Mark Gonzales

an American professional skateboarder

Mark Gonzales
an American professional skateboarder Source: Google

American skateboarder and artist Mark Gonzales is also known by the nicknames “Gonz” and “The Gonz.” He is widely regarded as the father of modern street skating.

Mark Gonzales | Early Life & Education

An American professional skateboarder, Mark Gonzales was born on June 1, 1968, in  South Gate, California, U.S. He has Mexican ancestry.

Despite being baptized and receiving his first communion as a child, Gonzales does not consider himself to be religious.

Mark developed a keen interest in sports at a young age. In his early years, he first developed an interest in skateboarding.

He enjoys keeping his personal life quiet and is a private person. As a result, little is known about his early years and education.

We’re currently pierced for details about his academic career and high school graduation. Additionally, we’ll update this website as soon as we learn anything important about the situation.

Mark Gonzales | Age And Body Measurement

An American professional skateboarder, Mark Gonzales is currently 54 years old. He has lovely blonde hair and hazel-grey eyes.

His body measurements reveal that he is 155 lbs (70 kg) in weight and 5 feet 6 inches (1.7 m) tall.

Mark Gonzales | Wife And Kids

Tia Gonzalez is Mark Gonzales’ wife. The couple has one child, a daughter. Sadly, there isn’t much information available about them.

Mark Gonzales
Mark Gonzales with his wife Source: Google

Gonzales, on the other hand, is a family man who enjoys spending time with his wife and children. In Massachusetts, he lives near the beach.

Mark Gonzales | Career

Mark Gonzales is a multitalented person, and his talent shines through in his career, which resembles a rainbow.

He juggles being a professional skateboarder, a visual artist, and an entrepreneur.

Skating was something Mark Gonzales first saw on TV. At Paramount Skatepark, he used to watch professional skaters George Orton and Russ Howell perform.

Although it was only a yellow plastic skateboard, it was sufficient for him to mimic what he saw on TV.

He used to skate with his skate buddies, who were mainly his brother and friend Paul.

Professional  Career

Mark became a professional in 1985 after winning his first street race in Oceanside. Gonzales appeared on the front cover of Thrasher Magazine when he was 16 years old.

He was hired by the Alva Skates company, but he later left to join the Vision team.

Mark turned The Embarcadero in San Francisco into one of the most well-liked skate spots in the world a year later.

He ollied between the platform at the port and a wave-shaped wall. It later acquired the moniker “The Gonz Gap.”

Mark Gonzales
Godfather of Street Skateboarding Source: Google

Similar to how Mark was demonstrating his extraordinary skating abilities, which had never been seen before. In 1986, he rode handrails for the first time as a sidewalk surfer.

When Gonz introduced switch stance riding to the sport in 1987, he altered the way skaters viewed skateboards. Gonz was the first to ollie a four-block, four-foot-tall gap in San Francisco known as the Wallenberg Set.

He is regarded as the father of contemporary street skateboarding and his influence on modern street skating is undeniable.

Filmography Career

The skateboarding movie “Video Days” by Spike Jonze in 1991 was the first to show off Mark’s street skating.

Since then, numerous other videos, including Non-Fiction (1997), Kicked Out of Everywhere (1999), and Real to Reel (2001), have highlighted his exceptional talent (2001).

“Skate,” a video game with Mark, was released by Electronic Arts (EA) in 2007. Gonz also made an appearance in the Coconut Records song “West Coast” music video that same year.

Career As A Creative Artist

Mark is a poet and a writer in addition to being a skater. Social Problems, High-Tech Poetry, Broken Dreams, and Broken Poems are a few of his published works.

Gonzales consistently produces poetry, and his work is well-liked.

He has also held a number of exhibitions to display his abilities and body of work.

Mark Gonzales
His own creation Source: Google

His numerous performances include those by Maurizio Cattelan in 1994, Mark Gonzales in 2000, Museum Het Domein, Sittard (solo) in 2002, and Bay Area Now 3 in 2004.

2011 saw Gonzales create the Supreme logo for London (brand).

Mark Gonzales | The Godfather of Modern Street Skateboarding

Modern skateboarding evolved from banana board riding only in the early 1980s. Transition and freestyle were the two main “disciplines.”

Tony Hawks and Rodney Mullen were both experts in these fields. Skateboarding, on the other hand, required skating rinks. However, it was not feasible in every situation.

Mark Gonzales was the first person to skate on the handrail, which most people hadn’t considered. He later founded businesses that made skateboards for street skating.

Skaters were no longer required to skate in skate parks after that. They could skate through anything if they had a skateboard.

That is how he gave birth to modern street skateboarding, for which he is regarded as the godfather.

Mark Gonzales | Award

In 2006 and December 2011, Transworld Skateboarding presented the Legend Award.

Gonzales won the Transworld Skateboarding Legend Award in 2006, and the magazine named him the most significant skateboarder of all time in December 2011.

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Mark Gonzales | Net Worth

As of September 2022, Mark Gonzales’ net worth is predicted to be $10 million.

His professional career as a skateboarder, musician, artist and owner of a skateboarding company can be credited for the majority of his wealth.

In addition, a significant portion of his wealth can be attributed to his brand agreements.

He was sponsored by companies like Adidas, Krooked, Spitfire, Independent, and Supreme during his peak.

Social Media Presence

Numerous people admire the well-known American skateboarder Mark Gonzales. However, he is not accessible on any social media site.

Mark claims that since they have forgotten about the real world, the world has changed into a virtual one.

Mark Gonzales
An American Professional Skateboarder Source: Google

He claims he wants to live in his world and be free of his smartphone. In contrast to social media, he is more in touch with the city’s energy and its residents in person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mark Gonzales recognized in Korea?

The brand Mark Gonzales is not Korean. Despite being an American company, it is very well known in South Korea. It has several stores in South Korea and a Korean website.

How big are Mark Gonzales’ wheels?

Spitfire Pro Classic 53mm Skateboard Wheels are used by Mark Gonzales. Mark and most of the skateboards he uses are sponsored by Spitfire.

What age is Mark Gonzales?

54 years old.

 What is the height of  Gonzales?

5 feet 6 inches

Does Blind belong to Mark Gonzales?

As a distributor for Steve Rocco’s World Industries skateboard business, Gonzales established Blind Skateboards in 1988.

He has no affiliation with the business whatsoever, and Dwindle Distribution now owns it.

 Quick Facts

Full Name Mark Gonzales
Nick Name Gonz, The Gonz, The Mexican Guy
Known As Godfather of modern street skateboarding
Birth Date June 1st, 1968
Age 54 Years Old
Birth Place South gate, California, USA
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Eye Color Hazel Gray
Hair Color Blonde
Body Type Athletic
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Height 5 feet 6 inches/1.7 m/170 cm
Weight 155 lbs./70 kg
Shoe Size 7.5 (US)
Siblings One Brother
Education Qualification Graduated
Profession Professional Skateboarder, Artist, Entrepreneur
Skateboarding Debut Year 1985
Major Achievements
  • Most Influential Skateboarder of All Time (2011)
  • Legend Award by Transworld Skateboarding (2006)
Tricks The Gonz Gap, Handrail skating
Marital Status Married
Wife’s Name Tia Gonzales
Children One Daughter
Hobbies Skateboard, Painting
Net Worth $10 Million
Social Media Not Available
Affiliation Krooked Skateboards
Merch In Times of Terror, Wage Beauty 


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