Mason Rudnick, daughter of Lizzie Tisch and Will Zinterhofer, son of Aerin Lauder are dating and are bounding two families together!

Seems like Mason Rudnick and Will Zinterhofer’s relationship is bringing together two billionaire families

Mason Rudnick
Mason Rudnick is in a relationship with Aerin Lauder's son source: Page Six

Mason Rudnick, daughter of Lizzie Tisch, and Aerin Lauder’s son, Will Zinterhofer are dating each other. The two billionaire families are happy and supporting their kids as well.

Every detail about the families

Mason Rudnick is the daughter of Lizzie Tisch and her ex-husband, Jeffrey Rudnick. Similarly, Will Zinterhofer is the son of Aerin Lauder and Eric Zinterhofer. Likewise, talking about Lizzie’s profession, she runs LDT, a fashion, and arts consulting firm.

Mason’s second father and Lizzie’s now husband is Jonathon Tisch, the CEO of Loews and co-owner of Giants. According to the sources, Jonathon’s net worth is about $1.5 billion.

Additionally, Will Zinterhofer’s mother, Aerin Lauder is a successful businesswoman as she runs the perfume company AERIN.

Further, the sources claim that Lauder’s net worth is about $3.6 billion. Meanwhile, Will’s father is an American private equity financier and a founding partner of Searchlight.

Mason Rudnick
Lizzie Tisch and her husband, Jonathan Tisch source: Palm Beach Daily News

Lizzie and Jonathon are supporters of City Meals on Wheels and Hudson Yard’s The Shed and more. Also, they show their appearances at social tour events. On the other hand, Lauder and her husband donate to different charities and help the needy.

Likewise, some of the charities they have helped are the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation.

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About Mason Rudnick and Will Zinterhofer

Apart from the families and their profession, Mason Rudnick and Will Zinterhofer began dating a year ago. They first met via their club as they are from the same club. And the fun part is this duo is interested in photography and they both are college students.

Moreover, a previous year, Mason was chosen by Will’s mom to film the Rose de Grasse pour Filles perfume campaign. During an interview, Rudnick stated,

“Art has always been an outlet for me to express myself. As a child, he did a lot of drawing and painting, and over time he moved on to film and photography.”


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Further, Mason clicked a series of portraits of young creatives for the campaign. Not only this but, Rudnick also explained how she got the chance to be filmed for this campaign. She said,

“When Aerin first approached me about participating in this project highlighting a girl’s first perfume, she sent me a sample and I have been wearing it nonstop ever since! I have never received so many compliments about a fragrance.”


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The billionaire families of the two cities of New York are together through Mason and Will’s relationship. We wish them good luck and togetherness in the future too!


Written by Keshaa Perry

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