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Mauricio Dubón
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Mauricio Dubón arrived in the United States from Honduras and established himself as a budding baseball talent. Mauricio is a superb athlete who is young, vivacious, and kind. He played his way from the Minors to the Majors thanks to all of these. The trade was quite beneficial to him.

Mauricio Dubón |  Family and Education

Mauricio Dubón was conceived on July 19, 1994, in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Danilo and Jeanette are his parents. Mauricio’s father, Danilo, was a sports enthusiast as well.

Mauricio’s love of sports, according to Dubón’s mother, came from his father.

His brother is known by the name of Danilo Dubón. Danilo is one of the main pillars of Mauricio’s accomplishments. He has continually pushed Mauricio to achieve better and given him support.


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Dubón’s parents did everything in their ability to make sure their children were happy and had respectable lives. They also pushed Mauricio to take part in sports.

Dubon made contact with Andy Ritchey, a baseball equipment donor in Honduras who belongs to the Christian Mission.

Dubón attended Sacramento’s Capital Christian High School as an exchange student from abroad. In this instance, Andy’s family served as his hosts.

Mauricio Dubón | Professional Life and Career

Baseball opponents who were up to 35 or 40 years old were men twice Dubón’s age. He had gone to a lot of baseball clinics, but none of them had tried to get him to play baseball in the US.

When Dubón had nearly completed his medical visits, his brother inspired him. He proceeded to walk to a clinic in his hometown as a result.

Encounter with Andy Ritchey

At the baseball camp on June 23, 2010, Dubón showed up. There, he ran into Andy Ritchey. A Christian Mission had given baseball equipment, which Andy was handing out.

They talked briefly following their meeting.


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Dubón talked about how much he loved his Honduras and how much he loved baseball. Due to Andy’s admiration, Dubón received assistance.

In the USA, Mauricio was housed with Andy’s family. Additionally, Dubón enrolled in Capital Christian High School, where he played baseball.

High School

In high school, Mauricio took part in baseball and soccer. He was delighted to play with kids his age.

Many sports clubs wanted to trade him into their squads because of his fair and remarkable games.

A career with the Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox eventually picked Dubón in the 26th round of the 2013 MLB Draft. To play in the minor leagues, players were required to have their gear and buy bats and gloves.

Due to his current financial circumstances, Dubón was unable to afford them. But his older brother gave him six wooden bats. They were finally used by Dubón.


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The first year was difficult for Dubón. He made six errors while batting.245 in 20 games. He improved by hitting.320 the next year.

Dubón stole 18 bases while hitting.301 in just the first half of the 2015 season. His promotion to Salem High followed. Milwaukee received Dubón from Boston later in 2016.

Working for the Milwaukee Brewers

Dubón had superior abilities in 2016. In the Brewers’ system, he performed well. He batted there. 343 in 27 games with Colorado Springs’ Triple-A affiliate.

In October, the Milwaukee Brewers recalled Mauricio Dubon from the San Antonio Missions.


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Dubón was in the Brewers’ system for slightly under two years. He was a part of the Milwaukee Brewers 40-man roster. He also had a good chance of being selected for the team.

The Miller Part Minute appearance

The Miller Part Minute Show interviewed Mauricio Dubón. Here He talked to me about his spring training workouts.

He detailed his injury from the previous season and answered a few questions from the audience.


He tore his ACL, a knee ligament, during the Triple-A game. Long-term illness for Mauricio. He developed the belief that losing weight and strength was a misfortune.

But he got back to his feet. Because he did not want to lose the baseball field, the crowd, or his first love, he came back in tip-top shape.

Working for the San Francisco Giants

In July 2019, Dubón became a member of the San Francisco Giants’ Sacramento River Cats. On August 29, Mauricio Dubon finally made his San Francisco Giants debut.

Baseball history was established by Dubón, who became the second player from Honduras to play in the Major Leagues.


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On September 14, 2019, Miami Marlins vs. Oakland A’s game at Oracle Park, Mauricio also spoke about his time in Honduras, his challenges, and his feelings.

Mixed Up

Dubón was equipped with a microphone during his training. His conversations with others were taped. He was chit-chatting about his life in Honduras and other topics with his teammates.

Involvement in Inside This Giant Moment

Regarding his role as a center field in this episode, Dubón expressed his excitement. Additionally, he showed an eagerness to learn from every one of his teammates.

Additionally, he spoke on baseball’s peculiarities in 2020 from the viewpoint of a Honduran native.

Interrogation of ABC Sports

Mauricio Dubón spoke with reporters from abc10 Sports while simultaneously utilizing Zoom. The forthcoming 60-game season was the topic of conversation.

He also mentioned his intentions to pick the brains of major leaguers during the pandemic shutdown.


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Throughout the lockdown, he had to practice on the balcony of his Miami home. He also expressed his admiration for the team’s young players.


To date, Mauricio Dubón has won the following accolades:

  • For the Surprise Saguaros team in 2016, he received the AFL Rising Star award.
  • For the Salem Red Sox in 2016, Mauricio was named a CAR Mid-Season All-Star.
  • In 2017, Dubón received the SOU Mid-Season All-Star award for the Biloxi Shuckers.
  • Mauricio has earned Organization All-Star honors from 2015 through 2019 for the Milwaukee Brewers and Boston Red Sox (2017,2019)

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Mauricio Dubón | Personal Life and Relationship

It may upset Dubón’s female followers to know that he is happily married to Nancy Herrera at the moment.

Nancy, a 27-year-old woman with brown hair and dark eyes who is interested in management and international business, is 5 feet 5 inches tall.


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They have been together for a while. On October 15, 2019, while they were at Disneyland, they got engaged.

They also enjoy going out to eat, visiting family events, and discovering new places together. The pair Nancy and Mauricio get along well.

Mauricio Dubón | Net Worth and Salary

Assets owned by Dubón are estimated to be worth $50,000. Dubón’s annual salary, according to some reports, is $555,000.

Mauricio Dubón | Age and Body Measurements

Mauricio is six feet tall. He is 78 kg, with a lean and strong build.


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He built this body thanks to his rigorous training and exercise.

Social Media

Instagram : 53.6K followers (@mauriciod10)

Twitter: 24.5K followers (@MauricioDubón10)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Mauricio gay?

No, he is a contented husband to his wife.

Did he raise himself in Honduras?

Up until the age of 15, he spent his formative years there.

What is the jersey number for Mauricio?

His previous jersey number was 19, but he just changed it to 1.

Who is Mauricio’s preferred athlete?

Soccer’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

Quick Facts | Mauricio Dubón

Full Name Mauricio Andre Dubón
Nickname Mauricio Dubón
Birth Date July 19, 1994
Birth Place San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Age 28 Years Old
Religion Christianity
Nationality Honduran
Ethnicity Latin
Horoscope Cancer
Father’s Name Danilo Dubón
Mother’s Name Jeanette Doblado
Siblings Brother, Danilo Dubon
Host Parents in The USA Andy and Sandy Ritchey
Height 6 Feet, (183 cm)
Weight 78 kgs
Shoe Size N/A
Education Sacramento’s Capital Christian High School
Career in Sports Professional Baseball
Currently Works At San Francisco Giant
Position in Sports  Centerfielder, Second Baseman, and Shortstop
Net Worth $ Half million (approx)
Salary $ 555,000 (approx)
Affiliations Boston Red Sox, Milwaukee Brewers, San Francisco Giants, Major League Baseball (MLB)
Active Since 2013
Present Status Active
Relationship Status Married to Nancy Herrera
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Wikipedia
Merch Autographed baseball
Last Update November, 2022

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