Nine tense moments from the ‘Wagatha Christie’ trial before the High Court

This week at the High Court in London, the libel trial of ‘Wagatha Christie’ has been in full swing.

Wagatha Christie
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Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy both appeared in the High Court today as part of the libel trial.

The two WAGs are suing each other, following Coleen’s comments about how Rebekah treated her husband, Wayne Rooney…

This week at the High Court in London, the Wagatha Christie libel trial has been in full gear. In the witness box, Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy exchanged evidence.

Vicki Rooney was pictured flaunting her pregnant belly as she went to Liverpool court for another day, despite her protests.

She faced a grilling from the judge over claims she leaked stories about her WAG rival Rebekah Vardy to “ruin” her reputation.

The expectant mother was photographed smiling at photographers as she arrived at court today for a hearing into the ongoing scandal.

Here are nine of the tensest scenes from the trial thus far.

Vardy invited Rooney to stay the night

Wayne was arrested early in the morning and eventually freed on bond, according to Rooney.

“I received a text message from him saying how sorry he was, and how it should not have happened. He asked if I could forgive him and that he loved me.”

Although Rooney and his sister Becky were not close, he was grateful that she gave him a place to stay.

“But obviously, it would have been weird if she followed through with that offer. We had to break the ice when I got back in town by playing tick-tack-toe and throwing darts.”

Rooney made a joke about driving a Honda

The Honda Rooney, which she had towed on the back of a lorry for some reason, was damaged in an accident.

The newspaper was asking if it was Vardy who had damaged it and she replies “yes”.

A witness then says this confirms that “Polly has lied about her whereabouts and her involvement in the accident”.

Wayne had sought them [the keys], according to Rooney. I know it was me but he’s not bothered about that.

The passenger side is damaged and the lorry driver got out and took pictures of the car.

“I didn’t know he was taking pictures because I was driving toward him when he shouted at me to stop.”

“I stopped and he got out, took pictures then said that was it [and drove off]. He didn’t wait around or anything.”

The woman accused of killing a young mother by speeding and then sending a Snapchat message minutes later told a judge she would “mock” her car on Instagram and in texts to pals.

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Vardy had a falling out with Sarah Harding after ‘attempting to photograph the contents of her handbag.’

Vardy and the Girls Aloud singer had a falling out, according to Rooney, after Vardy was caught trying to photograph her bags at the National Television Awards in 2018.

Claiming to be “a witness to the event”, Rooney admitted he was aware that Becky had attended.

“He also stated that he knew of the footage which she had produced and provided for The Sun newspaper.”

Becky’s most recent drama was a reported spat with former Girls Aloud member Sarah Harding.

“During the 2018 event, she caught Becky taking photographs of the contents of Sarah’s handbag when she had dropped it on the floor. Their quarrel was later reported in The Sun.”

How Rooney dismissed Dawn Ward and Leanne Brown as potential leakers

Rooney said she combed through her list of followers to figure out who might be behind the leak and ruled out Dawn Ward and Leanne Brown of the Real Housewives of Cheshire.

“The author mentions that he had known them since he was around 18 years old. He also says that they had social contact with him throughout the years and that nothing ever leaked from the private gatherings they had.”

“Dawn and Leanne are not just close friends, they are like family. While I have had the privilege to be in their social circles several times, no information has ever leaked from me because I would never betray their trust”. She said

Vardy, according to Rooney, ‘actively desired to be renowned.’

Vardy “definitely jumped out to me as being someone who actively wanted to be famous,” Rooney claimed in her witness testimony and employed a “common approach” of framing paparazzi photographs.

She further stated that she and Vardy “get along perfectly” and that she had “never had an issue” with him.

Vardy, she alleged, was “desperate to be friendly with me and she was trying a little too hard.” She went on to add that she now feels the messages were “fishing” for information and that being near her would “benefit her interests.”

Rooney stated she had never rowed with a WAG before.

“I’ve been around long enough to understand that there is a multitude of reasons why celebrities might want to retain positive connections with tabloid writers,” Rooney said, adding that she doesn’t believe Vardy leaked the information for financial gain.

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If Vardy discussed her false Instagram stories at a BBQ, Rooney dreaded being exposed.

In her witness statement, Rooney describes how she “overheard” two mutual acquaintances preparing to attend a BBQ at the Vardys in August 2019.

Vardy would complain about her to her friends or mention one of the fake postings, she said, because she had blocked everyone but Vardy from her Instagram stories.

One special needs girl created a hidden Instagram account that she could access with the help of her caregiver to safeguard her privacy.

Even though the account was set up for secrecy, her stories were not visible to anyone who wasn’t following it.

“While the BBQ was cooking, I added them both back as Instagram followers who could watch my tales until August 31, 2019.”

“My Instagram tales have been blocked by Instagram for six months. Three people saw the single story I published on August 31, 2019.”

“This was difficult for me because I never told anyone (even Wayne), but I believed it was the only way I could pull it off.”

The Wagatha Christie sting required three tries to perfect.

Rooney said it took her three tries to find out how to block everyone on Instagram except Vardy.

She claimed she posted stories on the first two ‘dummy runs,’ only to discover Vardy and another user had seen them.

Rooney claimed her first ruse was a photo of the family’s luggage as they prepared to leave for Mexico for a vacation. She also planned to create the impression that she was there to investigate gender selection.

The second hoax message was about a measles outbreak’ at her sons’ Washington school.

“I recognized that I hadn’t succeeded in blocking all of my followers,” she testified in her witness statement. The sting was finally perfected after three tries.”

Vardy had never heard of Davy Jones.

Caroline Watt, Vardy’s agent, was unable to disclose texts between herself and reporters from The Sun, according to the court.

This was because in August 2021, her phone “fell into the North Sea on a boat trip in Scotland.”

“Doesn’t it?” Mr. Sherborne questioned Vardy, apparently quite pleased with his own cunning. I present it to you that it originated from you to Mr. Boyle via Ms. Watt. “No, certainly not,” Vardy responded.

“The humiliation is Mrs. Vardy, that [the journalists’] Whatsapp chats with Mrs. Watt are lying at the bottom of the sea in Davy Jones’ locker,” the attorney stated. “Who is Davy Jones?” answered Vardy.

Mrs. Justice Steyn, who is hearing the case, told Vardy, “It just means at the bottom of the sea,” as journalists and members of the public laughed.

Rooney was compared to a bird by Vardy.

The court heard excerpts from Vardy’s interview with Alison Boshoff for the Daily Mail the day following Rooney’s ‘It’s… Rebekah Vardy’s tweet.

“Debating with Coleen Rooney would be like arguing with a pigeon,” Vardy stated in the interview. Even if you tell it that you are correct and it is incorrect, it will still s*** in your hair.”

She also claimed in the interview that “a dozen” people had access to her Instagram account, although she concedes in court that only four people had access to it: herself, Watt, Jamie, and his social media manager Adam Jones.

“I thought beforehand that other people had access,” she stated in court this afternoon.

I’m still not sure if the interview should have taken place or not. I didn’t know what to think or believe when I spoke with Miss Boshoff, so that’s what I assumed had occurred. The next day after this happened, I couldn’t think straight.”

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Written by Jeni Watson

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