Is Max Joseph Really returning to the TV show “CATFISH” after 4 years?

Max Joseph revealed the potential return of the TV show “CATFISH”. Well, this news is optimistic.

Max Joseph teases Catfish return after four year hiatus
Max Joseph teases Catfish return after four years of gap in the show!! source-google

Max Joseph revealed the potential return of the TV show “CATFISH” after 4 years- this news is pretty optimistic!!

Even though Catfish taught us to be much more skeptical, the news is optimistic. Max Joseph just did a small role on the show’s 200th episode last month. He teases the media that the official return of “Catfish” following his 4-years of the gap in the series.

He gave a long interview talking about the things he miss and what he really liked in the show!!

“I do miss the crew on ‘Catfish’ and I really like Kamie Crawford,” the 40-year-old Joseph said,

“I love Kamie. She’s great. I’ve met her a number of times and I think she’s a wonderful successor. I think she’s better than me in almost all ways. I think she’s pretty damn good.” He further continued saying,

 “I think they’re holding it down pretty great just the two of them, but it would be nice and I hope to potentially do a trio at some point. But I can’t really speak to it now… It probably would be fun if it did happen.”

Joseph has also produced the 2010 Catfish which was said to be the original. The documentary was produced with Schulman and later like a TV show it started in 2012.

“Our friendship is exactly the same. Nev is Nev is Nev. We see each other once in a while when he’s in LA or I’m in New York,” he says of their friendship. “We just kind of pick up exactly where we left off. So it never feels like that much time has gone by.”

He tells that it’s been so long since we have our friendship intact and it has just grown to be stronger.

Max Joseph teases Catfish return after four year hiatus
Max Joseph teases Catfish’s return after four years of gap in the show!!

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Even after 4 long years of gap Joseph says that he has not felt any difference coming up in the show. He says that it was really nice to be back and see everyone. We assume he has many crushes on Kamie as he mentioned her time and again during the interview.

He further says that he sees Kamie more frequently so more than her he feels good to see the other members on the show.

“It was really nice seeing everyone. Beyond just even Kamie, who I see more frequently, it was nice to see our crew,”

“There are a number of people who have been there from the beginning. You know how they say with good friends, it feels like no time passes at all when you see each other? That’s what it felt like being back there. It could have been 2017 all over again.” 


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It was in 2018 when Joseph parted ways from the show to explore other chances He did a movie  “15 Minutes of Shame,” and also roam around various countries to help people by connecting their internet dating. Now he is planning to restart the role he left as “catfish” to achieve his career.

“They occasionally make it known they want me back. But what I really love is that on Twitter, any time I’ve seen people posting about me, they’re always very quick to say that they love Kamie too,” he says. “They’re a very kind fan group and they’re very sensitive to both my feelings and Kamie’s feelings.”

Joseph tell that his team makes him feel that they want him back in the show. He loves to see people showing so much love for his character. He mentions his fans who support him throughout everything!!

Well, we are happy to see you back in the show Joseph!!

Written by Seth Blair

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