Megan Fox shuts down cheating rumors about Machine Gun Kelly by returning to Instagram. How did they split?

“There has been no third-party interference in this relationship of any kind,” wrote Megan Fox via Instagram

Megan Fox
Megan Fox says no third party was included in split with MGK source: Page Six

Megan Fox clears her split from Machine Gun Kelly is not due to cheating. She shuts down everyone who made cheating allegations via Instagram.

Megan Fox returned back to Instagram after temporarily deactivating her account. The recent news is all about Megan Fox and her boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly split. Though, they haven’t announced what’s the actual reason behind it.

But people are so fast at assuming things when small inconveniences happened between couples. Similarly, cheating allegations were made against Machine Gun Kelly because of Fox’s one Instagram post. Although Megan reactivate her Instagram account on Sunday and posted about this topic. She clears no third parties interfered with their relationship.

Fox also archived all of her posts on Instagram and unfollowed everyone including MGK. This all happened after Meghan and Kelly attended Drake’s party on Friday night in Arizona. Though, the sources say she didn’t attend the Sports Illustrated Super Bowl Party on Saturday night here MGK has performed.


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Likewise, Megan Fox uploaded a post that featured many photos of her and also a video of an envelope burning in a fire pit. Not only this, but she also added Beyonce’s song, “Lemonade” which says, “You can taste the dishonesty/ it’s all over your breath.”Probably, this is the song relating to cheating and unfaithfulness towards partners.

Seeing Megan Fox’s post, people assumed that Machine Gun Kelly cheated on her with guitarist Sophie Lloyd. In addition, one user commented, He probably got with Sophie.” In the specific comment, Fox replied by saying, “Maybe I got with Sophie”. 

Megan Fox posted on Instagram and turned off the comment section as well. She stated,

“There has been no third-party interference in this relationship of any kind. That includes, but is not limited to…actual humans, DMs, AI bots or succubus demons,” the “Jennifer’s Body” star wrote in a statement via her Notes app.”


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Furthermore, the actress also added,

“While I do hate to rob you of running random baseless news stories that would have been much more accurately written by ChatGPT, you need to let this story die and leave all these innocent people alone now ??”

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Wanna Know More?

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly first met each other in March 2020 through the film, Midnight in the Switchgrass in Puerto Rico. Following those, they made their relationship official in July of the same year.

Additionally, the duo got engaged in January 2022. Recently, Megan and Kelly’s relationship wasn’t going smoothly. The sources say Fox wasn’t talking with MGK after a fight over Super Bowl weekend. According to the sources,

“Megan is very upset. They had a fight over the weekend and Megan won’t speak to him. They haven’t officially called off the engagement, but Megan took her ring off. They have had issues in the past, things seem pretty serious this time.”

Though, Machine Gun Kelly hasn’t uttered a word on this matter. However, Sophie Lloyd’s representatives talked about this. The statement reads,

“Sophie Lloyd is a professional, accomplished musician who has been needlessly dragged into the media based on meritless accusations made by social media”


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Also, it continued,

“Any suggestion that she has ever acted in an unprofessional manner or stepped out of her relationship is untrue. It’s disrespectful to her as a female artist and poor journalism and social commentary to be reporting anything else.”

On the other hand, Machine Gun Kelly aka Colson Barker is inactive on Instagram as he hasn’t posted anything on the platform.


Written by Keshaa Perry

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