Marshal Yanda

An American Former Football Guard

Marshal Yanda
Marshal Yanda. Source: Google

Marshal Yanda, fully named Marshal John Yanda is a football guard holding American nationality who previously served in the National Football League for the Ravens.

At Iowa University, he participated in collegiate football.

Yanda completed his entire 13-year history with the Ravens after being selected by them in the 3rd stage of the 2007 NFL Entry draft.

Who is Marshal Yanda? Childhood, Parents, and Nationality

John as well as Runda Yanda, Marshal’s parents, welcomed him into the world on Sept 15, 1984.

However, he didn’t just show up; he also grew up with his sister, Katie Yanda.

The Lowa squads of a head trainer named Hayden Fry were what Yanda Marshal watched growing up on Saturdays inside the family room.

Marshal consistently told the truth about playing at Kinnick Stadium.

However, he had babyface his whole college career up to his freshman year.


He would however go the extra mile once again to sign with a Division I club. Likewise, He constantly went above and above to complete a semester early.

He didn’t have a coach who could assist him. Rather, so according to Mark Vrba, the head sports coach at NIACC, the situation was a do-it-yourself scenario.

Yanda strained to maintain his momentum to accomplish his objectives. During the regular training practice in the morning, he became comfortable with living in a dormitory without the need for an air conditioning unit. He cooked his dinner in an electric skillet.

Despite all of these hustles, he continued to attend the four-hour sessions since they were necessary for the entire number of credit hours.

Instead, he returned to weightlifting right away after completing his assignments. Marshal continued to improve during high school as a serious athlete.

He did, however, defeat the entire athletic body while in college. Likewise, Marshal Yanda holds American nationality.

How did Marshal Yanda start his Career?

High School Career

Marshal continued his education by enrolling in Iowa’s Anamosa High School.

He played track and field, football, college basketball, and nearly three different activities there. He won a Letterman trophy in those games.

Due to his dedication to upholding the honor, Marshal earned two first and only awards.

Marshal chose to indulge his interest in sports by skipping both school and work.

His desire to play in Kinnick Stadium was also hampered by a few bad habits.

Marshal Yanda | College Career

For something like the Iowa Lowa Hawkeyes, he committed to playing football. He was named to the 3rd squad of the NFL Draft of the year 2006 Report All-Americans.

In addition, he earned second-team All-Big Ten recognition for the efforts made on the field by the league’s coaches.

It was fascinating to see him develop from a competent player into a dominant one.

Miller, one of his students, saw that Marshal was becoming more and more self-assured mentally every day. He was a right guard for the freshmen team and a right tackle for the sophomore team.

Marshal majored in Economics in addition to becoming wonderwonderfulorts and athletics.

Professional Career

Marshal was selected by the Baltimore Ravens with the 86th pick overall in the 3rd stage of the 2007 NFL Entry draft. During the 2007 draft, he was chosen as the sixth offensive tackle.

He agreed to the Ravens’ offer of a $1.61M, 3-year contract.

Marshal Yanda is in his zone
Marshal Yanda is in his zone. Source: Google

Marshal made 16 performances as a freshman, starting 12 of them. He may start 5 matches the following year. He was able to participate in league matches in the year 2009 and made nine starts, but he was able to start every game in 2010.

A $32M more than 5-year contract offer with something like the Ravens was approved by Marshal in the year 2011. Moreover, he was selected to lead the AFC in the Pro Bowl.

He won Super Bowl XLVII with his team the next year, defeating the San Francisco 49ers, and earning his first title ring.

Every 16 games in 2013 and 2014, Marshal provided entertainment.

Not to mention that from the year 2014 to the year 2016, Pro Football Analysis routinely ranked him as among the top tackles. He was ranked 37th by his former teammates on the list of the NFL’s 100 best Players of the year 2016.

Marshal ranked 43 in 2017 as well, the same as others. He was also elevated to Pro Bowl contender sixth position right away in recognition of his accomplishments.

