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American Professional Basketball Player

Mike Harris
Mike Harris. Source: Google

Mike Harris, also known as Michael Harris is a professional basketball player holding American nationality who spent several years playing in foreign competitions before becoming well-known.

Harris persevered after getting undrafted in the NBA draft of 2005 and initially considered a future in Ukraine.

Who is Mike Harris? Childhood, Parents, Education, and Nationality

Wendell Harris as well as Cheryl Brooks welcomed their son Mike Harris into the world. In the little town of Hillsboro, Mike was raised and educated in many aspects of life.

He also frequently mistreated Cheryl and was an alcoholic. He used to throw whatever he could grab at her since he was so scary.

Cheryl thought she could no longer take Wendell’s abuse at the age of two when Harris was a victim. She took young Mike with her as a result and moved away from him to reside with her mother and sister in a different Hillsboro area.

Mike had a nice upbringing as a result of his exciting new surroundings. He preferred listening to his grandmother’s lovely stories and enjoyed spending time with her.

Cheryl, his mom, used to labor outside to support their family. Consequently, he used this to help the women in the home with their regular chores such as cleaning, cooking, etc.

Likewise, Mike Harris holds American nationality

Growing Up With A Strong Woman

Harris put a lot of effort into his studies and always got high exam scores. He swiftly advanced while he was a student at Hillsboro Primary School. In addition, he participated in athletic activities vigorously.

When he was young, his mother, who in her youth was also an athlete, taught him how to shoot and dribble. She also taught him all he knew about life and chasing his aspirations.

She did not, however, survive long enough to witness his success in life. When he was a high school freshman, she passed away. He did, however, complete his schooling after her passing and received his degree in 2001.

Following graduation, he spent 2005 studying at Rice University in Houston. He held several part-time jobs to help pay for his education expenses.

How did Mike Harris start his Career?

Basketball Career in High School & College

Mike developed his basketball skills while attending Hillsboro Primary School in Hillsboro, Texas.

He rejoined the school squad just one day after the passing of his mother. He began practicing as normal because that is what his mom had taught him to do, which is to not allow obstacles to stand in the way of achieving one’s goals.

As a consequence of his high school success, he decided to participate in basketball for Rice University.

Mike showed outstanding performance right away in his first year of college, and that year, he produced excellent numbers.

He linked up alongside Jason McKrieth, with whom he shared a similar personal experience, right away, and the two of them dominated the Rice Owls in terms of scoring and rebounds. In his rookie season, Harris scored 12.8 points and grabbed 8.2 rebounds per game.

Additionally, when he performed better and better in the following seasons, the head coaches felt very confident that he would join the NBA.

He participated in all four collegiate seasons, finishing with the greatest scores ever recorded by the Rice Owls.

He averaged 20.6 points and 11.7 rebounds per game during his final year.

Professional Career

Harris left for Ukraine to make his top-league debut since, contrary to popular belief, no NBA club selected him in the 2005 draft.

The next year, he spent it with BC Kyiv in the Ukraine Top League.

He came back to the country to try his luck, and in 2006 he joined the Milwaukee Bucks. He played poorly in the five preseason games that the Bucks permitted him permission to play in.

They thus let him go before the 2006–07 season began. Following this unsuccessful effort, he briefly represented the Colorado 14ers in the NBA D-League. Harris played throughout the NBA D-League through 2010 for a few different teams.

Mike Harris
Mike Harris is in a match. Source: Google

However, he moved to Chinese as well as other international leagues in the meantime since they paid far more than the NBA junior league teams.

However, he continued to live in America for a few more years, trying in vain to get a job in the NBA.

Because of this, he spent most of his professional career in Asian leagues like the CBL, the Puerto Rican Professional League, and others.

He also had great success in his international endeavors, winning several major league player honors and repeating as league champion.

He was a well-known athlete in the Philippines, where he most recently played for the PBA team Magnolia Hotshots.

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How old is Mike Harris? Height, Weight, and Body Measurement

Mike Harris is presently 39 years old. Likewise, Mike Harris stands at a height of 6 feet 6 inches and weighs around 235 lbs (107 kg).

Unfortunately, The information about Mike Harris’s body measurement is still unclear.

Is Mike Harris Single? Spouse, and Kids

Outside of the United States, where he spent most of his creative period, Mike Harris maintains a devoted following.

He tries to avoid answering personal questions as often as possible, which is terrible because his admirers want to know about his private affairs.

We now know that he is married and content with his wife, though. According to the media, she resides in his Houston, Texas, home and participates in community service initiatives.

In addition, there are no other trustworthy personal tidbits about the athlete in the media. Therefore, many of us are still unaware of his personal life.

How much does Mike Harris earn? Net Worth, and Salary

Mike Harris, a well-known international athlete, has a net worth of about $2 million.

Even though he played basketball for almost 15 years, he made much less money than his contemporaries because he has been unable to remain in the National basketball association.

After participating in a few regular NBA games and NBA lower league games, he left for another country.

Mike Harris is in his zone
Mike Harris is in his zone. Source: Google

Harris’ compensation was significantly greater since he was regarded as the greatest import athlete in the foreign league.

His annual wage in certain overseas leagues, including the CBA League, was close to $1 million.

So he made a lot of money and traveled to many other nations to play club basketball. However, it was less than he had hoped to achieve.

Where can we contact Mike Harris? Social Media Presence

Michael Harris is pretty active on social networking sites like Facebook.

Likewise, Michael Harris has 4.7k followers on Facebook.

Quick Facts:

  • Full Name: Michael Harris
  • Known As Mike Harris
  • Date of Birth: June 15, 1983
  • Birth Place: Hillsboro, Texas, the USA
  • Age: 39 years old
  • Height: 1.98 m (6 feet 6 inches)
  • Weight: 235 lbs (107 kg)
  • Father’s Name: Wendell Harris
  • Mother’s Name: Cheryl Brooks
  • Education: Hillsboro High School, William Marsh Rice University
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Spouse name: Not available
  • Profession: A basketball player
  • Net Worth: $2 million
  • Social Media Handles: Facebook

Some of the FAQs:

How old is Michael Harris?

Michael Harris is presently 39 years old.

How tall is Michael Harris?

Michael Harris stands at a height of 1.98 m (6 feet 6 inches). 

How much does Michael Harris earn?

The Net Worth of Michael Harris is estimated to be approximately around $2 million.

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