Mariah Carey calls Darlene Love ‘Queen Of Christmas’- Her Show Sells out!

Carey is renowned for her passion for the holiday season.

Mariah Carey and Darlene Love
Mariah Carey and Darlene Love source: teal mango

This holiday season, Mariah Carey is sharing love with everyone.

After praising Darlene Love on Instagram, the “All I Want for Christmas is You” singer helped her sell out a number of performances.

According to Love’s agent Lee Evans, Carey’s gushing remarks enabled Love to sell out all 11 of her holiday performances.

Spotify questioned Carey earlier this month about her decision to include the beloved Love ballad “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” on her holiday album. The 81-year-old Love was then given a loud cheer by Carey.

“I listened to that song every year. Like every year and it was an homage to Darlene Love, the Queen of Christmas. Darlene Love, that we love!” Carey, 52, gushed. “We live for her, she can have that title forever, like we love that song.”


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Additionally, The Grammy winner continued by saying how much she appreciates the “Wall of Sound” that song producer Phil Spector created.

Moreover, She said, “The ‘Wall of Sound,’ that Phil Spector moment. As a musician, as a producer, as a writer. You know my respect for that particular Christmas song is so massive.”

Evans stated that Love is overjoyed by the compliments. Despite the fact that Love hasn’t directly spoken to Carey since the online debate about who is the “Queen of Christmas” started.


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Love sang the traditional Christmas song on “Late Show with David Letterman” for many years. Letterman cited her annual appearance as his favorite part of the holiday season and even dubbed her the “Christmas Queen.”


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She contributed background vocals to U2’s 1987 rendition of the song.

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