Millie Bobby Brown shares her kiss experience with her co-star, Finn Wolfhard in “Stranger Things”!

Millie agrees in a statement which says Finn Wolfhard is a “lousy kisser”. Here’s the details

Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Brown says Finn Wolfhard is a lousy kisser source: PopBuzz

Millie Bobby Brown claims that her co-star, Finn Wolfhard is a bad kisser while taking a lie detector test on Thursday. The test shows that she is telling the truth.

Millie Bobby Brown shares her kissing experience with her co-star, Finn Wolfhard on the Thursday show. She explains about her first kiss experience with him which is not good actually. Similarly, the host also did a lie detector test and asked some related questions. Likewise, Millie and  Finn play the role of Mike and Eleven in the Netflix popular series, “Stranger Things”. For vanity Fair, the detector asked Millie a question regarding her kiss with Finn. She mentioned before in an interview her kissing experience. So, the interrogator of the show asked her,

“You exclaimed, ‘Kissing sucks!’ after your first kiss with Finn Wolfhard. Is Finn just a lousy kisser?”

In response, Millie replied, “He is”. This probably shocked everyone because the lie detector test says Bobby is telling the truth. The host says, “She is telling the truth”. Not only this, but the interviewer also asked Millie if her co-star, Finn Wolfhard improved his kissing level.

But Brown replied with a ‘No’ which is kind of interesting to the viewer for listening too. She said, “No, not with me”. And, she also stated that she hadn’t told her friend about this. However, the “Enola Holmes 2” actress doesn’t have a problem if Fin will know this about him from her perspective.


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Millie and Finn play the roles of Eleven ad Mike in the popular Netflix series, “Stranger Things”. They were very young in the previous seasons and all the characters are very close to each other. They feel like they are school friends and are so comfortable with each other.

Brown famously dragged Wolfhard’s kissing abilities in 2016 after sharing that she had her first kiss with him while playing love interests Eleven and Mike in the Netflix show. Previously, in an interview, Millie Bobby Brown mentioned her first kiss with Finn. She stated,

“I did have to kiss Finn. Finn reacted quite well and I didn’t. I felt really bad afterward.”

However, being closest to each other as a friend, Bobby felt a little awkward but she knew it was a part of acting. So, she also added at the time,

“At the end of the day, it’s only acting, and it’s something you have to do, and I would do anything for the show. I cut my hair, I kissed Finn. It was definitely strange. It was, like, my first kiss, so it was kind of weird. But then, like, when I’d done it, I thought, ‘Wow. It makes sense for the storyline.’”

After all these, Finn and Millie are still close friends and nothing affected their friendship as well. Millie was 12 years old at the beginning of Stranger Things while Wolfhard was of 13 years. There was a year difference between them so they were like so close in the set too. They were like best buddies. As everyone loved the chemistry between Eleven and Mike too on screen.

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More Details

Millie Bobby Brown has talked about Finn Wolfhard and her connection quite a lot in an interview. In April, she was asked about the feeling of working with him together in the set in an interview. She stated at the time,

“Finn and I have done this for nearly seven years. And it almost is like a relationship that we always come back to after however long we’re filming. And we’re like, ‘OK, this is where the characters are now.’”

In addition to that, Bobby said,

“We can grow and do the scenes together. And we usually improv a lot, too, with those types of stuff. So yeah, it’s been really nice doing it with the same person for that long.”


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Wolfhard and Brown also talked about Mike and El’s relationship. They said,

“El and Mike are so in love and love each other so much. It’s like they’re married and there’s no option of divorce. So it’s like, it’s inevitable. They’ll always be together.”

On the other hand, Millie has also said about her another close friend who is part of “Stranger Things”, Noah Schnapp. She talked about his signature bowl cut on the show. In the show, it was shown that Millie didn’t like the hair cut but she couldn’t give a direct answer. Similarly, the interviewer on Thursday asked Brown,

“Would a best friend let someone have this haircut?”


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In this question, Millie replied, “He put himself in that position.” Apart from this, she tried to avoid the topic and tried to lie about things. She said,

“Yes, I do, yes. I’m sorry. I do. I think he looks great”

Meanwhile, the truth says it all in the lie detector test which gave a negative response. After that, Millie also joked, Get the picture out of here. People also love Noah and Brown’s chemistry quite a lot in real life. They are best friends and share everything with each other. Further, Millie Bobby Bron stated,

“We were always able to kind of connect with each other. And it’s so platonic, which is so beautiful.”

And, she also added,

“We said if we’re not married by 40, we’ll get married together. Because we’d be good roomies.”


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Apart from this, Millie is currently in a relationship with Jake Bongiovi and they are so in love with each other. Their engagement rumors also have spread all over previously while they were also spotted kissing each other in public.

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