Live updates on Itaewon Halloween! Horrifying and terrifying crowd crush kills more than 150 in Seoul district!

More than 150 people died in the narrow street of Seoul district, For Halooween Celebration in Itaewon after a huge crowd surged in!

Itaewon tragic incident after 150 people were crushed and killed!!
Itaewon tragic incident after 150 people were crushed and killed!! source-google

A tragic incident occurred in Itaewon after more than estimated 150 people were crushed and killed!

Itaewon is very famous for its nightlife. Last night, a huge crowd surged into the narrow streets and at least 153 people were crushed and died. According to the reports, almost 82 people were injured in the nightlife area in South Korea. The day was celebrated for the first time unmasked event after the Covid pandemic.

A piece of horrifying news was reported when the incident described as there were piles of human bodies upon each other. Among the dead, most were at the age of ’20s and it was estimated that almost 20 foreigners died.

The cause of the death is still being figured out. Till then president Yoon Suk-Yeol ordered the treatment of the ones who were injured in the incident.

President Yoon is also running an active investigation into the cause of death.  In a statement, the president said that it is an incident that should have never happened.

“This is truly tragic. A tragedy and disaster that should not have happened took place in the heart of Seoul last night.”

President Yoon also declared a period of national mourning for the ones who lost their lives in a terrible tragedy on Sunday. Yoon expressed his deep sorrow and condolences to the young people who lost their lives. Also wishes a speedy recovery to the ones who were injured.

After a long time, this horrifying incident took place in Korea after the Sewol ferry sank killing more than 300 people in 2014. The incident can occur due to several reasons as the heart of Seoul. And it is very famous for its nightlife and there are flocks of foreigners every weekend. Halloween is one of the busiest nights of the year.

“You would see big crowds at Christmas and fireworks … but this was several ten-folds bigger than any of that.”
More than 150 people crushed and killed in the narrow street of Seoul district, Itaewon after a huge crowd surged in!!
More than 150 people were crushed and killed in the narrow street of Seoul district, Itaewon after a huge crowd surged in!! source-google

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Families and friends of the people who lost their lives gathered at the community center to hear the news. The interior ministry also mentioned that 90% of the people had identity cards with them so they were recognizable. But the rest of them could not be identified and it included some foreigners and teenagers who did not carry their identity cards.

Many firms were aware after this tragic incident happened and they canceled their promotions as well. Tech companies like Kakao and NCSOFT and amusement park Everland declined the Halloween-themed events. Many other regional organizations also canceled the celebrations and events they were holding for Halloween.

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It was also coming to the reports that just 24 hours before there was an early alarm that this event was attracting several dangerous people. Moreover, the victims and relatives complained that there was no system for crowd control and that is the major reason their loved ones lost their life.

The incident was the height of carelessness. The small alley was overcrowded with people and some were finding it difficult to breathe.

Some of the videos and photos also prove that the narrow road was densely packed. Also, the rescuers were trying to pull out people from the stack of bodies and a lot of cries could be heard.

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The bodies were collected and lined up in the streets covering them with the blue cover while others were carried in ambulances. The situation was too horrible to be true and many people expressed their shock.

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Moreover, Korea is now focusing more on the safety measures which happened after the incident. It could have been better if it was proactively done before this incident happened. Keep reading!! We will be back with more updates on this news!



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