Madonna was not recognized by fans at the 2023 Grammy Awards What happened to Madonna’s face?

One fan wrote via Twitter, “Me attempting to ignore the fact that Madonna has a whole new face”

Madonna was unrecognizable at the 2023 Grammy Awards with her new looks. source: Daily Mail

Madonna appeared at Grammy Awards 2023 with completely new looks. Her face was not recognized by many people when she entered the show on Sunday night.

Madonna was not looking like Madonna at this Grammy Awards. Fans were shocked to see Madonna in a completely new look. They didn’t recognize her as her face was not looking like who she is.

On Sunday night, the 2023 Grammy Awards was held at Arena in Los Angeles. Many people were claiming that she had a new face now. It seems like her lips were round and softer than before and her skin was looking smooth.

Similarly, her wrinkles were removed and she styled her hair into two plaits at the front and back. Her front braids were not tied and the backward braids were tied into ponytails.

Likewise, her eyebrows were blonde and she was carrying a smoky shadow eye makeup with black mascara. She chose nude-colored lipstick for her looks.

Talking about Madonna’s dress, she was wearing a black blazer dress along with a maxi skirt. She paired up a dress with a white collared shirt and black tie with purple platform heels.

Further, Madonna also added a pair of cross-shaped earrings with flashy rings on her fingers. During the ceremony, she appeared on the stage for announcing the Best Pop Duo/Group Grammy Award winner.

Well, the award goes to Sam Smith and Kim Petras for their hit track, “Unholy”. Before announcing the winners, Madonna asked the people and participants, “Are you ready for a little controversy?” 


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Madonna on the other hand also stated,

“Here’s what I’ve learned after four decades in music. If they call you shocking, scandalous problematic, provocative, or dangerous, you are definitely onto something,’ the Hung Up hitmaker stated. I am here to give thanks to all the rebels out here forging a new path and taking the heat for all of it.”

She later added,

“You guys need to know, all you trouble makers out there, you need to know that your fearlessness does not go unnoticed. You are seen. You are heard and most of all, you are appreciated.”

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Besides this, people made fun of Madonna’s looks and posted pictures of her on Instagram. They made memes and linked her face structure to some funny incident. Though all of the things shown that fans were really confused about Madonna’s looks during the Grammy Awards. In addition to that, one fan tweeted,

“Me attempting to ignore the fact that Madonna has a whole new face. #GRAMMYs”

Not only this, but he also added a meme video of Adele looking confused at a basketball game. Furthermore, another person shocking asked,

“Whaaaaaat happened to Madonna’s face?! #GRAMMYs”


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Another fan wrote,

“This legit looks like a Madonna impersonator with pics of the [sic] real Madonna in the background. She really f–ked up her face”

The third one gushed,

“Madonna looks good for her age … if her age is 2,700 year old vampire who eats babies and small animals alive.”

Madonna’s fans also asked,

“Has Madonna been nominated for ‘Best New Face’ at this year’s Grammy Awards?”

Meanwhile, a confused fan questioned via Twitter,

“What magic formula was used to create #Madonna’s new face👀🤷🏽‍♀️? I’m so confused #GRAMMYs”

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Further Explanation

Madonna doesn’t like to ask about her looks and what she has done to her face. She never answers these questions in an interview as well. In the year 2012, she once said, she is not against plastic surgery and she doesn’t want to discuss having it though. Although Madonna is quiet about these many experts guessed that she has received many cosmetic procedures on her face like Botox and facial peels. Amar Suchde who is a closer Magazine columnist told,

“I’d say Madonna has definitely had some skin boosters to improve her skin quality, something like Profhilo, or perhaps laser treatments. She’s definitely looked after her skin which is making her look younger – these skin treatments avoid that creepy skin looks people tend to get, when they lose collagen and elastin in their face, as they age.”


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Agreeing with Amar’s statement, Dr. Jason Diamons who is a “Celebrity Plastic Surgeon” stated,

“It’s unnatural, squarish, and mannish. Instead of making it flush, they overfilled it. The chin to the jawbone should be a smooth transition — they added too much. This is a case of injections gone bad. It’s not going to kill her, but does she look normal with those puffs? This looks bizarre — she looks jowly and puffed out.”

Moreover, in February, Madnna uploaded some pictures on Instagram where many people compared her with Kim Kardashian. From that time, Madonna was taunted about her looks as she hasn’t publicly told anyone what she did with her looks. Talking about this matter, Dr. Diane Lyon stated that Madonna’s social media pictures are different because of fillers and filters. She also said,

“Looking at her face she’s definitely got full cheeks, which could be due to either fat transfers from other areas of the body or filler, which can be put there in an effort to anti-age. This, in condition with using filters when she takes photos, results in the image you see.”


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Apart from this, Madonna announced “The Celebration Tour” will be held after her 40 years of working in the music industry. She is also excited to explore many songs as possible in hopes to give her fans the show they have been waiting for.

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Written by Keshaa Perry

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