Warsaw, Indiana, on March 23, 1989; we don’t know if the reports are accurate or not.

Many sources claim that they split up, and Ben Higgins has been seeing Jessica Clarke since 2019.

Apart from that, we were unable to investigate numerous of Duke’s problems and scandals.

We’ll continue to investigate her in the future and keep you informed of any issues or scandals that emerge.

Net Worth | Lindsey Duke

Lindsey Duke is a professional model with a net worth of over $200,000.

Although the precise amount of her work earnings and remuneration has not been disclosed, numerous estimates of her salary have been produced.

The average income for models is between $32000 and $48000, according to various data. Depending on the model’s success, the salary may be increased.

Duke can expect to earn around $40,000 per year from her successful modeling career.

Furthermore, her ex-boyfriend is a well-known NFL player who is among the highest-paid players, with an annual salary of around $1 million.

Additionally, Blake’s net worth is expected to exceed $30 million by 2022.

Lindsey may have received compensation from endorsements and sponsorships, but she hasn’t stated so.

Lindsey Duke’s Net Worth in Different Currencies

The following table shows Lindsey Dukes’ net worth in several currencies:

Currency Net Worth
Euro 168,535
Pound Sterling £143,833
Australian Dollar A$272,294
Canadian Dollar C$249,547
Indian Rupee 14,875,860
BitCoin ฿5

Body Measurement | Hair, Height, Eyes

A clever Lindsey Duke model needs to have a good appearance at all times, as nosy photographers follow him around at all times.

Lindsey Duke’s whole body length is 32 inches. It weighs 55 kg and stands 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Furthermore, Lindsey Duke is a brunette with brown eyes and blonde hair.

Social Media

We don’t know much about Lindsey’s personal life or career because she is a private person. She is, nevertheless, a social media influencer who is very active.

However, there is evidence of her being active on LinkedIn.

Duke, on the other hand, appears to be active on a variety of social media sites, including Twitter and Instagram.

She has 58.1k Instagram followers and 17.6k Twitter followers, respectively.

Frequently Asked Question:

Lindsey Duke, who is she?

Furthermore, Lindsey is an influencer and social media model from the United States who rose to prominence as a result of her connection with Blake Bortles, a great football player who is presently signed with the Los Angeles Rams.

What is Duke’s relationship status?

After Higgins divorced his fiancee, Lauren Bushnell, Lindsey began dating him. They started dating in 2017 and appear to be happy together now.

Similarly, Lindsey and Higgins have shown no signs of breaking up anytime soon, but they do support each other as they pursue their different jobs while growing stronger as a couple.

What is the location of Duke’s residence?

She is currently based in the United States, in Chicago, Illinois.

Is Lindsey Still Working for a Home Chef Company?

She is no longer employed with the Home Chef Company.

Is Duke a member of the Judge Group?

No, she is not employed by the Judge Group.

Quick Facts | Lindsey Duke

Date of Birth: November 1, 1991
Age: 30 Years Old
Birth Nation: United States
Height: 6 Feet 3 Inch
Birth Name Lindsey Duke
Birth Place Florida
Famous Name Lindsey Duke
Father Craig
Net Worth $200,000
Salary $40,000
Siblings brother Kyle
Weight 229 lbs
Nationality American
Ethnicity white
Profession model
University attended UFC
School attended Oviedo High School
Affair with Ben Higgins
Last Update April 2022

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