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An American Basketball Coach And Former Professional Player

Mike Woodson. Source: Google

Mike Woodson, fully named Michael Dean Woodson, is a Veteran professional basketball player who participated in the NBA. He now coaches the men’s basketball squad for the Indiana Hoosiers.

The former athlete was a college player at Indiana University. Not to add, Woodson played for the Pistons in the NBA Championship in 2004.

Who is Mike Woodson? Childhood, Parents, and Nationality

Mike’s family are musicians as well: Chester as well as Odessa Woodson. The player’s dad came from the ruling classes and worked a range of jobs to provide for his household.

His mother was also a licensed nurse. The former NBA star has eleven siblings. Unfortunately, when the athlete was on the Clippers’ roster, his mother passed away from health issues. She had constructed a life that made her proud.

Mike was upset that she couldn’t share in his NBA success, though. But he was slightly pleased with himself since he had given Odessa her first home.

I put forth a lot of effort to provide for a family of 15. Chester also experienced a heart attack at the very young age of 13 and died.

Mike Woodson with his daughter
Mike Woodson with his daughter. Source: Google

The Woodson siblings broke up after their father passed away to relieve Odessa of some of the burden she had been carrying.

Unfortunately, when the athlete was on the Clippers’ roster, his mother passed away from health issues. She had constructed a life that made her proud.

Mike was upset that she couldn’t share in his NBA success, though. But he was slightly pleased with himself since he had given Odessa her first home. Likewise, Mike Woodson holds American nationality.


The former NBA star played basketball in high school at Broad Ripple Magnets High School.

He chose to register because Indiana Universities was close by and would be his next stop after graduating. He additionally represented Indiana Hoosiers in college athletics.

How did Mike Woodson start his Basketball Career?

Early Career

He was the New York Kinks’ choice No. 12 overall in the draft. Likewise, he was allowed to kick off the game the following season.

The Knicks moved him to the Nets even though his offense would inevitably grow. He only played in league matches with the Nets before being dealt to the Kansas Kings.

Woodson, Mike When participating in NBA Furthermore, the Kings reached the playoffs twice throughout his NBA tenure.

Mike Woodson in a match
Mike Woodson is in a match. Source: Google

As a result, following the 1985โ€“86 playoff defeat, the streaky shooter was dealt to the Los Angeles Clippers.

In addition, he played 387 games throughout his five-year tenure with the Kings and averaged 16.3 points. He served the Kings well generally as a reserve player.


Following the exchange, Mike spent two seasons as the Clippers’ backup shooting guard. Additionally, despite averaging 17.6 points over two seasons, his game still featured some explosiveness.

The team nonetheless decided to exchange him for new players. The Houston Rockets acquired him from the Clippers as a consequence, and he served as their backup shooting guard.

Additionally, Wood played for three years despite his offensive skills being subpar. So the Rockets moved him back to something like the Nets for the 1990โ€“91 NBA season.

He is traded to the Cavaliers after playing for the Nets for 15 games. Thus, Woodson declares his retirement from professional basketball after only four matches with the Cavaliers.

In addition, he competed in his final game against the Nets.

Coaching Career

NBA Championship

The ex-NBA player joins the Milwaukee Bucks as an assistant coach five years after retiring. Along with that, after 3 years he joins the Cavaliers’ executive office as an assistant head coach.

The Atlanta Hawks appointed him as their new coach for the 2004โ€“05 season after he won his first championship.

Mike Woodson was in his zone
Mike Woodson was in his zone. Source: Google

The Hawks do, however, rise toward the fourth seed the following year. They defeated the Heat to advance to the playoffs, where they will face the Cavaliers in the 2nd round.

In the second round, they were eliminated by LeBron James‘ Cavaliers, who also swept them. They are eliminated in the knockout round once more, similar to the previous season.

He decided to join the Knicks as just an assistant head coach after the Hawks decided not to re-sign him as a result of this defeat.

Knicks Head Coach

The Knicks also fired Mike D’Antoni and hired Woodson as their new head basketball coach for the ongoing event. The Knicks were immediately guided by him toward the postseason, however, they lost in the first round.

They similarly qualified for the playoffs a second time but were eliminated in the second phase.

He was fired by the Knicks as a result, therefore he became an assistant coach with the Clippers. In addition, from 2014 to 2018, he worked as the Clippers’ assistant coach for four years.

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How old is Mike Woodson? Height, Weight, and Body Measurement

On March 24, 1958, the former head coach of the Knicks was conceived. Likewise, Mike Woodson is presently 64 years old.

Likewise, Mike Woodson stands at 6 feet 5 inches and weighs 195 lbs or 88 kg in weight. Unfortunately, the information about Mike Woodson’s body measurement is still unclear.

Is Mike Woodson Single? Spouse, and Kids

He is married to Terri Woodson, the former security guard. Although it’s unclear, several accounts claim that the couple met while they were students in college.

The couple has been married for a long time, but their love still appears fresh and pure.

Mariah as well as Alexis Woodson, two of their other children, are also daughters. Unlike their dad, they both participate in volleyball.

How much does Mike Woodson earn? Net Worth, and Salary

The preponderance of Woody’s earnings came from his time being spent participating during his NBA career.

The Net Worth of Mike Woodson is estimated to be approximately $12 million.

He will purportedly earn huge amounts of money with the Hoosiers, but the details of his salary are kept secret. Due to his significant fame, Mike has been given a few sponsorship chances.

Where can we contact Mike Woodson? Social Media Presence

Mike Woodson is pretty active on social media platforms like Twitter.

Despite this, he has 41.5k followers on Twitter and is highly active there. The former football player mostly uses his social media account to document his life as just a head coach.

He has also tweeted about several basketball-related news stories, happenings, and highlights.

Quick Facts:

  • Full Name: Michael Dean Woodson
  • Birth Date: March 24, 1958
  • Birth Place: Indianapolis, the United States
  • Nick Name: Woody
  • Education: Indiana University
  • Fatherโ€™s Name: Chester Woodson
  • Motherโ€™s Name: Odessa Woodson
  • Siblings: 11
  • Age: 64 years old
  • Height: 6 feet 5 inches (1.96 m)
  • Weight: 195 lbs (88 kg)
  • Profession: Former NBA Player and a Coach
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Spouse: Terri Woodson
  • Kids: Two (Mariah Woodson and Alexis Woodson)
  • Net Worth: Approx. $12 million
  • Social Media Handles: Twitter

Some of the FAQs:

How old is Mike Woodson?

Mike Woodson is presently 64 years old.

Which NBA franchise did Mike Woodson play for?

After being selected by something like the New York Knicks with the 12th overall choice in the NBA Draft of the year 1980.

Woodson participated in 11 campaigns in the Basketball Association of America (NBA). He also participated in basketball for the Kansas City, New Jersey Nets LA Clippers, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Houston Rockets.

How tall is Mike Woodson?

Mike Woodson stands at a height of 6 feet 5 inches (1.96 m).

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