Retirement, Injury

Before his ankle injury forced him to miss the final months of the 2017 season, everything has been normal.

Marshal underwent an injury in 2017, but in 2018, he made an incredibly impressive recovery and was selected for his 6th Pro Bowl.

His professional life, however, was coming to an end when he declared his decision to quit in 2020.

Marshal Yanda was injured
Marshal Yanda was injured. Source: Google

Then there’s no need to bid farewell because, if he so decides, he has a great chance of becoming a trainer.

Prospect for Hall of Fame

Ozzie Newsome allegedly had a hoarder or billboard for something like the Ravens that displayed the team’s most famous players. Marshal would then be portrayed by him as playing in the Ravens’ style.

Marshal will soon be enshrined into something like the Raven’s Ring of Honor, according to General Manager named Eric Decosta. Only he is ever able to show that the individual is a superior receiver.

Yanda was the best point guard of his generation as well as the best lead blocker in League history for the finest rushing back while he was falling.

Additionally, You might be intrigued by Sabrina Ionescu.

How old is Marshal Yanda? Height, Weight, and Body Measurement

Marshal Yanda is presently 38 years old. Likewise, Marshal Yanda stands at a height of 6 feet 3 in (1.91m) and weighs around 305 lbs (138 kg). He has red hair as well as a red beard and light blue eyes to match his fair complexion.

Unfortunately, The information about Marshal Yanda’s body measurement is still unclear.

Is Marshal Yanda Single? Spouse, and Kids

In terms of his personal life, Marshal is married. He married Shannon Hunt Yanda, his true love, in the year 2011.

He as well as his wife have three amazing children named Graham, Logan, and Libby.

Online sources claim that Marshal receives a six-month leave of absence from the league but also makes use of the opportunity to visit his family in Iowa’s Marion Home during that time.

He has consistently put his family first while simultaneously upholding a solid work ethic.

Marshal Yanda with his family
Marshal Yanda with his family. Source: Google

Likewise, He doesn’t regularly watch tv, either. Rather, he makes an effort to keep himself physically healthy.

He accompanies the family on trips to something like the Jones Local Market. The couple also owns a home in Baltimore.

In addition to being wedded with kids, Marshal is a risk taker. Likewise, In his post-retirement days, he is in the complete mood to reinvigorate his life.

How much does Marshal Yanda earn? Net Worth, and Salary

He has triumphed through conflict after conflict, even claiming a Super Bowl title.

Because of Marshal’s exceptional work culture, Raven was given his crew 13 valuable years.

Of course, Marshal is living a good life. The matches he played in for something like the Baltimore Ravens are what brought in the bulk of his income.

According to internet sources, his average yearly compensation in 2019 was $10 million. In other words, Marshal Yanda’s net worth as of today is $10 million.

Where can we contact Marshal Yanda? Social Media Presence

Marshal Yanda is pretty active on social network sites like Instagram.

Likewise, Marshal Yanda has 9173 followers on Instagram.

Quick Facts:

Full Name: Marshal John Yanda
Birthdate: September 15, 1984
Birth Place: Cedar Rapids, Lowa
Education: Anamosa Community School and Iowa University
Father’s Name: John Yanda
Mother’s Name: Ruth Yanda
Siblings: One sister named Katie Yanda
Age: 38 Years Old
Height: 6 feet 3 in (1.91m)
Weight: 305 lbs (138 kg)
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Shannon Hunt Yanda
Kids: Three (Libby, Logan Yanda, and Graham)
Profession: NFL Player
Net Worth: $10 million
Salary: around $10 million
Social Media Handles: Instagram

Some of the FAQs:

How old is Marshal Yanda?

Marshal Yanda is presently 38 years old.

How much weight did Marshal Yanda lose?

Marshal Yanda, a former offensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens who made the Pro Bowl, shed 64 pounds in the first four months after his NFL retirement.

How much does Marshal Yanda earn?

The Net Worth of Marshal Yanda is estimated to e approximately $10 million.

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