Matthew Perry is really grateful to Jennifer Aniston for being a good friend and helping him with his drinking issue!

“Jennifer was the one that reached out the most. I’m really grateful to her for that” says Matthew in an interview

Matthew Perry
Matthew Perry is grateful to Jennifer Aniston for always being there source: Page Six

Matthew Perry is grateful to his co-star, Jennifer Aniston for her and their friendship. He praises her for trying to help him with his drinking problem.

Matthew Perry recently appeared in an interview with Diane Sawyer. He shared with Diane about Jennifer Aniston and her support towards him. Similarly, he also revealed his heavy drug addiction and said he was an alcoholic.

Likewise, he was thanking Jennifer for taking care of him and always being a good friend. According to Matthew, Aniston helps him with his drinking habit as well.

In an interview, Perry stated about his heavy drug habit and alcohol use hie his career was drowning. When Jennifer knew about his drinking habit, she talked to Matthew. Also, he explained,

“Jennifer was like, ‘We know you’re drinking.’ Imagine how scary a moment that was. She was the one that reached out the most. I’m really grateful to her for that”

Then in the trailer of the show, Matthew gushed about his drinking routine. He used to take “55 Vicodin a day, Methadone, Xanax, and a full quart of vodka.” However, Perry shared that when he was 49 years, his colon burst from opioid overuse. He also stated that the overdose of drugs almost killed him.

Meanwhile, Matthew Perry spent five months in the hospital as he suffered from a ‘gastrointestinal perforation.Furthermore, he said during 5 months in the hospital, Perry was two weeks in a coma. Also, he used a colostomy bag for nine complete months when doctors gave him hope of living. Describing the situation, Perry said,

“I was put on a thing called an ECMO machine, which does all the breathing for your heart and your lungs. And that’s called a Hail Mary. No one survives that.”


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Because of the difficulties he faced while wearing a colostomy bag, Matthew decided to get a therapist. Well, the actor added,

“My therapist said, ‘The next time you think about taking OxyContin, just think about having a colostomy bag for the rest of your life.’ And a little window opened, and I crawled through it, and I no longer want OxyContin.”

The American actor became an addict because of the situation too. He was alone and surrounded by the dealers. And, he continued,

“At the time I should have been the toast of the town. I was in a dark room meeting nothing but drug dealers and completely alone.”

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Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston are very good friends. Jennifer played the role of Rachel Green in the series, “Friends”. When no one was there, Aniston was always for him. Therefore, he will forever cherish their friendship and will be grateful for her support.

The actor is now sober and has talked about his struggles due to addiction to his new memory, “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing.” Perry also explained how he was on the point of death in his upcoming memoir. According to the sources, it will be out on November 1. In addition, Matthew said,

“I think they’ll be surprised at how bad it got at certain times and how close to dying I came. I say in the book that if I did die, it would shock people, but it wouldn’t surprise anybody. And that’s a very scary thing to be living with.”


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On the other hand, he also continued,

“So my hope is that people will relate to it, and know that this disease attacks everybody. It doesn’t matter if you’re successful or not successful, the disease doesn’t care.”


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Though the trailer for an interview with Diane Sawyer is out now the episode will be telecast on October 28. And, this interview is all about Matthew Perry and his struggles due to addiction.

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