Mariah Carey opens up about her difficult childhood and her obsession with Christmas!

Mariah Carey shares her “messed-up” childhood experience due to which she feels Christmas is very special

Mariah Carey reveals why she loves Christmas so much!!
Mariah Carey reveals why she loves Christmas so much! source-google

Mariah Carey admits her obsession with Christmas after experiencing a difficult childhood.

Mariah Carey shares about her messed up childhood and how she wanted to transform her life when she was a child. Carey also said that the feeling of transformation is a real joy for her.

“When you grow up with a messed-up life and then you’re able to have this transformation where you can make your life what you want it to be? That is a joy for me,” the “All I Want for Christmas Is You” singer mentioned on Friday

She also said that it is the reason why she wants to give her kids to have whatever they want. She wants to make them realize that they can be anything according to their will and preference. Basically, she just wants her children to live the life to fullest which she couldn’t when she was a child.

“That’s why I want my kids to have everything they can have. I want them to be able to understand that they can be anything they want to be.”

Carey further added that people weirdly look at her for celebrating and being so festive. But she loves holidays and that is something that makes her really happy. She couldn’t experience that happiness in her childhood so she wants to explore that now when she can.

“People think I had this princess-style life or whatever, a kind of fairy-tale existence where I just emerged, like, ‘Here I am!’ And that is not what it is,” the singer explained.

She further put forward how people must have assumed her life to be, but the reality was different and she had to go through tough times. In her memoir, she has mentioned everything about her disturbing childhood. The memoir was named “The meaning of Mariah Carey” and she shared about her violent upbringing.

She also mentioned her abusive brother, Morgan Carey who was very abusive. Carey also shared an instance where she had called the cops as her brother was trying to hurt her mother.

Mariah Carey want to give everything to her children that she did not receive in her childhood!!
Mariah Carey wants to give everything to her children that she did not receive in her childhood! Source-google

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She has written very heart-touching lines in her memoir that bought up tears in her eyes. Such as sharing some situations and times when her mother was tortured and she couldn’t help her. She gives credit to the small incident that happened on the day.

“Choking in tears, I did my best to calmly tell her, ‘My brother really hurt my mother, and I’m home alone. Please come help,’” she wrote. “One of the cops, looking down at me but speaking to another cop beside him, said, ‘If this kid makes it, it’ll be a miracle.’ And that night, I became less of a kid and more of a miracle.” she said

Not just her brother, but her older sister Alison Carey was also abusive and a drug addict. She drugged Mariah with Valium when she was just 12 years old. Not just that she left her with one of her older sister’s boyfriends who was carrying a pistol.

In an interview, she also mentioned feeling different as a biracial kid. She grew up in a predominately white Long Island neighborhood of Huntington.

“There were no role models for people who were clearly mixed or, you know, light-skinned or whatever we were categorizing it as then, so I didn’t know who to look up to when I was growing up,” Mariah said. “It was difficult.”


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Earlier this week only, Mariah gave out an extraordinary performance for Christmas on the National stage.

She performed her Christmas classic at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Not just that she will also be performing on a show at Madison Square Garden in December.



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