Machine Gun Kelly introduces fans his estranged mother who abandoned him as a child

Machine gun Kelly publicly introduces her one year after he reconnected

Machine Gun Kelly reconnects with mother
Machine Gun Kelly reconnects with mother source-google

Machine Gun Kelly introduces fans to his estranged mother who abandoned him as a child. She left his father for another man !!

Machine gun Kelly introduced his long-lost mother to his 9 million Instagram followers. He uploaded a sweet picture with his mother who abandoned him when he was 9 years old.

The ‘Bloody valentine’ singer also known as Colson baker posted a picture pointing his middle finger beside his mother who was holding up a peace sign.

He captioned the post by saying, “introducing … my mom ❤️‍??”


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The duo of son and mother looked very happy together, flashing big smiles on the camera. They likewise both looked comfortable, with MGK in a relaxed set of shorts and a T-shirt and his mother in exercise clothing.

His fans flooded comments in Kelly’s Instagram post. They posted supportive comments about their reunion.

Some of the comments were so beautiful,

“Omg! This is major. Congrats for reconnecting ♥️”

“Omg ? I can’t believe you are actually with her. If you are happy I’m happy for you.”


“Congratulations my man, seeing your journey over the last ten years is insane it makes me so happy to see you healing and building a 2nd life for yourself”

Machine gun Kelly
Machine gun Kelly

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Last June, he tweeted that all his fans and followers encouraged him to contact her,

 “Wild story but after all these years, the fans are responsible for me and my mom finally reconnecting i love you.” 

He has always been open about the trauma he faced in his childhood.

He was talking openly about his relationship with his estranged mother and how she ditched him and his father when the star was just about 9 years old.

Kelly who was raised by his father further added,

“How’d you leave your only child at nine for another dude? Took that pain and punched my father in the stomach ’til he bled. Hit the store and stole a 40 and took that shit to the head. All the years that you ignore me left me sleepless in bed. I hope daddy got some kids because your only son is dead.”

The rocker was born into the world in Houston, Texas, to missionary guardians and was deserted by his mom when he was only 9 years of age, he uncovered the lyrics to his tune “Burning Memories.”.

He sings, “Yeah, this one’s for the mama that I never knew, I took acid just to burn all of my memories of you,”. “I guess now I really wanna know the truth, How’d you leave your only child at nine for another dude?”

He was bought up and raised by his father who unfortunately passes away in July 2020. He said at that time, that he had never felt that pain in his life.

Written by Seth Blair

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