Nadia Comaneci

A former gymnast from Romania who won five individual gold medals at the Olympics.

Nadia Comaneci
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Nadia Comaneci, an Olympic gymnast who achieved great popularity and achievement at a young age, is adored for a variety of reasons. Five-time Olympic gold medallist and retired gymnast Nadia.

She also achieved a perfect 10.0 six more times, making her the youngest Olympic gold medalist in the all-around competition.

Nadia is unsurprisingly among the most well-known gymnasts in the world.

About Nadia Comaneci |  Family and Education

Nadia Elena Comaneci Parents Gheorghe and Stefania-Alexandrina Comaneci welcomed Nadia Comaneci, commonly known as Conner, into the world in Onești, Romania.

It’s interesting to note that Nadia was named after the lead character in a Russian film that her parents had seen before she was born. Her name is Nadejda.

Comaneci was the second of two kids; her father was an auto mechanic and her mother worked in an office.

Sadly, her parents divorced in the 1970s, and her father eventually moved to Bucharest, the country’s capital.

Nadia and her younger brother Adrian Comaneci were raised as Romanian Orthodox Christians.

Nadia was a very busy child who loved to learn new things when she was younger.

In a 2011 interview, Comaneci’s mother claimed that the reason she enrolled Nadia in gymnastics lessons was that the youngster was so excitable and challenging to control.

Nadia started practicing gymnastics in kindergarten with instructors Duncan and Munteanu in a group called Flacăra (“The Flame”).

Furthermore, Nadia received her schooling at the University of Politehnica in Bucharest.


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Early Career | The Start of Everything

At first, wife and professional gymnastics coach Bela Karolyi visited schools in search of young ladies to invite to their gymnastics program.

In the same way, they knew Nadia would be extraordinary when they first visited her school and witnessed her performing a cartwheel on the playground.

Bela welcomed Nadia to his gym as soon as he noticed her abilities. Nadia entered the gym for the first time when she was just six years old. She used to work out there for two to three hours every day.


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Having received training and ongoing improvement, Nadia competed in her first official event, the Romanian National Junior Championship, in 1969, placing thirteenth overall.

Nadia persevered despite her poor performance. She was successful when she tried again the following year.

When Comaneci turned 12 years old, she moved in with Karolyi to practice with him for eight hours a day, six days a week.

Professional Life and Career

In 1976, Comaneci became eligible to compete against seniors when she turned 14. She participated in the American Cup at Madison Square Garden and took home a silver medal.

Nadia then took part in the Montreal Olympics. She performed flawlessly once more, leaving the judges with no choice but to give her a perfect 10.

Throughout this competition, Nadia also earned six more perfect 10s, giving her a total of three gold medals.

She was renowned for becoming the first Romanian gymnast to win the all-around medal at the Olympics.


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As the youngest-ever all-around winner in Olympic gymnastics, Nadia also holds the record.

Nadia’s reputation and recognition grew after her spectacular triumph at the Olympics in Montreal.

A theme tune was given to the talented gymnast in addition to other awards and accolades. Nadia’s Olympic exploits were first captured in slow motion in a film made by Robert Rigger.

That video was created using the song “Cotton’s Dream” from the movie Bless the Beasts and the Children.


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Its popularity reached such heights by the year’s end that it was a smash hit single. The composers changed the song’s name to “Nadia’s Theme” as a result.

Nadia continued to be well-known and well-liked long after the Montreal Olympics. She was named 1976’s Female Athlete and International Sports Personality of the Year by the BBC.

The Disappearance of a Gymnast

Likewise, in Comăneci, Romania, where she was born, she was honored for her accomplishments with the Sickle and Hammer Gold Medal and hailed as a Hero of Socialist Labor.

In addition, the Romanian Gymnastics Federation split Nadia off from her longtime instructor, Bela, and moved her to Bucharest to train at the sports center in 1977.

Nadia, on the other hand, did not appreciate this transition, and as she grew older, she underwent physical alterations.

She lost her gymnastics skills as well, and because she was so miserable at the time, she tried to kill herself.


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After the horrible incident, Nadia was allowed to return to Deva and the Karolyis school, and Romanian gave Bela a new coaching position.

As a result, when everything was back to normal, she carried on with her training.

