Madonna says she wanna introduce her song to the new generation! The “Queen of Pop” is against selling catalog of her songs!!

“They’re my songs. Ownership is everything isn’t it?” she said in an interview recently when she was asked about selling her catalog!

Madonna refuses to sell her catalog source: News Post US Zero

Madonna is against selling her music catalogs even if it is the trend right now. Though other high-profile artists sold their catalogs but not Madonna.

Madonna believes that art shouldn’t be sold. It should rather be expanded. An American singer and a songwriter will sell her music catalogs even if it goes trending. Though Bruce Springsteen, Justin Timberlake, and Bob Dylan have sold their music catalogs in recent years. However, Madonna will not join them.

Additionally, the ‘Queen of Pop’ stated in an interview,

“They’re my songs. Ownership is everything isn’t it? I mean, that’s why [manager Guy Oseary is] buying [NFTs].”

Instead of selling the catalogs, Madonna is thinking of expanding on them. Currently, she is more focused on finding a way to rereleasing her old catalog in more interesting ways. She further said that she want to introduce her music to a new generation.


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Furthermore, she stated that she want to go on a tour again,

“The whole thing with ‘Frozen’ was so fun, but I woke up one day and went, ‘I’m sick of living in the past! I want to go on tour again, I’m a creature of the stage. That is my happy place.”

On the other hand, the singer’s album “Frozen” went viral on TikTok last year. Moreover, Madonna officially released the remix in December. After seeing that her song went viral, she seemed so happy and excited too. Also, she said,

“I was like, Hey, wait a minute. What is this? This is my song. It all shappened by divine inspiration, I guess, because then once I heard them, I wanted to make more of them and do new versions of them that had different people singing on them and doing their take on it.”

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More about Madonna and her journey

Madonna aka Madonna Louise Ciccone worked very hard to earn this name and fame worldwide. She also explained how music has changed her life and her way of her thinking. She couldn’t sell her catalogs because she loves them and is very close to her heart. The hard work pays if we want to achieve something.

Similarly, Madonna also said in May,

“From where I started, making music in my apartment on the Lower East Side, and then having to go to a recording studio to record it, to where I am now and how I’ve been working, it was a good lesson on how music has changed and the way we make music has changed, the way we listen to music has changed. It was kind of historical education, listening to my own remixes.”

As she also announced in August 2021 her partnership with Warner Music Group. Recently, it has been 40 years that she is in the music industry recording her songs. After the partnership with Warner Music Group,  she released 17 studio albums plus singles, soundtrack recordings, live albums, and compilations.


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Likewise, in a statement, it is announced that the singer is currently working on a biopic film about her life. Further, in a statement, it was written,

“This new deal heralds the launch next year of an extensive, multi-year series of catalog releases that will revisit the groundbreaking music that made her an international icon.For the first time, Madonna will personally curate expansive deluxe editions for many of her landmark albums, as well as introduce unique releases for special events, and much more.”

Since fans are waiting for Madonna’s album and are excited about her biopic film about her life!


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Written by Keshaa Perry

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