Nina Heisser

An American entrepreneur and also known as NFL Star Earl Thomas’s Wife

Nina Heisser
Earl Thomas' wife Nina Heisser source: Google

Nina Heisser is an entrepreneur from the United States. She is the wife of NFL legend Earl Thomas, who has to be one of the most well-known players in the league today.

Nina Heisser | Childhood, Family, and Education

Nina was born on the 9th of October in the year 1989 in the state of Missouri in the United States. She follows the Christian faith.

Her father’s name is Troy Heisser who is a businessman, and her mother is Annita Baham, Ryan Heisser, and Kayla Michelle Baham-Heisser are her two siblings.

She posted a snapshot of her mum on Instagram on May 10, 2020, with a sweet statement wishing her a good Mother’s Day.

She went to West Orange stark high school for her education and enrolled in an Austin community college to pursue her design career. After completing her schooling, Heisser went to work at a fashion studio.

Professional Career

In terms of her work life, Nina is an entrepreneur who has been a media darling, garnering a lot of attention from NFL fans as of 2021. Nina’s professional career began as a model.

After graduating, she obtained a modeling job and walked in several fashion shows. According to some sources, she worked as an intern in a fashion studio.

Her clothing line, CAPTIVATE, has gotten a lot of attention and is a flourishing business with a lot of platforms, including Charity Washington’s. She uses her social media platforms to promote some trendy firms.

Nina Heisser |Net Worth

Heisser is an American entrepreneur who is better known because of her husband, Earl Thomas.

Heisser’s salary and profits throughout his career are unknown. Nina has not made any of her personal information available to the general public.

As a self-employed lady and owner of a clothes store, we can assume and forecast that she will have a considerable income.

By 2022, Heisser’s net worth is expected to be $9 million.

Nina Heisser | Husband

On April 16, 2016, Heisser married Earl Thomas, a National Football League (NFL) player. These lovebirds started dating in high school.

Earl and Nina went to the same high school. They met in a Spanish class before hanging out with their friends for several years. In 2015, during his annual kid’s football camp, Thomas proposed to her for marriage.

The Earl’s proposal was accepted by her and started dating. They married after a year of dating. Versailles served as the inspiration for their lavish wedding. Thomas was seen donning a diamond-encrusted crown and a majestic cape.

The pair had even shared an image from their wedding ceremony. Moreover, they seemed thrilled and overjoyed. Thomas was very concerned with how he dressed and seemed like the emperor he considered himself to be.

He’d posted a picture of himself in the middle of the room, surrounded by a group of friends and teammates. Without a question, his crown was the center of attention.

Young Man doing power moves,” he captioned a video of himself heading down the corridor for the wedding ceremony.

The wedding’s spectacular character was fascinated the crowd. They wanted to wish the couple luck as they set out on a new journey.

Nina Heisser| Kids

The couple is the parents of three amazing children blessed with two daughters and a boy.

On September 24, 2012, Kaleigh, the older daughter, was born. She was a flower girl during their parents’ wedding.

Kamila, their second daughter, was born on November 21, 2017. On December 6, 2018, she gave birth to a baby boy named Vee.

Nina appears to be a contented and proud mother of three. She appears to be a mother who loves and cares for her children. She routinely uses social media to share photos of her children.

Nina Heisser| Social Media

Nina’s social media presence is amazing, as she puts a lot of care into her image on social media. As of 2022, she has roughly 33.9k Instagram followers.

During her leisure time, she spends on social media sharing happy photos of herself with her parents, husbands, and children.

Heisser and her husband garnered a lot of attention on social media and were front-page news in every journal a year ago.

She is active on social networking sites. Heisser uses facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. @msninathomas is her Instagram handle.

Nina Heisser| Arrested

After a fight with her husband, Earle Thomas’ his wife, Nina Thomas, was detained on April 13th, 2020. Earl, her husband, had been cheating on her. She retaliated by pointing a loaded rifle at Thomas’ head from a distance.

All of this is revealed in court documents obtained by TMZ Sports, which depict a violent April 13 altercation between Nina Thomas of the Baltimore Ravens and two other women.

Nina Heisser| Physical Appearance

Heisser is a wonderful and stunningly beautiful lady with a pleasant personality. According to the source, she has brown eyes and silky blonde hair.

.She has not revealed her weight, height, shoe size, and other personal information yet. We will let you know in the future if she reveals her body measurement.

Nina Heisser: Quick Facts

  • Full Name: Nina Heisser
  • Birthdate: 9 October 1989
  • Residence: United States
  • Mother: Annita Baham
  • Father: Troy Heisser
  • Nationality: American
  • Religion: Christian
  • Married: Earl Thomas
  • Children: 2 Daughters and a son (Kaleigh Rose Thomas, Kamila Thomas, Vee
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Profession: Celebrity wife, Businesswoman
  • Own brand: CAPTIVATE












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