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Lita, a four-time WWE Women’s Wrestling Champion, is a retired professional wrestler. Lita was initially motivated to pursue a career in wrestling by a male wrestler she saw in the ring.

She became a well-known and fiercely competitive wrestler as a result of her passion and love for the sport. The Women’s Championship still uses her wrestling performance as a benchmark.

Lita |  Family, and Education

Amy Christine Dumas is Lita’s complete and legal name, to put it briefly. Lita was born to Christine and Michael Dumas in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on April 14, 1975. She was raised alongside Billy Dumas, her younger brother.

Lita attended several different schools during her time in school before completing her high school education at Lassiter High School.


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Lita later studied education at Georgia State University. But in 1993, she stopped going to school. She used to be quite into music.

Lita has played bass guitar in numerous bands in the past. She then expressed her admiration for Rey Mysterio’s skills. She has since developed an interest in wrestling.

Lita| Professional Life and Career

Lita declared her intention to pursue a wrestling career shortly after becoming interested in the sport which she was unable to pay for.

Additionally, she danced in the clubs and earned some money doing so.

She also traveled to Mexico to get professional training. Amy had the opportunity to meet and train with many different qualified trainers there.

She later returned to the United States after finishing her training in complete.

However, Lita entered Maryland Championship Wrestling after using a valet service to access some of the Independent Circuit.

Similarly to that, she gave Angelica as her ring name there. She also appeared in the N.W.A. Mid-Atlantic at the same time.


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She was approached by famed wrestlers Matt and Jeff Hardy to train her.

She afterward ran into Paul Heyman. Paul was the E.C.W.’s owner. When she returned, Dory Funk Jr. was waiting for her and offered to coach Lita at his wrestling academy, “The Funkin’ Conservatory.” She was immediately identified as one of the school’s 24 graduates.

After that, in October 1999, Amy debuted in E.C.W. She subsequently signed the W.W.F. development agreement on November 1 and was given the ring name Lita.

Combined with Luchador Essa Rios as well. She then made her acting debut on an episode of Sunday Night Heal on February 13, 2000.


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After a while, Rios and Lita split up, and she was later joined by Matt and Jeff Hardy. As a result, they created the trio Team Xtreme.

Lita was the only female Xtreme member, and as a result, she was the only female to participate in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match in the W.W.F.

Resulting in making History

She undoubtedly gained recognition and was taken note of by many. The W.W.F. Women’s Champion Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley also got into a fight.

On August 21, 2000, in a Raw episode, Lita defeated Stephanie after further adjustments. She applied a moonsault, in essence, and won the Women’s Championship. The title was held by Lita for a total of 73 days.

However, she was defeated in a four-way match on a SmackDown program. Her attempts to reclaim the championship failed once more when she was unable to defeat Ivory at Survivor Series, Rebellion.

Her conflict with Dean Malenko started the year 2001 off on a very productive note. Additionally, she triumphed over him on Raw Battle before teaming up with Trish Stratus.


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She had to fight Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler as a result.

Then, on July 22, they stripped the opponent in their first-ever bra and pant duel.

They also linked up with Jacqueline and engaged in conflict once more with Keibler, Ivory, Wilson, and Mighty Molly.

In 2002, Lita attempted W.W.F. television once more and recommenced her quest for the W.W.F. Women’s Championship championship.

Jazz, the former champion, unfortunately, submitted her at WrestleMania X8.


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As a result, Lita’s path to winning the Championship belt was once more derailed. She passed through three cracks in her vertebrae this time.

As a result, Lita spent the whole year becoming better, only sometimes appearing as a pundit.

Returning after an injury

Later, after a full seventeen months had passed, Lita appeared on a Raw broadcast.

She fought in the women’s division there and took first place in the battle royal, making her the top candidate for the Women’s Championship.


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Lita reconnected with Matt Hardy in the back, who protected her from a Kane attack. formed a team with Hardy as a result. After realizing this, Kane abducted Lita since he could not bear for them to reconnect.

Additionally, he gave her a chance to defend the title against Trish Stratus at Bad Blood.

During her Pregnancy

Lita once said she was pregnant, which sparked a lot of rumors. The news of the pregnancy and the rumors that Kane was the father also stunned everyone.

In their discussion, Hardy and Kane matched “Till Death Do Us Part.” In the end, Kane triumphed against Hardy and eventually wed Amy.

Amy was not popular with Kane despite their marriage. It has also been reported that she prevented him from helping his opponents during matches.

Kane also unintentionally landed on Amy during his game against Gene Snitsky, which ultimately led to the miscarriage.

Amy fought for the Women’s division up until November 2004 after a full miscarriage.


