Looks like Britney Spears children do not want to meet her! The sons haven’t seen her for 6 months now

Britney Spears was always open about her relationship with her children as they haven’t met since 6 months

Britney Spears with her teenage boys
Britney Spears with her teenage boys source-google

Jayden James and Sean Preston haven’t checked on their mother Britney Spears straight for 6 months now!

Britney Spears is disheartened as her children Jayden and Sean haven’t seen their mother for a while now. They are also not showing any sign that they are going to meet her soon.

Kevin Federline reported on Saturday in the media about the things going on with Britney and her sons. Britney recently posted a picture with her sons and wrote something that her sons don’t want to meet her again.

According to Kevin, they felt she posted a hateful comment and that was very awkward in a social media post. Even Kevin’s lawyer commented on this to the media.

He said that the post last month by Britney created a pro custodial environment, and it should be worked on by both of them with time.

“While I will not comment on whether there were or were not regular custodial exchanges, one must consider that the comments about the boys such as those that were recently published hardly create a pro custodial environment,” Lawyer of Kevin, Mark Vincent Kaplan said .

“This is something that the parties involved will have to work out over time.”

On Thursday, Britney made an Instagram post in response to the interview views on her son Jayden. Jayden made a statement saying that he felt Britney gives more attention to Preston than him. To this, she said that she pays him more attention than Preston.

“Finally at 40 without the restraints of what my family did to me … I say to my son Jayden that I send all the love in the world to you every day for the rest of my life!!! My love for my children has no boundaries.”

She writes that whatever her family has done to her she doesn’t care. She still sends a lot of love to her son Jayden. Her love for the children is very unconditional.


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Not just that Briney poured her heart out in the post. She was very sad when her son also made a statement saying that she did not mark his expectation as a mother. She wishes to talk to him openly in this matter to clear all the misunderstandings.

Britney was also open about the family problems she faced. And also, how she helped their dad during the time when he had no work.

She mentioned that her responsibility of checking homework regularly is not that cool. But the father who smokes weed regularly is very cool for the kids 15 and 16 years.


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Britney also made it clear that she understands why the kids were to stay with their father desperately and he doesn’t pay any attention to them.

She leaves a message to her sons that how their dad manipulated them to speak in front of the media which is not at all cool. She tries to make her children understand where are their grounds.

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Spears boldly added that any of his actions to let her down are not going to work on her and he can try as hard as to bring her image down. Well, Britney has always been very honest about her thoughts, mental health, and personal life. She also posted an Instagram post on Friday about her son Preston angry due to her collaboration with Elton John against his will.

“He stopped seeing me … I posted something of him, but he got really mad so unfortunately, I haven’t been able to post my loving family,” she told the media

It was the last month when the Lawyer of Federline, Kaplan said that the boys don’t feel safe around their mom and posted some videos. In the videos, Britney is teaching them some manners.

Every mother in the world would want to teach discipline to their child so there is nothing in that. The adults who support their bad behavior will tend to be their favorite parents for sure.

Written by Seth Blair

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