Are Malia Obama and Dawit Eklund in a relationship? They were spotted strolling in New York City!

Malia Obama and Dawit Eklund’s relationship is not confirmed by them yet. Here’s the details

Malia Obama
Malia Obama and Dawit Eklund are dating or not? source: MARCA

Malia Obama and Dawit Eklund are spotted together roaming around New York City. Since their dating rumors spread when they spent time together previously in Los Angeles.

Are Malia Obama and Dawit Eklund dating?

Malia Obama, daughter of U.S former President, Barack Obama is in New York City with Dawit Eklund. Dawit is a music record producer and Malia’s rumored boyfriend as well.

Though, their relationship is not confirmed yet by themselves. But, according to the sources, they previously also spent some quality time together in Los Angeles.

On Monday, September 12 Malia and Dawit were walking in the street of New York. They were seen relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. Good friends also share good memories together and we can’t say if they are good friends or a couple though. However, they match each other’s vibes.

After spending some time, they both went to Chinatown for having lunch. When they were out raming in New York no public affection was seen.

They both seem chilled and cool being with each other. Instead, Dawit and Obama spent most of their stroll with their arms firmly crossed in front of them.

Additionally, Malia was wearing a denim shirt with cargo pants and sneakers. Similarly, she has long blonde braids and she added dark pair of sunglasses as well.

Furthermore, talking about Dawit Eklund’s outfit, he was matching the dressing code with Obama. He was in a green shirt, and khaki pants and he was also wearing a black jacket.

He added a pair of sneakers as well. Both of them seem so happy and they were clicking pictures smiling in a way that expresses satisfaction.

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More Details

On the other hand, a month ago, the music record producer and Barack Obama’s daughter were spending their time in Los Angeles.

Moreover, they also were kind of close and shared a hug as well. However, we are not sure if the hug was a friend giving a hug or another one.

Well, they also spent their day together on the West Coast. From that time, Malia and Dawit became much closer. However, the sources claimed that they didn’t share a kiss though.

In one picture, we see that Dawit is sleeping on Malia’s waist and she is touching the back of his neck gently.

Meanwhile, Obama is wearing a white crop top and loose-fitting green pants. In another hand, Eklund was in a nude-colored T-shirt and green shorts. As we can also see the tattoo of Bob Marley on his left leg.

Both of them are quiet about this ongoing rumor so people assume things that they think whether it’s true or not. Not only this but Malia Obama was also spotted previously in New York City with her ex-boyfriend in the year 2018.

His name is Rory Farquharson and they were classmates and began dating in the year 2017. However, the sources claimed that it is the third public outing for Eklund and Malia.

Previously, this duo was spotted on July 26 and then on August 2, and now on September 12.

Similarly, Malia Obama said that he won’t tell her kids about the struggle of being parents. Furthermore, the sources stated,

“Malia is very independent and strong-willed, just like her folks. She’s presented this new romance as a wonderful new chapter in her life and doesn’t think it deserves to be questioned or justified.”

Though, many sources claimed that they are dating. Thinking deeply as people are eagle-eyed so they catch everything.

“She hasn’t been seeing him for long, but she’s very excited about him and has been calling him her boyfriend. As serious as she already seems, she’s refused to bring him home to meet her parents, and that’s driving her poor dad crazy.”

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