Meghan Markle shed her tears at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral and also was the biggest supporter of Prince Harry at the moment!

She seemed to offer a continuation of that silent support to her husband,” stated by the body language expert, Judi James.

Meghan markle
Meghan markle support her husband, Prince Harry silently at the funeral source: Page Six

Meghan Markle shed her tears at the funeral of the late Queen Elizabeth II in London, Monday. She also showed her support to her husband, Prince Harry as he needed it the most.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry left the Royal family and began living separately in California in the year 2020. Since they don’t perform royal duties so they are not included in every event of the royal family.

Similarly, talking about the event occurring in the pre-funeral attended by political leaders as well, Harry and Meghan were not present. The fact is, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were first invited and then canceled.

Now, talking about the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II funeral, it was held on September 19, 2022. She died on September 8 after reigning for 70 years and 214 days as she is the longest recorded of any female head of state in history.

Likewise, as we go further about the funeral, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were both emotional, sad, and had mixed emotions.

Furthermore, Judi James who is the leading communication and body language expert stated about the body language of the royal couple during the funeral.

James also noted that each and every one was emotional at the funeral. Moreover, she stated about Meghan Markle saying,

“The best description of Meghan’s body language at the funeral was ‘understated’. She seemed to offer a continuation of that silent support to her husband while sitting and walking with a look of dignity tinged with sadness.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle held hands and walked together while transporting Queen’s coffin from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall.

Judi noted this last week though. Further, she also added, that Harry was so sad and emotional. He was struggling a lot during the funeral. Though, Meghan was always there for him.

Meanwhile, Judi James continued,

“Walking beside, but a large distance apart from his brother [Prince William], his puckered brows and rapid blinking suggested the onset of tears.”

Moreover, she added,

“When he watched the coffin being unloaded there was the sucking in of the lips, rocking from side to side and shoulder roll that he had performed before to suggest he was bracing himself emotionally.”

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Meghan on the other hand was crying as the tears dropping from her eyes is quite visible. Also, other family members also cried when they transferred the coffin into a hearse at Wellington Arch. King Charles III was spotted wiping his tears.

And, Princess Charlotte who is the daughter of Prince William ad Kate Middleton was also in tears seeing her great-grandmother’s funeral.

Although, her mother, kate Middleton consoles her the sadness still shows up as she lost her beloved great-grandmom.

Harry and Meghan have been appearing publicly with the royal family members since the demise of his grandmother. Despite his bad relationship with his brother, Prince William, they appeared tethered outside Windsor Castle for praising the mourners.

Similarly, an insider stated that the royal brothers are finally together for the strength of the family. In this hardest time, they decided to forget all the bad memories and be together for the sake of happiness. And, the sources also claimed,

“Spending time with each other has been an “uncomfortable” experience for the siblings but everybody is trying their best.”

Not only this, but the insider also said,

“I don’t think it goes much beyond that. There have been some awkward moments this week. I definitely don’t get the sense of any deeper meaningful rapprochement or a sense that this is it: things will be mended.”


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Apart from this, Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle had a very good relationship. The same goes for Prince Harry and his grandmother loved him very much.

The sources also say that the Queen always supported Harry and his wife in their decision to leave the royal family. Moreover, according to the sources,

“The queen was hoping that they’d return, but there is not much she can do about it and accepts their decision.”

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Written by Keshaa Perry

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