Margot Robbie was in tears leaving her friend, Cara Delevingne’s house in West Hollywood! Find out why?

Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne are good friends since the blockbuster, “Suicidal Squad” in 2016.

Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie in tears while leaving Cara Delevingne's home source: Daily Mail

Margot Robbie was spotted wiping her tears while leaving her friend, Cara Delevingne’s home on Monday. The reason she is in tears is assumed to be Cara’s health condition but there has no information yet.

Margot Robbie was looking really sad at Los Angeles International Airport on Monday around 5 p.m. Just a few hours earlier, she was leaving her friend, Cara Delevingne’s house in West Hollywood.

Seeing Robbie in tears, everyone was shocked as well as keen to know the reason behind it.

Similarly, Margot was wearing a black strapless top along with a matching black sweatshirt. She has tied her hair with a clip and she has covered her face with her hands.

While we can clearly see the tears in her eyes though. It is not sure if Cara was at her house or not since the reason for Robbie crying has not been public yet.

Not only her but Cara’s sister, Poppu Delevinge was also at her house with them. She was also spotted leaving the model’s house in a black SUV around 11 a.m.

However, the sources claimed that the Barbie star was wiping her tears because of Cara’s health condition. As everybody is familiar with Cara’s unimaginable behavior a week ago at Van Nuys Airport.

Cara Delevingne was behaving so strangely on September 5 at the airport. She was wearing a Britney Spears T-shirt, black joggers and green, yellow, and red stripes, and yellow socks.

Though, she was shoeless. Also, Cara was two hours late for a flight on Jay-Z’s private jet. She also dropped her cell phone several times while talking to it.


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However, the English model got out of the airplane after 45 minutes and took off in a black SUV with her feet out of the window. Likewise, she also missed the launch of her collection honoring late designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Similarly, Cara also didn’t attend the Emmys 2022 Awards along with the fellow cast of her show “Only Murders in the Building” held on Monday.

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Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne are friends or say best friends since co-starring in “Suicide Squad” in the year 2016. Cara also stated about their friendship saying she love Margot. Further, she also added,

“Margot is the most down-to-earth person you’ll ever meet and is so hardworking. She’s just a babe. I love her.”


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After doing the superhero blockbuster together they became really close with each other. Though, Cara’s condition is not stable at this point. So, Margot being a very good friend visited her home to see her condition.

Meanwhile, a week ago due to Delevingne’s behavior many people were shocked and expressed what they are feeling via social media platforms.

One fan wrote,

“Will someone please check on Cara Delevingne for the love of god?”

Additionally, another fan tweeted,

“Nah something is seriously up with Cara Delevingne and I’m actually really worried for her. I hope everything is okay fr.”


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Seeing the condition of the fans and followers, we can clearly know that they are really tense about Delevingne’s condition just like Margot Robbie. They are equally praying for her speedy recovery and stable condition. Moreover, the fan also stated,

“What’s going on with Cara Delevingne???? I feel so sad for her </3” 

While having an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Cara Delevingne called herself a hype woman. She seemed happy and was enjoying her life. Furthermore, she also added,

“I was living my best life, but people found it a bit odd. People find me a bit odd, but that’s me. No shame.”

We wish Cara healing from whatever she is going through and good health.

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Written by Keshaa Perry

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