Machine Gun Kelly yells at his crew member and smashes guitar in the fit of rage at MSG concert!

Machine Gun Kelly screams at an employee and smashes guitar in a rage.

Machine Gun Kelly
Machine Gun Kelly shares graphic picture with a blooded face source: google

Machine Gun Kelly yells at a crew member, and smashes guitar in a fit of rage at the Madison Square Garden concert!!!

Machine Gun Kelly went on crazy smashing champagne bottles storming off stage and freak out a crew member. On Tuesday, June 27th, Kelly was performing for a huge crowd at MSG. He then suddenly started behaving erratically. He was walking on the side of the stage like he wanted something.

Kelly’s fiancee Megan Fox also shows her appearance at the concert. According to the sources, it was very shocking when Kelly was leaving the venue with a bloodied face with his fiancee. Everyone was like what really happened?

Kelly was walking on the side of the stage like he wanted something. Then after some time he took the mike and screamed the hell out of everyone. He said, “I’m going to f*cking kill you”. He then walks off to have a conversation with the crew member.

Another crew member understood the situation and try to intervene with Kelly so that he doesn’t get to the crew member he is angry at. However, Kelly was so frustrated he returned to the stage. He smashed his instrument guitar, and lie down on the stage.


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Machine Gun Kelly shared pictures of him with all-blooded eyebrows on Instagram. The whole incident happened as Kelly smashed a champagne glass on his forehead at a concert on Tuesday night.

On June 29, Wednesday, Machine Gun Kelly posted a video on his Instagram story with the caption, ‘Good Morning’. In addition, in the story, he was in the same pink outfit and he was like “Oh sh*t” with his face covered with dry blood. One side of his eyebrow was covered with dry blood.


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He captioned the post saying, “NYC you’re my bloody valentine ?❤️‍?”

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When the incident happened, his band continued to play for the crowd. Everybody at the party was shocked after this incident. They were keen to know the reason behind this. However, after the party, Machine gave a speech which included his fiancee Megan Fox, Avril Lavigne, Landon Barker along with his new girlfriend, Charli D’Amelio.

After giving the speech, he smashed a champagne glass in his head. After that, he gave a performance in one of his hit songs, ‘My Ex’s Best Friend’ while blood is pouring in his face. Before signing, Kelly said in the microphone among the crowds, that he doesn’t give a fuck and he doesn’t give a shit.

It is not exactly clear why Kelly decided to create a scene, but in an alternative explanation, it could have been due to the following reasons. First of all, Kelly was not at all happy with the way in which the employee was doing things.

Secondly, it could be viewed that he was simply not in a very good mood. And that ultimately resulted in him raging out. Luckily, things could have gotten worse if Kelly had decided to turn his attention toward the crowd.

Nevertheless, the fans on social media had different perspectives about this. A significant proportion of fans felt that Kelly’s behavior was consistent with somebody that was potentially having a mental breakdown. Meanwhile, other fans began to say that there were definitely some substance abuse issues involved.


Written by Seth Blair

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