She was also selected to compete at the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow. Nadia, however, significantly underperformed compared to her previous Olympic performance.

She won two gold and two silver medals, however, her performance fell short of expectations.


During the 1979 World Championship, Nadia developed the flu, leaving her frail and fragile. She thus felt very weak.

Her wrist scraped against the bars due to the gymnast’s metal grip buckle, contaminating her blood.

Additionally, the medical staff at the hospital, where she was rushed by ambulance, counseled her against competing.

A teammate, Emilia Eberle, had to compete since she had fallen from the beam and the group needed her to win the gold.

Comaneci competed and assisted her team in earning their first-ever world gold medal despite the excruciating suffering.

Nadia’s Tour

The well-known Nadia tour, also known as Nadia ’81, was organized by the communist government of Romania to raise money.

Bela and Marta Karolyi, her trainers, led the group on an official tour of the country.

On the last day of the tour, Bela and Marta Karolyi, Nadia’s coaches, decided to defect to the US.

Nadia had no interest in defecting at the time and wanted to go back to Romania.

After Bela’s treachery, Nadia’s life changed in ways she could not have imagined. The Romanian authorities believed that she may defect as well, similar to Bela.

Since Nadia was a national asset, they kept a close eye on her and sent out special agents to follow her every move.


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In addition, they prevented her from visiting the West and even listened to her phone calls.

Not to add that the government’s persistent meddling in her matters made life for her harder and harder. Nadia became stranded in her nation.

Getting away from Romania

In 1989, Comaneci chose to go to the US. On the evening of November 27, 1989, Nadia and other Romanians escaped to the US.

Constantin Panait, a manager from Romania who had previously worked as a roofer in Florida, commanded them.

It wasn’t an easy route, though. They would mostly walk through the night to reach the Hungary border.

Nadia and her group managed to cross the border into Hungary despite all the hardship and difficulty. After crossing the border into Hungary, they boarded a jet for a flight to the US.

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Relationship Status| Who is she Dating?

Bart Conner and Nadia Comaneci are a happy couple. American Olympic gymnast Bart used to compete. In 1976, Bart and Nadia met for the first time.

Similarly, they met for the first time at Madison Square Garden in New York while seated by the trophy.

They were both participating in the American Cup, with Comaneci winning the women’s all-around and Bart having recently won the men’s all-around.

Eventually, as Brat and Nadia were posing for photos atop the podium, their photographer uttered the following:

“Oh, she is very cute. It would be romantic to kiss her on the cheek.”

Bart, who was turning 18 at the time, was given a mystery and charming gift: getting to know his future wife. And thus, history was formed.


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After that, Bart and Nadia parted ways. Due to Nadia’s return to Romania and Bart’s move to the United States, Nadia and Bart didn’t interact much.

After Nadia left Romania in 1989, they came into contact once more. Nadia was helped at the time by Bart, who asked her to participate in gymnastics competitions.

Their friendship gradually transformed into a romantic partnership.

The Proposal

In 1994, Bart also made a marriage proposal to Nadia. When Nadia answered yes, they both agreed to get hitched there.

Consequently, they had a lavish fairytale wedding in Romania, and the occasion was treated as if it were a national holiday.

Their wedding had a guest list of almost 10,000. To see the wedding, which was shown live on television, everyone even took the day off from work.

Their union appears like it was taken straight out of a fairy tale. In June 2006, the couple welcomed a son, Dylan Conner.

In Norman, Oklahoma, the pair currently dwells. They both manage the Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy as well as a gymnastics institute in Romania.

Net Worth and Salary| Nadia Comaneci

According to sources, Nadia Comaneci is worth $10 million. This much was earned by Comaneci during a successful career, and she deserves every penny for all of her efforts.

Her interest in athletics and her gymnastics school provide the majority of her income.

Nadia currently works as a sports ambassador and tours the globe. She also appears in television advertisements and contributes to magazines on gymnastics.

Nadia has also been in several documents that have contributed to her successful professional life.

Deals with brands, advertisements, and business

Nadia still travels extensively today to instruct gymnastics. Along with motivating talks, she promotes gymnastics, fitness, and good living.

Now they collaborate with Paul Ziert to run the Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy together with her spouse.