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Then, with such grace, Lita threw open the Women’s Championship match to Stratus.

In conclusion, she engaged in combat, prevailed over Stratus, and claimed her second WWE Women’s Championship crown. One of the top Women’s Championship matchups in WWE history took place there.

Amy’s victory could not last for very long because everything has an end. Stratus once more defeated her just over a month later. Consequently, her Championship title tragically expired on January 9, 2005.

During the game, Lita suffered a serious injury once more. She was forced to forfeit the Women’s Championship crown at Wrestlemania this time.

In conclusion,

Amy returned to the ring in March 2005 to serve as Christy Hemme’s mentor. Despite all of her preparation, Stratus defeated her out of resentment for Amy.

When Amy came back, she had an opportunity to knock Stratus out with her crutches. Because of all of them, she came across as evil.

On the other hand, her relationship with Kane came to an end when she assisted Edge in winning the Raw Rush Tournament over him. In addition, she once more assisted Edge in defeating Hardy.


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Despite everything, Lita defeated the renowned Mickie James to win her third Women’s Championship in August 2006.

After that, though, she lost to Trish Stratus, her greatest opponent, who became unforgiving during Stratus’s retirement match.

Lita later regained the empty championship in November as a result of her Retirement.

Awards and Successes

  • 2014: WWE Hall of Fame
  • Champion WWF female in 2000, 2004, and 2006.


In 2006, Lita also declared her retirement shortly after Stratus did so. That match would be her final one, according to information at the Survivor Series. She fought Mickie there, but it ended in defeat.

The contest and the title were ultimately lost by the athlete.

Upon retirement

Lita appeared frequently on the ring when making the formal news of her retirement. She made her professional wrestling (Wrestling) (U.W.F.) debut in 2007 as a special guest referee.

For Family Wrestling Entertainment, she made her debut as a special guest referee in a similar way.

She simultaneously made a brief comeback to WWE, although not as a wrestler. Surprisingly, she joined forces with Stratus for the contest with Jillian Hall.


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She arranged a reunion with Kane, her previous husband, even just out of audience demand.

Amy’s major career and source of money is wrestling, though she has also played in a punk rock band.

In 2006, the group was known as “The Luchagors.” On September 11, 2007, the establishment owned a self-titled debut CD.

By 2013, Lita was also a radio broadcaster for a program called Amy’s Discordia.

But almost as significant is the autobiography she co-wrote with Michael Krugman, titled Lita: A Less Traveled Road.

Lita | Relationships

To fill the void left by the lack of other female wrestlers in the ECW, Lita, then known as Angelica, was paired up with Danny Doring, a rising star who would go on to win the ECW World Tag Team Championships with his longtime partner, Roadkill.


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Amy has maintained her single status despite being the focus of countless dating rumors and having affairs with wrestlers, including other well-known figures.

Lita | Net Worth and Salary

Amy attempted to do everything in which she became so interested. Thus, even at the age of 47, Amy is a vibrant and upbeat individual. In conclusion, Lita’s net worth is projected to be $4 million.

Lita | Age And Body Measurements

Dumas, Amy 1.65 m tall, 64 kg heavy, measurements are 36-26-36 inches, a 36D bra size, and an 8 in shoes (US).

Social Media

Instagram: 907K followers (@machetegirl)

Facebook: 301K followers (@AmyDumas)

Twitter: 519.1K followers (@AmyDumas)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Amy Dumas, is she wed?

Amy is remained single despite being the subject of numerous dating rumors and having affairs with wrestlers, including other well-known faces.

Are Stratus and Lita still close?

These two well-known wrestlers, Lita and Stratus, are excellent friends in real life despite their frequent antagonism. The godmother of Stratus’s boy is Lita.

Quick Facts | Lita

Full Name Amy Christine Dumas
Known as Lita
Nickname Lits, Angelica, Miss Congeniality, The Extreme Diva, Lovely Lita
Birth Date April 14, 1975
Birth Place Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Residence Florida or Atlanta
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Lassiter High School, Georgia State University
Horoscope Aries
Father’s Name Mike Dumas
Mother’s Name Christine Dumas
Siblings 1 (Billy Dumas)
Age 47 Years Old
Height 5 feet and 0.51 inches (168 cm)
Weight 64 kg (141.096 lbs.)
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Body type Athletic
Profession Wrestler, American animal welfare activist, and Singer
Marital Status Unmarried
Beginning of Professional Career 2000
Retirement 2006
Playing style Right-handed (one-handed backhand)
Coach Presbyterian College
Honors Hall of Fame, W.W.F.
Net Worth $1.4 million
Body Measurement Waist 26 and hip 36
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Merch It Just Feels Right
Last Update October 2022

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