Loujain Adada

Walid Ahmed Juffali’s widow, a fashion designer.

Loujain Adada
Fashion Model Source: Google

Known as the widow of Arab billionaire Walid Ahmed Juffali, model Loujain Adada, 33, was born in 1989. In addition to having more than 109k followers on her Instagram account (@loujainaj).

Adada is a well-known user of social media. In truth, the woman was a fashion model with a base in Beirut before she married Walid.

Loujain Adada |  Family and Education

In 1989, Lebanese parents gave birth to Loujain Adada, who is now 33 years old, in California, USA. Similarly, Her faith is in the Islamic religion, and Loujain Adada is of Arabic ethnicity.

Before moving to Beirut, Lebanon, with her mother and father, she briefly resided in California.

According to Cercle, Adada started modeling at the age of 14 because she loved fashion and beauty products.


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Being still in school at the time, it was a significant milestone for her to work as a model for the first time during a magazine photo shoot.

Loujain graduated from high school with honors and continued working as a model while earning a degree from a respected university.

Moreover, after college, she enrolled in a few modeling and fashion design workshops to better understand the foundations of the clothing industry.

Loujain Adada | Professional Life and Career

Adada began modeling when she was 14 years old, quickly snagging photoshoot jobs and building an amazing portfolio before entering the runway industry professionally.

In addition, She was selected to host the music show Energy Spin Magazine on MTV Lebanon at the age of 21.


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Adada did, however, take a break from her job after getting married.

However, based on her Instagram pictures and the success of Dubai Bling, it appears that the fashionista is ready to astound the public once more.

Loujain Adada | Personal Life

During the height of her modeling career, Adada married the Arab businessman Walid Ahmed Juffali.

They got hitched in Venice in November 2012, and their honeymoon was spent on a Mediterranean cruise.

Together, they enjoyed traveling to places like France, Gstaad, and Zurich. God sent Loujain two adorable children as a gift.


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She is fortunate to have two children, Talia and Lana. Talia is seven years old, but Lana was born in May 2016.

She claimed that while she was expecting her second daughter, her husband received a cancer diagnosis.

On July 20, 2016, Walid suddenly departed away, leaving his beloved wife and daughters behind.

Age Disparity Between Loujain Adada and Walid Juffli

In 1989, Loujain Adada was born to Lebanese parents in California, United States. Unfortunately, Adada’s real birthdate is not available online.

Moreover, Upon learning the age difference between the pair, the model and the millionaire were found to be over 34 years apart.

Adada and Juffli led happy, opulent lives despite having a significant age gap. They shared numerous photos on their Instagram account while they were on their trip.

About Ahmed Abdullah Juffali

On the other side, Walid, Loujain’s spouse, was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on April 30, 1955, to Suad bint Ibrahim Al Husseini and Ahmed Abdullah Juffali.

Before pursuing his further education at the University of San Diego, Walid finished his elementary and secondary education in Jeddah and Switzerland.

Hence, In political science and international business, he earned a bachelor’s degree.


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After graduating, Juffli gradually started taking on various government positions in Jeddah, an area of western Saudi Arabia, where he was in charge of the expansion of Siemens Arabia and Nabors.

Walid Juffli earned a bachelor’s degree from the Californian University of San Diego in 1977.

Additionally, Al-Walid graduated from Imperial College in 2012 with a Ph.D. in neurology. His dissertation for his doctorate was titled A Novel Algorithm for Detection and Prediction of Neural Anomalies.

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Loujain Adada | Net Worth and Salary

Loujain Adada has an estimated net worth of $3.8 million, per Arabian Business. She acquired a substantial sum of money from her late husband’s estate.

Net Worth of Walid Ahmed Juffali

According to reports, Walid Ahmed Juffali had a net worth of GBP 8 billion, or roughly USD 9.2 billion, which supports the fashionista’s opulent way of living.


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According to Women’s Health, she is the second-richest cast member of Dubai Bling, behind businessman Ebraheem Al Samadi, with a net worth of between USD 3.8 and USD 4 billion.

Additionally, it is not surprising that she makes a good living from her social media posts and corporate partnerships given that she has over 225k Instagram followers.

Loujain Adada | Age and Body Measurements

Loujain Adada weighs 49.7 kg and is a typical size of 5 feet 3 inches. Adada has brown hair and green eyes.

Social Media

Instagram: @loujainaj

Frequently Asked Questions:

When was Loujain Adada born?

She is 35 years old right now.

What is the wealth of Loujain Adada?

Her estimated net worth is $3.8 million.

Who was Walid Juffali, the spouse of Loujain Adada?

Walid Juffali, Loujain Adada’s husband, was a businessman from Saudi Arabia.

Loujain Adada’s husband is who?

Walid Juffali, who passed away, was married to Loujain Adada.

Loujain Adada has how many children?

Two daughters were born to Loujain Adada.

Quick Facts | Loujain Adada

Name Loujain Adada
Date of Birth 1987
Age 35 years old
Birthplace California, America
Known For Dubai Bling
Height 5 Feet 3 Inches
Weight 49.7 Kg
Ethnicity Arabic
Marital Status Married
Husband Walid Juffali (married: 2012, died: 2016)
Children 2
Net Worth $8 Million

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