How did fans react to Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi engagement rumors? Are they anxious?

“Am I the only one noticing that her name could end up being Millie Bobby Brown Bongiovi – that’s a lot of Bs!” joked Peter Andre

Millie Bobby Brown
Mille Bobby Brown is engaged at 19 source: Page Six

Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi’s engagement news was shocking for most of the fans. They think Millie’s life is going so fast and she is just 19 to get engaged.

Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi began dating in the year 2021 and made their relationship official in November. They went on Instagram to announce their engagement with lovely pictures together. Brown posted a black & white picture of Jake hugging her wearing white crochet.

Similarly, her diamond ring was seen clearly and both of them are smiling and looking very happy. Millie captioned the post with Taylor Swift’s song lyric, “Lover” which says, “I’ve loved you three summers now, honey, I want ’em all 🤍”. 

Meanwhile, Jake also posted two pictures of the same day with a short and sweet caption, “Forever🤍”. In Bongiovi’s post, people congratulated both of them and wish them the best in the upcoming days. However, Millie Bobby Brown’s comment was filled with congratulations as well as criticism. Both positive and negative comments flooded Millie’s post.

Millie’s best friend, Noah Schnapp who also plays a role in the hit Netflix show, “Stranger Things” commented on her post. He congratulated them and commented, “OH MY GOD CONGRATS”. We have been seeing Brown from “Stranger Things” since she was so young in the previous seasons of the series. This is also the reason why people think her life is going really fast.

Despite this, many people congratulated Jon Bon Jovi’s son and Millie and wished them all the best. Peter Andre joked about the news and said, “Am I the only one noticing that her name could end up being Millie Bobby Brown Bongiovi – that’s a lot of Bs!”. Though he is right on this. Also, Peter added,

“I’ve had the privilege of meeting Jon Bon Jovi a few times, and he’s great, so if his son is anything like him, he and Millie will make a lovely couple.”

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More Details

Millie and Bongiovi’s engagement rumors are not confirmed by both though. Seeing the ring on her finger, people assumed that the duo got engaged. Millie’s comment section was filled with comments. People are very good at criticizing without knowing the whole thing.

Likewise, people also brought back Ariana Grande‘s comment in the year 2018 when Millie posted a picture with her ex-boyfriend, Jacob Sartorius. At the time, Brown posted a snap of them together kissing at the beach. Well, Grande commented on the post saying, “I wasn’t even allowed to leave my house til I was 20”.

Millie is just 19 years old and Jake is 20, so some people think that their decision is not right as they will part ways after a few years. One user commented, “Child marriage should not be happening. Divorce coming in 1.5 years.” Moreover, another said, “AT 19?? I think maybe wait a little longer tho”. One shocked fan wrote, “NO F–KING WAY”. 

However, Millie’s fans defended the comments by saying, “I think it’s very interesting how many people who don’t know Millie privately AT ALL think it’s any of their business whether or not a decision she made is right or wrong LOL”.

Also, another said, “I’m happy for her if she’s happy.” Additionally, one sensible fan stated, “For everyone upset about her being engaged, it’s not her saying she’s getting married RIGHT AWAY. Just be happy for her at the end of the day it’s her life”

Though Bobby Brown is not a kid anymore, she is above 18 and an adult. So, it’s her decision to live her life in whatever way she wants. So, wish them all the best things in life and hope to see them together.

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Written by Keshaa Perry

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