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Mo Farah
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Mo Farah, sometimes known as Sir Mohamed Muktar Jama Farah, is a well-known British distance runner who was born in Somalia.

The most accomplished British track athlete in the history of the modern Olympic Games is Mo Farah.

Well, Farah won gold medals in the 5,000-meter and 10,000-meter events at the Olympics in 2012 in London and 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.

He was also only the second person in history to triumph in both of the main international long-distance events.

About Mo Farah |  Family and Education

The current record holder, Mo Farah, was born in Mogadishu, Somalia, on March 23, 1983.

Although Farah’s father was a merchant in Mogadishu, Somalia, his family initially belonged to Gabiley.

Farah had a challenging upbringing. Farah and his family fled to Gabiley from Mogadishu and spent their early years as refugees in Djibouti with their twin brother Hassan.

He came to join his father in Britain when he was eight years old despite not speaking adequate English.

In addition, because Jama was born in the British territory of Somaliland, he possessed a British heritage.

Similar to his mother, Mukhtar Farah was an IT expert who was also a British citizen born in London.

Farah obtained a job at McDonald’s, in contrast to other kids his age who were occupied playing. For high school, Mo attended Syon and Isleworth schools.

Later, he enrolled at Feltham Community Collegiate to begin his college career. His physical education teacher, Alan Watkinson, was the first to compliment him on his athletic ability.

Farah had aspirations of being a mechanic or a right winger for the Arsenal football club when he was little. Later, he joined the west London club known as the Borough of Hounslow Athletics.

Professional Life and Career

Farah won his first important race in the 5000 meters in the 2001 European Athletics Junior Championship.

That year, Mo joined the first two athletes at St. Mary’s newly opened Endurance Performance Center.

Similar to how he did, he lived there, trained there, and finished some of the entry course modules before becoming a full-time athlete as his career progressed.

Advanced Career

The senior career of Mo Frank may be broken down into the different distinctions and trophies he collected while training for and competing in races.

First Releases and Individual Beats

Farah ran the 5000 meters in 13 minutes, 9.40 seconds to begin his senior career. Thanks to this record, he was now the second-fastest runner in Britain.

Similarly, in the European Championship in Gothenburg, Farah won the silver medal in the 5000 meters.

Due to his outstanding performance, Farah was allowed to represent the UK in the 2007 World Championships in Osaka, Japan, in the 5000 m.

Farah raced 10,000 m races in 2008, setting a British male record that had not been broken in over eight years.

Records from Britain and a European champion

Farah put up a lot of effort to break the 3000-meter British indoor record. He beat his record by more than six seconds in the UK Indoor Grand Pictures.

It was without a doubt “the finest effort by a male British distance runner for a generation,” as Steve Cram observed.

With a time of 7 minutes and 40.17 seconds, Farah won the gold medal in the 3000m event at the 2009 European Indoor Championships.

Similar to that, he also won the 2010 London 10,000 in late May. At the 10,000m European Cup, he improved and worked hard, setting a new record by over 16 seconds.

After finishing his preparation in Africa, Mo traveled back to Europe in time for the 2010 European Athletics Championships.

Farah won his first major championship, the gold medal in the 10,000 meters, as well as Great Britain’s first ever European gold medal.

The British runner later defeated Jesus Espaa to win the 5000 m, becoming just the sixth man to win both the 5000 m and 10,000 m events in the 66-year history of the European Championships.

Farah raced 5000 meters on August 19, 2010, breaking the British record for the distance in under 13 minutes.

Farah was further recognized by the British Olympic Association as the year’s top track and field athlete.

World Records, Medals, and Achievements

2011 was a successful and distinguished year for Farah. He won a lengthy race against the top four finishers of the European Championships that year on January 8 in the Edinburgh Cross Country.

At the European Indoor Championships in Birmingham, England, Farah once more smashed the 5000-meter indoor European record while taking home the gold in the 3000 meters.

Mo won the Prefontaine Classic 10,000m race with a time of 26:46.57 in June 2011 in a Diamond League competition in Eugene, Oregon, breaking the British and European records in the process.

Galen Rupp, Mo’s training partner, unexpectedly finished in second place.

Farah created a name for himself by winning the gold in the 5000 m and the silver in the 10,000 m at the 2011 World Championships in Athletics in Daegu, South Korea.

Mo won the 5000-meter competition at the 2012 European Championships. Farah became the first sportsperson to twice win this European championship as a result.

Olympic champion twice

At the London 2012 Olympics, Farah ran the 10,000-meter race and finished first with a time of 27:30:42. Britain won its first gold medal in the 10,000m with Farah’s victory.

Similar to this, Farah completed a long-distance double by winning the 5,000-meter race in 13:41:66. Farah dedicated the gold medals he won to his twin kids.

Due to his accomplishments, Farah was given the CBE (Commander of the British Empire’s Order) in the 2013 New Year Honors for his contributions to athletics.

1500-meter world record and medals

At the Herculis competition in Monaco, Mo Farah smashed the European record for the 1500 meters.

With his achievement, he became the seventh person to break the 3:30 for the 1500 meters and the 13 for the 5000 meters.

Farah stayed in Ibrahim Jeilan while competing in the 10,000 m race at the World Championships in Moscow. His triumph in the race was his fourth world championship.

In the same vein, Mo Farah triumphed in the 5,000-meter race and was dubbed “Britain’s best athlete” by the BBC commentator.