Additionally, the duo owns the magazines International Gymnast and Grips, Etc. as well as the TV production company Perfect 10 Productions, Inc. (a gymnastics supply company).


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Nadia is the global face of Special Olympics International. She also serves as a founding member of the board of the Laureus Sports for Good Foundation.

The Nadia Comaneci Foundation and the Bucharest Nadia Comaneci Children’s Clinic are both connected to Nadia. In the interim, she serves as an ambassador for the IJF.

Films and books

Nadia Comaneci, a gymnast, is regarded for ushering in a new age for female athletes. in actuality, for everyone who practices gymnastics. She has written a few publications that serve as the guidelines for their current course!

Similar to this, Nadia released her autobiography in 1981, describing the occasions that shaped her into a world-class athlete.

Nadia’s 2011 book “Letters to a Young Gymnast” is chock-full of heartfelt and motivational stories from her own experiences. It discusses going for your aspirations and overcoming challenges.

The list that follows also includes a few films and documentaries about her.

  • Nadia, a 1984 television biographical
  • “Eternal Princess,” a 2015 ESPN documentary, had its world premiere at Tribeca Film Festival.
  • Nadia Comăneci: The Gymnast and the Dictator, a 2016 Arte France documentary

Body Measurement | Hair, Height, Nationality

The former gymnast was born in 1961, making her 60 at the time of writing. Nadia’s birthdate is November 12, as well.

Nadia is in the same manner; she is a faultless 45 kg and stands at 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 m) tall.

Comaneci also has a slim build with dimensions of 36 inches at the breast, 24 inches at the waist, and 35 inches at the hips.

Her shoe size is 6.5 as well (US). Nadia also has amazing black eyes and short blonde hair, which she wears to complement her fair skin and a huge smile.

Dietary Plan

Everyday food intake determines who a person is. She can easily control her eating habits while she’s around Nadia Comaneci.

Nadia initially starts her day with a glass of orange juice that has just been squeezed.

Brown bread, yogurt, turkey, and a small amount of cheese are frequently consumed as a result. A boiled egg, on the other hand, is uncommon.

She eats the wraps that were made from the supper leftovers, which were a mixture of salmon, hummus, and cheese, for lunch. In the end, Nadia has a meal of fish with hummus and greens.

In a conversation about fish, Nadia disclosed that she has a tuna allergy. Years ago, she stopped eating french fries.

Furthermore, Nadia revealed that of all of her recipes, an eggplant dip made according to a Romanian recipe is her favorite.


She has an active regimen that includes several workouts in addition to healthy eating.

Nadia begins each morning with a brief, quick workout that lasts for 30 minutes. That training, in particular, includes cardio.

She also engages in stretching, running, and being lightweight.

Social Media

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Instagram: 151K followers

Frequently Asked Question:

Who in gymnastics has the most perfect 10s?

For her performance on the uneven bars in 1976, Nadia Comaneci became the first gymnast in Olympic history to receive the perfect score of 10.0.

The short movie about Nadia Comaneci has what name?

“Eternal Princess” is the title of the short movie about Nadia Comaneci. The film provides a close-up view of Nadia’s internal hardships, self-dedication, and greatest achievements.

Who is the choreographer for Nadia Comaneci?

Geza Pozsar is the choreographer for Nadia Comaneci.

Quick Facts | Nadia Comaneci

Full Name Nadia Elena Comaneci Conner
Birth Date November 12, 1961
Birth Place Onesti, Romania
Nick Name Nana
Age 60 Years Old
Nationality American-Romanian
Ethnicity Unknown
Education University Politehnica of Bucharest
Horoscope Scorpio
Father’s Name Gheorghe Comaneci
Mother’s Name Stefania-Alexandrina Comaneci
Siblings Adrian Comaneci
Height 5 feet 4 inches (1.63m)
Weight 57 kg (125 lb)
Bra-size 34D
Shoe Size 6.5 (US)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Black
Body Measurement 36-24-35 inches
Figure Slim
Married Married
Husband Bart Conner
Children Dylan Paul Conner
Profession Gymnast
Level Senior Elite
Active since 1976
Retirement May 7, 1984
Years on National Team 1970-1984
Residence Norman, Oklahoma, US
Merch Poster, Letters to a Young Gymnast
Social Media Twitter, Instagram
Last Update August, 2022

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