Lindsey Vonn

An American Former World Cup Alpine Ski Racer

Lindsey Vonn
Lindsey Vonn. Source: Google

Lindsey Vonn, a Former US Ski Team member competed in alpine skiing competitions at the World Cup level.

One of the most accomplished skiers in the history of the United States is Lindsey Vonn.

In 2008–10 and 2012, the competitive athlete Vonn won four overall Women’s World Cup titles. She surpassed the Swedish player Ingemar Stenmark by winning her 20th World Cup crystal globe in 2016.

Of all the skiers, male or female, she holds the second-highest super rating.

Who is Lindsey Vonn? Childhood, Parents, Education, and Nationality

Alan Kildow and Linda Anne Vonn are Lindsey Vonn’s parents. Dylan, Karin, Laura, and Reed Kildow were Vonn’s other four siblings. The Vonn family has always been supportive of a competitive athlete.
For the convenience of Vonn’s profession, her mother and father both decided to relocate to Colorado. Vonn began her skiing lessons at a young age because her family is a group of skiers.
Her grandpa, Don Kildow, taught her how to ski when she was a young girl. Alan had won the junior national skiing championship. When someone is aware of their strengths or interests, they often devote their time and attention to those things.
Lindsey Vonn was aware of her lack of academic aptitude. Everything else was centered on her love of skiing. Lindsey was unable to attend class consistently because of her demanding training schedule.
However, this outstanding athlete received his high school diploma from the University of Missouri via the University Center for Distance and Independent learning. Likewise, Lindsey Vonn holds American nationality.

How was Lindsey Vonn’s Career?

Winter Olympics: The 1990s

Famous alpine ski racer Lindsey Vonn began year-round skiing in Colorado, Oregon, and Minnesota when she was just 7 years old. When she first met Olympic gold medallist Picabo Street in 1995, she was motivated to emulate her.
Picabo is someone Lindsey looks up to. Later, Vonn received some skiing instruction from Picabo. Since the skiers weren’t trained within the gates during her first year at SCV (Ski Club Vail), the endearing athlete created difficult and demanding circumstances.
Colby S Scudder, a female coach, gave lessons to Lindsey. Scudder authorized Vonn to sign up for the age-class skiing program, which was not permitted for skiers of her age. She was trained in that program by several trainers, including Todd A.
Rash, Reid Philips, and Gus Peretz assisted her in honing her technical abilities. The Cadet’s slalom in Italy’s Trofeo Topolino di Sci Alpino was first won by Lindsey Vonn and Will McDonald in 1999, marking a historic first for Americans.

The 2000s

Vonn made her World Cup debut on November 18, 2000, in Park City, Utah, at the age of just 16. In addition, she made her Olympic debut at the age of 17 in Salt Lake City’s 2002 Winter Games, competing in the slalom, and finishing in sixth place overall.

At the Junior World Championship in France in 2003, Lindsey eventually won a silver medal in the downhill. At the “US Alpine Championships” the same year, she won a silver medal in the downhill race.

More victories were added to Lindsey’s resume in 2005 when she finished fourth in the combined and downhill at the first World Championships in Bormio, Italy.


The overall “World Cup” championship was won by Lindsey. She is second among American women with the most downhill triumphs, after Tamara McKinney.

In 2008, Vonn, the World Cup winner, took first place in the combined “US Alpine Championships.” Most significantly, she was the first woman to win the world super-G championship in 2009, which was held in Val-d’Isere, France.

The downhill round was also won by her. Later on, though, she lost because she cracked a gate. Even though Lindsey had previously stated that she would wait to retire until she broke Ingemar Sternmark’s record.

She later declared in October 2018 that she will stop competing after the 2018–19 Fis Alpine Ski World Cup.

Lindsey Vonn | Knee Injury

Despite being a woman of unbroken willpower and resolve, Lindsey Vonn attributes the change in her training philosophy to a few significant figures in her life, including her father and fellow ski racing driver Julia Mancuso.

She was hospitalized following a bad crash in 2006 while competing in the Winter Olympics. But the courageous skier came back two days later to finish the race. Similar to this, in 2007 she suffered a reduced ACL sprain that caused early finishes.

But she still managed to finish third in the super-G and downhill events of the “Women’s World Cup.” She ran into problems at the end of the season as a result of illnesses and injuries.

Lindsey Vonn was injured
Lindsey Vonn was injured. Source: Google

But in 2013 she won two downhill races and an amazing race throughout Lake Louise. She finished sixth in the female’s super-G once more in 2018 and took home the bronze in the downhill.

Additionally, Vonn suffered critical knee pain during the 2015–16 World Cup. She had a hairline left knee fracture, it was later discovered. Her right knee has already suffered permanent harm.

She also sustained broken bones close to her left knee, a broken ankle, a sliced right thumb, two torn ACLs, a concussion, and other injuries. So, her injuries were the main factors leading to her retirement.

The championship skier declared that it had been finally time to pay attention to her body, take a break, and concentrate on her healing.

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How old is Lindsey Vonn? Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

On October 18, 1984, Lindsey Vonn was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, in the United StatesShe is presently 35 years oldVonn stands around five feet ten inches tall and weighs about 141 pounds.
In addition, she follows a stringent diet, particularly during her ski season. Likewise, her nutritionist Phil Goglia assisted her in refocusing her attention on things like drinking water, eating healthy food, and timing her meals.
She was able to maintain her finest physical condition thanks to these routines.

Is Lindsey Vonn Single? Spouse, and Kids

A former alpine ski racer named Thomas Vonn wed Lindsey Vonn in 2007, but the couple divorced in 2011. Before their wedding, Thomas coached Linsey.

Because she considers Thomas Vonn to be her first love, Lindsey preserved her last name of Vonn even after she and Thomas split up. NHL player P.K. Subban and Vonn are now romantically together.

Lindsey Vonn with P.K. Subban
Lindsey Vonn with P.K. Subban. Source: Google

Early in 2018, they began dating, and they later got involved with several charitable activities together. They also intend to start their own family in the next years.

After divorcing Thomas in 2011, Lindsey dated Kenan Smith, a former NFL assistant coach, and American professional golfer Tiger Woods. They could not, however, maintain their connection for very long because of their busy schedules.

How much does Lindsey Vonn earn? Net Worth, and Salary

Skiing was Lindsey Vonn’s sole passion. She mostly made money by competing in and winning ski competitions.

She additionally took part in the Swimsuit Edition in 2016 while wearing body paint, contributing to her rising net worth. BY 2022, VONN IS EXPECTED TO HAVE A $10 MILLION NET WORTH.

Where can we contact Lindsey Vonn? Social Media Presence

Lindsey Vonn is pretty active on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Likewise, Vonn has 2.1M followers on Instagram, 1.5M followers on Facebook, and 1M followers on Twitter.

Quick Facts:

  • Full Name: Lindsey Caroline Kildow
  • Birthdate: October 18, 1984
  • Birthplace: St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
  • Father’s Name: Alan Lee Kildow
  • Mother’s Name: Linda Anne
  • Nationality: American
  • Siblings: Four (Reed Kildow, Karin Kildow, Laura Kildow, and Dylan Kildow)
  • Education: University of Missouri High School
  • Age: 37 Years Old
  • Weight: 64 kg
  • Height: 5 feet 10 inches
  • Profession: Alpine Ski Racer
  • Ex-Spouse: Thomas Vonn
  • Boyfriends: Tiger Woods, and Kenan Smith
  • Net: Worth: $10 million
  • Social Media Handles: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

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