Olympic Golds in the Double-Double at Rio

With a time of 59:59, Mo Farah finished third at the 2016 IAAF World Half Marathon Championship in Cardiff. In the same vein, he also won the 3000m race at the Glasgow Indoor Grand Prix.

In the 10,000-meter race at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, Farah took home the gold medal. He became the first Briton to ever win three Olympic athletic gold medals thanks to this feat.

In a similar vein, on August 20th, he took home another gold medal at the Rio Olympics in the 5000-meter event. For a third-year running, Mo Farah received the Great North Run award.

Over two middle-distance events, three long-distance events, and the half-marathon in 2016, Farah was the fastest European.

Tenth world title and retirement from racing

Following his showing at the 2017 World Athletics Championships, Mo Farah announced that he will switch from track competitions to the marathon.

His final two-track competitions were the Diamond League in Birmingham and Zurich, both of which he won. On August 20, 2017, he once more reaffirmed his choice to devote himself to the marathon full-time.

Similar to that, Mo Farah set a record by winning the Great North Run four times in a row.

Planning a Track Return as a Full-Time Marathon Runner

After taking a six-month layoff, Mo Farah won the first London Big Half Marathon as part of his training for the London Marathon.

On September 9, 2018, he won the Great North Run for the sixth time in a row. Similar to that, he declared to run again in the London Big Half Marathon and claimed victory on March 10th, 2019.

On September 8th, 2019, Mo Farah won the Great North Run for the sixth time in a row. He missed the qualifying mark by 19 seconds and was therefore disqualified from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

He then had a foot injury, which was subsequently determined to be a fracture. The athlete was recuperating at home throughout the Tokyo Olympics.

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Relationship Status

Mo Farah, a well-known runner, is wed to Tania Nell. The two fell in love while they were both attending a university in west London.

The long-term pair exchanged vows in a grandiose ceremony in Richmond, London, in April 2010.

Paula Radcliffe, Hayley Yelling, Scott Overall, and many more well-known athletes were present at the wedding.

The couple has a son and three stunning daughters. In 2012, they had two children, Aisha and Amani, and one stepdaughter, Rihana.

Additionally, the pair welcomed Hussein into the world in 2015.

Net Worth | Mo Farah

Mo Farah, a Somali-British runner, is worth $5 million.

The majority of his income comes from his primary occupation as a runner. However, he has also signed endorsement contracts with a variety of companies, such as PACE, Sports Magazine, Nike, Bupa, Virgin Media, etc.

He works on marketing initiatives with renowned sports brand Nike Inc.

Similar to this, Mo Farah has partnered with Quron in a marketing partnership as part of a multimillion-dollar effort to increase the company’s income twofold.

Additionally, his yearly salary or income might be higher than $320,000. Additionally, he is the subject of the movie Mo Farah: No Easy Mile.

Other athletes including Usain Bolt, Sebastian Coe, and others may be seen in the one-hour, 19-minute film.

Body Measurement | Hair, Height, Nationality

The athlete’s age in 2022 will be 39. He engages in strength and core training to stay up with the energetic, young competitors that enter the track and field scene each day.

Despite being close to 40 years old, Farah maintains a toned figure and a trim look. Not to mention, he logs 120 easy miles of running per week.

The credit for this also belongs to his diet and workout routine. Mo divides the meals into smaller portions and eats them throughout the day in place of the customary breakfast, lunch, and supper.

His diet consists mostly of vegetables and salads, with a small number of grains and some chicken or tuna. The runner is also 5’9″ tall and 60 pounds.

He was, however, eliminated before the 5000 m final at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

Social Media

On social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, Mo Farah is active.

He provides updates on his development and everyday activities to his admirers and followers. To learn more about him and his accomplishments, follow him:

Instagram: 1.1M followers with 526 followings

Twitter: 1.4M followers with 446 followings

Frequently Asked Question:

How far does Mo Farah run every day?

Mo Farah, a well-known runner, claimed that he typically runs more than 18 kilometers every day.

Mo Farah has asthma, right?

The athlete does indeed have asthma, and he always carries an inhaler with him.

When did Mo Farah begin running?

Mo Farah has been linked to football at a young age and was even anticipated to make it a career. However, at the age of 11, at the suggestion of his sports instructor, he started jogging.

Quick Facts | Mo Farah

Full name Sir Mohamed Muktar Jama Farah
Nickname Mo Farah
Birthday March 23, 1983
Birthplace Mogadishu, Somalia
Nationality British
Ethnicity Somalian
Religion Muslim
Zodiac Sign Aries
Age 39 years old
Father’s name Muktar Farah
Mother’s name Amran Farah
Sibling Brother
Sibling Name Hassan Farah
High School Isleworth & Syon School
College Feltham Community College
Marital status Married
Wife’s Name Tania Nell
Ex-Girlfriends Unknown
Children Four
Children’s Name
  • Rhianna Farah
  • Aisha Farah
  • Amani Farah
  • Hussein Mo Farah
Weight 60 Kg/ 132 lb
Height 1.75 m/ 5’9″
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Bald
Beard or Mustache None
Body type Athletic
Occupation Runner
Sport Athletics/Track, Long-distance running
Events 10,00m, 5000m, 1500m, half marathon, Marathon
Average Speed 21.8km/hour
University team Club St.Mary’s University College Twickenham London
Coached by
  • Charles Van Commenee
  • Alan Storey
  • Alan Watkinson
  • Ian Stewart
Net Worth $5 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Website mofarah
Merch Twin Ambition: My Autobiography, Poster
Last Update August, 2022

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