New York Mayor Eric Adams is partying with Rapper French Montana!

Mayor Eric Adams was partying with rapper French Montana, where he attended an album listening party for his new release, on father’s day.

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Mayor Eric Adams spends his father’s day partying with French Montana. He attended an album listening party for French Montana!!

Mayor Eric Adams is in controversy regarding spending time with French Montana (mad random) in New York on Father’s Day. What was he doing there? PARTYING OF COURSE!!…

This happened soon after enraging the NYPD by declaring that officials would never again watch the subway two by two. Rather they will approach their beats based on the performance tip. A move that is said could push many officials to quit their positions because of their very own paranoid fear of their safety.

On Sunday, he went to a luxury Chinese food hotspot, Sei Less. This was on the occasion to celebrate rapper French Montana’s most recent collection, “Montega.”

“It was a dinner celebration… a NFT party to release his album and [Adams] showed up with his son and some people on his team,” 

Adam was seen to be in a very good mood. He was there enjoying with the European soccer crowd, players Ousmane Dembele and Jesse Lingard.


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French Montana posted an Instagram video that captioned,


Adams also responded by saying French Montana’s new album is a hit and hot album and it is French who can pull it off easily. It was lowkey beginning to feel like Eric Adams ran for city mayor so he could spend time with VIPs and advance into fancy restaurants.

The different organizations wouldn’t care about him if he was not in the position he is in today. It wouldn’t be any way at possible if he wasn’t a city mayor.

Mayor Eric Adams
Mayor Eric Adams

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It was on Friday, and Adams was seen dining at a very fancy restaurant. He was spotted feasting with a group at Le Bilboquet in Sag Harbor. In that fancy hotspot, he had bouillabaisse, including red snapper and ocean bass.
During the rest of the party then he dove into meaty items such as the cafe’s very famous and signature dish Cajun chicken.

After he gave a speech for a fundraising occasion on Saturday, he was then spotted at one more Hamptons area. One of the men claimed that “People were lining up for selfies. Cars were beeping. It felt like a Yankees game with all the cheering and yelling.

Adams spent some time with his fans before going back to conduct meetings. Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman was seen sitting down with the Mayor. And also Mitch Modell stop by to say hello to the mayor.

Someone overheard Adams saying he loved the food at Hamptons and he will come back again soon. He wants to be in the famous hotspot for summers. Whereas the rep of Adam’s claimed that the news accusation is completely false and he didn’t mention anything saying he wants to go to Hamptons for spending time during summer.

“The only thing the mayor wants to do all summer is work to reduce crime in the city, and our efforts have seen early success in reducing shootings and gun violence,” they told the media further adding, “Mayor Adams was meeting with the supervisor to discuss mutual efforts to create affordable housing.”

Adam was in general out in the East for giving a speech about Juneteenth to Rabbi Marc Schneier. There was a gathering at the Hampton Synagogue in Westhampton. Also, he attended another fundraising event thrown by Carol and Jerry Levin, Nancy Hollander, and Ken Sunshine.


Written by Seth Blair

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