Lizzo expressed that she wants to ‘Get in the Middle of’ Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker PDA!!

Well, Singer Lizzo wants to join the newly-wed lovebirds Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s PDA!!

Lizzo wants to get in the middle of Kravis PDA!!
Lizzo wants to get in the middle of Kravis PDA!! source-google

Lizzo revealed that she wants to ‘Get in the Middle of’ Kourtney and Travis’s PDA when asked about thoughts on their marriage!!

Lizzo on Monday’s episode of the show “Watch What Happens Live,” was seen saying to let her in the middle of their affection. When she was asked to share her opinions on newlywed couples, about public affection then the 34-year-old singer said,

“Let me get in the middle of that, I sat next to them at the Met Gala, and I fully enjoyed it,” she added. “So, it’s about damn time they call me.”

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian got married in a super intimate wedding on May 22 in Italy. The couple is widely showing their affection towards each other in public as well. They are known to be heavy kissers and known for public displays of affection.


After the 2022 Grammy awards, the couples were seen to be making out at the back of the table.  People noticed and mentioned that in the media,

“They were seated at a table in the back and making out,” a source mentioned. “They weren’t holding back and were having a lot of fun. Travis and Kourtney kept grabbing each other’s faces and looked madly in love. They were showing major PDA and were really cute.”

The PDA is not something her own family approves of her. Kourtney’s kid Penelope is disgusted when she sees her mother kissing now and again with the drummer of Bling. Not just Penelope, but Reign also disapproves of this situation following the footsteps of the sister,

“I’m gonna die,” he said. “Ew, guys. Can you guys not kiss in French again? Can you guys please not French kiss?”

Lizzo also once sat next to the couple and she enjoyed that experience so asked her next time to call her. While appearing on Andy Cohen’s show, she played a game called “About Damn Time or Don’t Waste My Time,”. In this play, she has to nod to her given chart and it is “about damn time.”

While appearing on Andy Cohen's show, she played a game called About Damn Time or Don't Waste My Time,
While appearing on Andy Cohen’s show, Lizzo played a game called About Damn Time or Don’t Waste My Time,

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However, Lizzo just made that statement and stopped dragging the topic and she mentioned that she doesn’t care that Kourtney’s sister Kim Kardashian’s Marilyn Monroe scandal of damaging the dress.

To Kourtney’s response toward Kim losing her expensive earring response, Lizzo said laughing that “People are dying, Kim”.

Not just that she made a lot of statements during the “Watch What Happens Live” show when asked about Rihanna she revealed that they do not talk about business. She teased saying that they have more sexual conversations.

“My conversations with Rihanna are more sexual, I guess,”

“We are always giving it to each other. We don’t talk about work.”

She further added that they are always giving it to each other and they usually don’t talk about work!! Lizzo also said that the 34-year-old Rihanna has some unwanted interest in the sexual topic. She is a celebrity who is very easy to DM s, “I think that’s just how she talks,” she said.

In the next segment “Teach me your talent” Lizzo taught Andy, the host how to twerk. She had her dancers as well as her few dancers known as  Big Grrrls who are teaching them on the show. It included the twerk titled as “Circle twerk” and “vibrator”.



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While Andy deserved full marks for his effort to twerk. Lizzo had a lot of fun on the show and is such a heart-out person, loved her in the show!!


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